how quickly does lung cancer develop for smokers? - types of die casting

by:Hanway     2019-08-29
how quickly does lung cancer develop for smokers?  -  types of die casting
Every working day, the CNNHealth expert Doctor answers questions from the audience.
It's Dr on Wednesday.
Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society.
I started smoking on social occasions in high school and still smoke now.
How long does it take for someone like me to get lung cancer?
Dear Tom, there are a few questions about smoking recently.
I think your question is very important.
To answer this question, there is no safe amount of smoking.
I advise you to resign.
Studies have shown that it is much easier for mild smokers to quit smoking compared to those who smoke a pack of half or more cigarettes a day.
Remember that there is no safer cigarette than this.
With the number of smokers per day and the number of years a person smokes, the risk of lung cancer does increase. A 35-year-
Older men who smoke less than 25 cigarettes a day are estimated to have 9% lifetime chance of dying from lung cancer, however, 25 cigarettes or more a day give him 18% lifetime chance of dying from lung cancer.
It was estimated that in a very serious smoker, the overall lifetime risk of lung cancer was about 30%, compared to 1% or less in non-smokers.
This means that about the third heavy smoker has lung cancer.
In addition, 15 to 20 of every 100 lung cancer patients are lifelong non-smokers.
Some people get it because of second-hand smoke, and some people get it for unknown reasons.
People who start smoking when they are young face higher risks in later life.
The incidence of lung cancer began to rise in the mid-40 s and peaked in the mid-70 s.
Many people think low tar or filtered cigarettes are safer.
The fact is that in order to meet people's needs for nicotine, most people compensate for them by inhaling deeper and/or sucking more cigarettes.
When you ask about lung cancer, it is important to remember that occasional smoking significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.
This is very relevant because smoking causes more people to die from cardiovascular disease.
Heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease)
More than all cancer combined.
It is widely believed that a small town smoking in public places will reduce the incidence of heart disease within six months.
This is mainly due to the reduction in exposure to second-hand smoke that reduces the number of heart attacks in non-smokers.
Imagine, compared to non-smokers who are occasionally exposed to second-hand smoke, even the smoking dose of temporary smokers has been the case for more than six months.
Smoking is related to many diseases.
Lung cancer is the most famous related disease, but smoking can cause head and neck cancer (
Mouth, throat, sinus)
The esophagus, stomach, kidney, pancreas, bladder, cervix, and even some types of leukemia.
Smoking causes 14 different types of cancer.
Smoking can also cause chronic pulmonary disease, such as bronchitis and swelling.
It can aggravate asthma.
Smoking is related to hypertension, ulcer, osteoporosis, diabetes, infertility, abortion, premature menopause and other reproductive diseases.
There are great benefits in quitting smoking. Most tobacco-
If a person quit smoking before the age of 40, the related disease can be prevented.
Even for the elderly and those with tobacco
There are significant benefits of smoking cessation in related diseases. Short-
In the long run, stopping can lead to craving, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, depression, difficulty in concentration and uneasiness.
Some people may have an aggravated cough.
In the long run, many people complain about weight gain and increased depression.
People who want to resign should seek advice from a doctor or other experienced healthcare professional.
Nicotine gum, nicotine patch and some other drugs are very helpful in quitting smoking.
It was also helpful to consult via the telephone exit line and internet support team. "Some get it [lung cancer]
Because of secondhand smoke. . . This [
Reduced heart disease
Mainly because the reduction in exposure to second-hand smoke reduces the number of heart attacks in non-smokers. "Well, so many people have been complaining about the various diseases that secondhand smoke can cause non-smokers, but I would like to see evidence, solid evidence, that is true.
All I have read is related research, but anyone with brain cells should know that correlation is not equal to cause and effect.
For everyone who claims to suffer terrible pain from secondhand smoke, there are a dozen more people exposed to or exposed to environments without side effects each day.
So for the above two statements, I will prove it!
The city of Billings, Montana, has passed a law prohibiting smoking in public places.
Six months later, the judgment was revoked by the lower court.
Six months later, the state Supreme Court upheld the sentence.
