how to choose a cctv camera housing for outdoor applications - outdoor camera housing with heater and blower

by:Hanway     2019-09-12
how to choose a cctv camera housing for outdoor applications  -  outdoor camera housing with heater and blower
When choosing a CCTV camera enclosure for outdoor applications, multiple factors need to be taken into account.
How you close your camera determines how well it protects elements and vandals, which can be critical if you have conditions that are extremely hot or cold, or if there is heavy precipitation.
You can find all kinds of camera cases.
Some of the factors to consider when selecting the housing for the camera: 1)
What is the temperature change you expect?
In the hot sun, the aluminum case will be much hotter than the ambient temperature. 2)
What is the size of the camera you will be installing in the housing? 3)
Some cases have temperature control-
Is there a power supply nearby? 4)
Should the camera be hidden?
How will it be protected? 5)
What type of installation options do your app need?
The first point above is crucial for answering as soon as possible.
What kind of extreme temperature or moisture must the house withstand?
When using the camera outside, you need to think about how to install it, what is the lighting at night, where is the nearest power outlet, and what is the camera's vision?
Temperature regulation is the key for various reasons.
If the camera does not need to withstand high temperature changes or resist moisture, its own price tag can remain low.
Having the right camera housing, with moisture and temperature control, can keep the cost of the whole system lower than if you have to get a camera rated for extreme outdoor use.
The housing of the outdoor CCTV camera is equipped with a built-in heater and blower combination to adjust the temperature of the hot and cold weather.
They automatically switch to the correct adjustment method and operate on AC or DC power supply.
For most CCTV cameras used today, these cases are large enough.
Shell by North America (NEMA)
And International (IEC)
Standard institutions.
For example, a shell with a grade of IP56 can withstand moisture injection from any direction and can prevent dust and other very small particles.
These are the main considerations when choosing an external CCTV camera case.
The security system itself has power only in the weakest links.
Don't ignore your camera case.
When you look at these key components of the monitoring system, keep all these factors in mind.
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