how to choose the right cctv system - external cctv camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-05
how to choose the right cctv system  -  external cctv camera housing
A well planned CCTV system can provide the extra security you have been looking for at home or at business.
Before purchasing any CCTV system, you need to know exactly how you want the system to benefit you.
Whether it's facial recognition, license plate recognition or an overall overview of just one area, there are many aspects to consider before purchasing the device.
Here is a brief overview of what needs to be considered when purchasing a CCTV system.
Learn more about your family or business.
Make sure you want to cover the area with your camera.
Identify any loopholes in the property or specific area that you need to pay close attention.
After your initial investigation, you now need to consider how many CCTV cameras your home or business needs.
How big is the area the camera needs to cover?
This information is critical when choosing the lens size of a CCTV camera.
3 wide angle lens.
6mm will provide you with greater coverage but with lower quality and less detail.
From a narrower, more focused lens of more than 8mm, a smaller view can be provided, but with greater detail and quality, it may be more beneficial.
The vandal dome camera is perfect for vulnerable areas when installed at low heights.
In the case of insufficient light, you need to consider a camera equipped with an infrared illuminator.
Most of the external CCTV cameras on the market are now equipped with infrared LEDs.
Infrared distance can be used to measure infrared CCTV cameras, but can only be used as a rough guide, as some retailers say the IR range is much larger and you will find that the results are often less than stated.
Infrared illuminators on external CCTV cameras can also be very focused on an area, so although they may claim to have an infrared range of 30 m, infrared will reach these distances, but you often find it concentrated in a smaller area of your overall vision.
An infrared camera is often called a bullet camera.
Your choice of cctv dvr depends mainly on the number of cameras your system has.
If you need 5-
You need a DVR on channel 8.
If you only need 1-
There are 4 cameras on the system and you need a 4 channel DVR.
Once you have selected the number of channels you need, you can start thinking about other aspects of the DVR that affect your decision.
Is your system going to be monitored or requires a high quality recording function.
How long do you want to keep the recording?
The longer this time, the larger the memory needed in the DVR.
When choosing a CCTV monitor, many modern DVR's are equipped with a VGA connection and a BNC connection.
This means that you can use most computer monitors, and most modern TVs are already equipped with VGA connections as the standard for connecting to CCTV.
If the DVR you choose does not have an optional VGA connection, you will also need to consider the display with the BNC input.
Almost all cctv dvr have a BNC connection that connects the display, as well as an optional VGA connection that is more modern.
Given the above, you would like to have a better idea of what you need from the CCTV camera system.
I hope this article will help you to choose the right CCTV system according to your needs.
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