Incidence of heart attack in non-smokers-not smokers-
It fell by 50%, then returned to the baseline level, and then by 50%.
This is also consistent with a 50% reduction in heart attacks among non-smokers in Italy and New York.
My Boba friend died of lung cancer.
She never smokes in her life, but both her parents and her husband smoke at home.
* Cancer * shame on your IGNORANCE!
Why take risks? Do you smoke?
Do you love the people around you?
You said there was no evidence that secondhand smoke caused the disease.
Is there any evidence, however, that it has been sent?
Why is fate like this?
Secondhand smoke can cause disease and may not cause it, so don't smoke around others. Its that easy.
@ Amy: why take the risk of driving when you may have a car accident?
Why go out when the sun comes out with cancer light?
The Dom625 is only questioning statistics, which are usually written by parties who have an economic interest in them.
Do you believe everything the FDA or CNN told us?
Try to think for yourself.
Lindsay, there are many other factors that can lead to lung cancer: Asbestos, air pollution, and even chlorine steam in the swimming pool.
There is no way to prove exactly that your friend got lung cancer from secondhand smoke.
Yes, Amy. I smoke.
I smoke at home.
I smoke at home.
However, none of us have allergies, asthma or respiratory problems.
Among the thirteen grandchildren of my family (
We are adults now)
11 people who grew up in a smoking family
I am the only one who smokes and none of us have any problems.
Before we have solid evidence that secondhand smoke can cause problems, non-smokers need to give up smoking.
My grandmother died of lung cancer. She never smoked in her life and never smoked in her life.
Lung cancer can happen to anyone, not just smokers.
What are the benefits of threats?
If I smoke and you don't like it, just walk away.
You move as easily as I do.
You have no right to judge me.
Keep your name-
Call yourself.
Kedward-you might want to take care of yourself.
You have no right to attack anyone.
Just because you don't have the ability to judge when.
The results of the tobacco nut manipulation study to show their point does not mean that you have the right to attack anyone.
For the record, you (or anyone else)
If smoking, who can alleviate my concerns about smoking, will be more worrying than a wisp of cigarettes.
This does not answer the question, but I think the site is from cancer.
Gov is worth a visit.
You cannot argue with your statement about relevance and causality.
But when the end point you're trying to prove is an increase in mortality, it's quite difficult to recruit volunteers for random clinical trials, isn't it?
In their 1930 s, most women did not smoke and died less than 1% of lung cancer.
Now, lung cancer kills more women than breast and colon cancer combined.
Smoking is really bad for you.
If you have to smoke, do it.
But please do not do so in front of your loved ones.
Smelly Pete, in his 30 s, the vast majority of people did not take a car for most of the day, and did not care about the air pollution in the factory.
There have been a lot of changes in the past 80 years or so, so we can't say that cigarettes are the only reason for the increase in lung cancer in women.
Also, what is the proportion of women smoking?
What do you like to eat?
Do you like smelling things?
Do you know that your technical questions are logical, but not rational?
Do you understand that denial in chemical dependence may not lead to your death, but it is sad because there is evidence that people like you have caused the deaths of millions of people, who foolishly insists on using substances that do not increase the quality of life, instead makes you dependent and smelly!
You may think you also have the "right" to health care "?
Are you throwing your ass on the ground?
If you survive, will you complain that society should put you in a better nursing home? quality-
Add waste to your life? Give it up bro.
You deserve better, don't you?
Maybe not, it's legal, so you can decide.
But so far, your irresponsible decision has cost all of us. Thanks!
Dom625 I am living evidence of cancer caused by secondhand smoke.
I was diagnosed with stage IV squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsils due to my years of exposure to second-hand smoke in the bar (
I'm a lifelong musician).
I had 35 radiation treatments around my neck, had some really bad chemo, had to eat through a feeding tube for 6 months, and had to re-learn how to swallow.
For the rest of my life, I live in the fear of radioactive bone necrosis caused by radiation.
Eating is a difficult and risky business.
Use Heimlich maneuver for regular Contest)
That's what I'm going to do for the rest of my life.
You can doubt everything you want, but those who make a living treating cancer and see it every day have made a diagnosis and I have experienced the fear of healing.
Just because some people don't get cancer from secondhand smoke fog doesn't mean ignorant idiots who have the right to expose people to their weaknesses.
Some people don't get cancer, but some people do.
Smoking is not necessary, but breathing is not necessary.
Well, dom, there are also a lot of smokers who "smoke every day" without obvious adverse effects. So what?
Can this prove that smoking is harmless?
When I was a teenager in my 1960 s, the tobacco industry was trying to convince people that it was the competition that caused lung cancer.
Also earning billions of homeless people by killing people is now trying to discredit legitimate research into used smoke.
There are a lot if you want to find research that confirms the dangers of used smoke.
Or, you can continue to spread rumors about the tobacco industry.
But be careful with those games. Whining?
Why are people exposed to any toxic substances?
What kind of evidence are you looking?
Almost all research is relevant.
I live by treating cancer.
Anyone who claims that smoking does not cause cancer is just deceiving themselves.
The same is true of denying the danger of second-hand smoke.
I am so happy to hear that you and your family have no cancer and I hope good luck for your family.
But when you or your outgoing family are lying in a hospital bed with cancer, stroke, heart disease, swelling, or bronchitis (take your pick)
I hope you will find it all worth it.
After reading your post, Dom: continue smoking.
The rest is chosen naturally.
I saw with my own eyes that it was a terrible road. Bon voyage.
I have encountered a lung cancer patient who does not smoke.
It turns out that 25 years ago, when people smoked on the plane, she was already an airline flight attendant-so she was breathing smoke from 100 people a day, all day long
I don't need to study or lose my family or anything other than stinking, and I'm sure my nose will guide me.
When your smokers run out of your cigarettes and walk behind me, your smell is right before you.
Do you know? Blech. Can't be good.
Wouldn't it be great to do an addictive Dom? ? .
You are addicted and you will harm the health of your family and then try to eliminate the risk reasonably.
The truth is that even if there is evidence that secondhand smoke is harmful, you will still reasonably explain the damage you have done because you are an addict and you have no control over your behavior. . . nicotine is.
I started smoking when I was 11.
No problem so far.
I quit, but sometimes
I wonder why I did this.
This also does not answer how fast you get lung cancer.
Reach out to anyone and tell me you can get it soon. Please.
You did not answer this question! ! ! Exactly! ! ! !
That's what I think.
No answer to this question.
There is a lot of common smoking talk, but the core issue is avoided.
It's like it's just some canned smoking items that can be placed whenever someone asks about smoking.
Bad article
It's like asking if you will die if you don't wear your seat belt.
The answer may be.
If you don't smoke, you will have a greater chance of living to old age.
No one can predict who will get cancer or heart disease because of smoking.
Some heavy smokers live to be in their 90 s.
Some people died when they were 40.
You're just taking risks if you smoke.
This question was answered according to age and percentage of smoking years. Re-
Read the second paragraph.
If you're looking for a five-year answer, you can't find it in ten years.
If the cigarettes are so bad
So why are they not illegal?
Because the government makes money on it! Really guy?
So what's against you should be illegal?
How sad you are.
Everyone should have the right to do whatever they want.
There are consequences, but they should not be caused by the government.
Andrew, never studied morality in HS or college?
Shooting in a crowded theater? Steal?
No rights are assumed in advance.
Human nature needs to be enforced by rules, laws and organizations.
You may like the idea of anarchy.
Most of us are willing to give up ultimate freedom for the sake of safe freedom.
The wife and children were also disappointed.
If used as directed, cigarettes and alcohol are the only legitimate substances that can lead to death.
Your rights, taxes on tobacco and alcohol, and the government makes a profit from sales.
However, the tobacco and alcohol industry is very strong, and the lobby is also very strong.
It is impossible to ban the sale of alcohol and tobacco.
The sale of alcohol was banned at one time and completely failed.
Organized crime controls the situation.
You end up being responsible for what you breathe in your lungs, and unless you live in a cave, everyone knows how harmful smoking is, but people do it anyway.
There is even a warning on each package that it is harmful.
I think I should be responsible for inhaling second-hand smoke from people standing outside the outlet of the store who are not considerate. Not quite.
You believe that cigarettes will not cause harm. Think carefully.
I am shocked that if you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day in your life, the risk of lung cancer is only 9%.
That means you have 91% chance of not getting it.
I want to reverse
Smoking propaganda works because I think people who smoke will die because of it.
That's what I think.
They never really said how long it would take.
If I start at 33 and 35, is the risk the same as the one I started at 13?
The answer is obvious, but they don't mention the timeline at all.
Do you really want to take risks? to smoke?
Do you want to lick your ass too if they tell you it's safe?
What if the statistics are wrong?
Oh, yes, science is never wrong. They have already figured it out.
The wrinkled skin, the evil tone and smelly clothes, in general, the deep chemical dependence is cool and good. . . ahhhh!
Too many fools!
It takes about a day for scar tissue to form from smoking.
This scar tissue can lead to serious progress.
It is incurable except by lung transplant.
Cancer has caught everyone's attention because it happens suddenly, but if you smoke for a long time, the airbag in your lungs will decrease, which will put pressure on your body, usually die from secondary infections such as pnuemonia.
My grandmother died of lung cancer and spent a year in the late stages of cancer.
My mother died two months after she diagnosed lung cancer.
Kemotherapy did not start working in time as the disease developed to her brain and major organs in a few weeks.
Both of them died in extreme pain.
Smoking is like playing rules.
The more you smoke, the more likely you are to die/lose.
This is because most people die from smoking-related diseases before lung cancer develops.
If smoking is long enough, they will eventually get lung cancer if they really live long enough.
I'm not the one knocking on you or smoking, I quit cold turkey 7 years ago.
The best thing I do for my health.
You did not answer the question.
Tom from Cleveland asked a social smoker how long it would take to get lung cancer. So. . . . how long?
Yes, thank you for pointing this out. VERY annoying! ! !
This document tries to explain that there are not real-time rows and there are too many variables. . .
If they quote that it takes "x" time before developing cancer, some idiots will sue them for saying they are growing faster. . .
Some of the questions are obviously less sharp and dry, and it's not hard to see from reading this that this may never happen, or it may happen when you're 40.
"In addition, 15 to 20 of every 100 lung cancer patients are lifelong non-smokers.
Some people get it because of second-hand smoke, and some people get it for unknown reasons.
Interestingly, 15 to 20% of people smoke.
Therefore, the incidence of lung cancer in smokers and non-smokers seems to be the same.
80% of people with lung cancer do not smoke!
In my opinion, the money of the American Cancer Association (
All the othertobacco nuts)
Spending time fighting tobacco would be better spent trying to figure out the cause of lung cancer in 80% people who don't smoke.
Smoking is not healthy and fast food is not healthy.
The problem now is that a group of people want to stick to their noses in other people's affairs, not just themselves. . . .
Then they don't give you the complete static, they hide the reality in the fine print.
Your math skills are absolutely shocking, John, to the point that you cheated yourself! If 15-
20 out of 100 lung cancer patients
Smokers, this means 15-
20% of people with lung cancer do not smoke (
Not 80% of what you said.
So, 80-
85% of lung cancer cases are smokers.
You said 15-
We have 20 out of every 100 smoke (i. e. 15-20% smoke). . .
That means 15-
20% of smokers account for 80
Lung cancer cases accounted for 85%.
Realizing that smokers are more prone to lung cancer than non-smokers does not require much mathematical knowledge.
Now I know how our politicians are deceiving most Americans-our math is so bad that they can draw anything to our eyes!
As a famous conservative once said, "there are good-sounding ideas and then good ideas.
"It sounds like unless you learn how to do some basic math, you'll be the victim of a pre-quota part!
Okay Steve, so I looked at the incorrect stats and you were so smart.
My basic point is still the same, if some people can smoke all their lives and never get lung cancer, it's not cigarettes that cause lung cancer!
For anyone with a brain, it is clear that if a person smokes for a lifetime, something else causes lung cancer (
Some to 100 years old)
And never get lung cancer.
I don't care if you don't like the smell of cigarettes or not, and there's a lot more that I don't like, but I don't have the right to tell others what they can do. You anti-
Tobacco frozen babies need to grow up.
Yes, good math. Stat's aside.
Inhalation of overheated carcinogenic chemicals into the lungs
You need your whole life to breathe)
If you have to choose a good idea or a bad idea?
Your answer is simple and directly related (
Yes, you have.
No, you don't)
Your ability to distinguish between right and wrong, your ability to make excuses and mature, and your ability to control yourself.
Do some of you really think it's okay to smoke?
Of course it's legal. It's okay.
But it's dangerous to deny.
You must not know the first thing about medicine, healthcare, and biology. DENIAL kills.
No, of course, the fact that people who smoke for a lifetime don't get lung cancer does not mean that cigs doesn't cause lung cancer.
This just means that some people's genes can overcome risks, while others with weaker genes cannot.
Most cancers are a combination of the environment, lifestyle, and genes, and we all have different risks in terms of the environment and genes.
Mathematics is not your strong point, and research is not your strong point.
85-90% of lung cancer deaths are associated with smoking.
Is proves the power of nicotine addiction, people ignore this and make up statistics to justify what they do to themselves.
I know, I used to be one.
No, there is no widespread anti-tobacco conspiracy to try to make smoking look more dangerous.
The facts themselves illustrate the problem.
I don't care if other people smoke or not, but at least be honest with yourself and tell yourself about the health impact and the fact that you're taking drugs. Is Dr.
The politician Otis Braun?
Why has this question not been answered?
When motor vehicles produce more toxicity than a pack of cigs, it annoys me to ban public smoking.
Hi chimmney, I totally agree with you that cars are more polluted than smoke. I live on a very busy road in Australia and you can smell the smoke from the car every day since I was 12 years old I am 57 years old and I have lung cancer but in the early stages, but the cancer in my family is inherited, my sister died of cervical cancer, I hope my other sister died of lung cancer, I can smoke these, but I just can't make people realize how hard it is to ban public smoking in most places-it's your business if you want to risk your life-smoking your own home and car.
But people who don't smoke also have the right not to be around public places!
I'm definitely not around it and I don't want my kids around it either!
Your math is wrong, John.
15-20% of lung cancer patients are non-smokers.
But 80% of lung cancer patients are smokers.
Proportion of smokers in lung cancer patients
I don't know.
There is a greater link between smoking and swelling and cardiovascular disease.
There may be unknown genetic factors in lung cancer because many smokers have never developed lung cancer.
So maybe those who are in some way more vulnerable.
People who do not smoke do not like to smoke because smoking can be dangerous.
And because it stinks.
Smokers can't smell this. But it stinks.
It's also a sticky thing.
If I go through a mass of smoke in the morning, my hair and clothes smell smoke until I take a shower and shower.
The furniture in the House and the smell of smoke on the walls.
It's just unpleasant.
I used to live in an apartment where my neighbor smoked on his balcony.
The entrance to the air conditioner brought this smell into my apartment.
I had to move because otherwise I had a headache all the time because of the stench.
Smoke itself is an imposition as it spreads everywhere.
If there is a way to take this drug without being added to others
Like if it's a pill, then you may hurt your own health or anything else in your privacy.
But the smell of smoking and the way it spreads make it have an impact on everyone around the smoker.
My mother died of lung cancer.
She smoked from her teens to her early forties and then quit smoking. She died at 76.
I don't know why she died 30 years after she resigned.
I can't help but think that my father's death last year was related to this matter.
Her brother also smokes and lives longer than her.
He has never had lung cancer, but he has heart failure, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer.
Who knows what does smoking do?
One of the causes of lung cancer is that it is one of the most deadly cancers.
It will die soon and will not help much with chemotherapy.
But your health is your business.
Only when it is imposed on others will it become the business of others.
If you are a person who drinks too much and causes accidents that hurt others;
If you are addict on heroin, steal to support your habits;
If you're a smoker, make this place stinking.
Because it affects their lives and property, all of which become the business of others.
This is an old saying: right to your swinging fist is over where my nose starts.
LAR, you complain about the smell of smoke, but what about the other disgusting smells that come from something else?
Driving past any fast food restaurant, all you smell is grease and lard, which is filled with smell on clothes, causing strong nausea and vomiting.
But no one complains about this.
Watching someone die from lung cancer.
Let's talk about statistics.
Another stupid comment.
People who have never smoked idiots die from lung cancer every day. Yes;
Anyone who cares about a loved one who died of lung cancer certainly understands the effects of smoking, and it's been a long 5 months for me. . . . .
It must have been an eternal feeling for my husband.
Fortunately, none of our eight children
Not their spouse either)are smokers.
I wouldn't be naive to say that my children didn't try to smoke at some point in their lives, but I thank God that they didn't continue the habit.
I hope my grandchildren are as lucky as they are.
Mme Jeanne Calment, who is listed as the world's oldest person to be certified by birth date, has died at the age of 122.
She started smoking when she was young.
117 she quit smoking (
At that age, she only smoked two or three cigarettes a day, because she was blind and too proud to ask someone to smoke for her).
But when she was 118 years old, she resumed smoking because, as she said, non-smoking made her miserable and she was too old to bear the pain.
She also said to her doctor: "Once you live as long as you do, only then can you tell me not to smoke. " Good point! [
USA Today, road to go, champion, 10/18/95. When Mme.
Calment died at 122 at l997 and the new longevity champion became 116-year-old Marie-
Louise Meller from CanadaMme.
Chain in Meilleur
She smoked as an adult.
As her grandson said, "she always has a cigarette dangling from her lips when she is working,"-AP, 8/15/97, reported in The Miami Herald2A).
However, she did quit smoking when she was nearly 100 years old. The anti-
Smoking is a "smokescreen" used to cover up the fact that pollution inside and outside the workplace makes us sick.
Yes, the big business is full of selfless people who will not risk the lives of others to make money. Right!
Okay, you go. . .
If she doesn't smoke, she will become 136 this year!
About 2% of the people who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge survived.
I don't know what you mean.
I asked about my legal troubles, regarding very rare cases of smoking in the elderly, apparently not many in the elderly.
He explained that not all people who jumped out of a tall building would die.
These are very rare biological exceptions.
On the other hand, people also want to win the lottery.
They won't get it until they get something to acknowledge the real concept of serious regret.
Although it may be difficult to quit smoking, it is easy compared to face Terminal lung, stomach, kidney, bladder, throat, colon, etc.
Cancer, heart disease, chronic lung disease, etc. , etc. , etc. . .
Resignation is intolerable and no one can refuse more than it is urgent.
I feel sorry for anyone trying it, and I'll be more sorry when it's too late.
Tobacco companies put known carcinogens (cancer-causing agents)
Add to tobacco products as an additive to improve taste and promote addiction.
This is an interesting fact: a brand of tobacco in Africa
Lethal dose because it makes it more addictive (
I will specify the brand but I am worried that this will cause my post to be deleted).
A former drug scientist at the tobacco company disclosed the information in court.
He was threatened with death from someone associated with a former employer.
Look at the court testimony yourself.
I have a family member who has smoked since he was a teenager and is now dying in his mid-term
People in their 50 s have esophageal cancer.
If someone looked at the article and decided to quit smoking, I had a positive impact. . . Why does Dr.
Brawley's lecture on the harm of smoking, but did not answer Tom's simple question: How fast is lung cancer growing in smokers?
He could have (Should have)
Answered the question in one or two sentences, and perhaps included a sentence about the rapid increase in oral cancer in young people with smoke-free tobacco.
As a medical professional working in oncology, I have no impression of this answer.
Just answer Tom's question. Don't lecture. JEH-
I agree that the lecture does not work.
The fact is the best when discussing the topic of smoking.
I think the doctor's reason
Brawley avoided specifically answering questions about tumor growth, that is, tumor growth varies from individual to individual.
I think it would be helpful for him to provide a series of growth rates (e. g. ,small-
Cells usually grow at a rate of up to X cm per year).
For the record, as you have pointed out, you are a medical professional working in oncology and I salute you.
I don't think I can handle the struggles and losses at the door of your office all the time.
It's hard for me to believe that you are a medical expert in oncology because the answers are very complex.
First of all, smoking may not lead to lung cancer, if smoking is related to the age at the beginning, the amount of smoking, what they smoke, and how long they smoke.
It is also related to other particles inhaled.
What the doctor should say at the end of the article is that there is no way to predict the rate of development of lung cancer in smokers, or whether it will develop.
Yes, it's his fault if the smoker has lung cancer.
Maybe it has something to do with the toxic atmosphere his boss keeps him in touch with every day.
Oh, we all know that good businessmen will never do anything that endangers the health of their employees, will they?
We just imagine it every time we cough and suffocate when we enter the workplace.
We all know that employers don't blame you when you work with chemicals that make you sick and you have to vomit.
Or when you go home wearing green powder from head to foot.
Employers don't care.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not care (
As long as no one dies at work, things must be fine).
The government does not care.
When my husband came to this country, I warned him that in the United States the employer would treat him like a dog.
He was surprised by dangerous workplace practices that would shut down his country's businesses.
He was surprised by the number of industrial deaths within 50.
In the past year, our home has been a mile (
29 single mine death).
But if you get lung cancer, it's probably because you smoke. HOGWASH! Cynic-
Your thoughts on workplace exposure and risk of smoking are actually directin-
Even if you don't realize it.
Here's an example: if a person is exposed to asbestos, they have a "X" risk of cancer at some point.
However, if the same person also smokes, his/her risk of cancer will not only double
Add ten times or more! (
This is called synergy. )
As someone who took the time to be an industrial hygiene teacher, I encourage you to speak out loud if you think people are exposed to toxins in the workplace.
If the government does not act, do some research yourself (
I know you can do it.
You have proved that you can use the computer! )
And get some attention through the media.
If you need to protect your husband's job, you can do so relatively anonymously.
If you really believe that he will come into contact with something that will kill him, you are responsible for him, his colleagues
Workers and you act on your own. Thanks George.
My brothers have a list of chemicals that kill them.
But if their factory is closed, they will never be able to find another job that pays $14/hour for unskilled labor.
Believe me, I want the whole world to know, but I also don't want to be the one who caused my brothers to lose their livelihood and their homes.
What I want to say is that this is happening across the United States.
People do not dare to say anything, because in this economy, the closure of factories is almost as bad as death at a young age.
But he did not answer the person's question: How long has cancer been in the person's lungs when someone has been diagnosed with lung cancer?
There is no easy way to know.
First of all, not everyone is diagnosed at the same stage, so the tumor grows longer in some stages than in others.
Second, different types of lung cancer grow at different rates.
Obviously, it all starts with a cell that mutations into cancer cells and starts to form a tumor, but the time when the tumor becomes large enough to be detected will vary depending on the type of cancer (small cell vs. non-small cell)
, The time for personnel to enter the inspection, as well as the type of test and equipment used to find.
What I think this person really wants to know is, arguably, when they smoke more than they die.
When did they smoke enough to cause cancer?
To be honest, no one knows.
And, even if there is such a view, based on factors that we have not yet fully understood, it will almost certainly be different for different people.
No answer to this question.
Wake up and stop rationalizing.
Smoking can simply kill people.
Away from me, I have no problem hurting myself for you, but of course I don't want to pay your health issues with my taxes.
You should pay more for the insurance and should be forced to pay extra for the elderly health care costs.
Like today, we all pay for the ignorance and stupidity of those who do not take care of themselves.
It's okay for me to eat or smoke.
As long as you don't get in the way of my health, do what you want to do.
If you want to influence my life with your ignorance, then I should have some people say it protects my interest in you.
Smokers pay more for health and life insurance.
As for taxes to support health care for smokers. . . .
For those who are obese or have other unhealthy habits, this will only be the case if they participate in Medicare or Medicaid.
Let me have a rest. Good or bad. . .
Regardless of the risk of cancer. .
If you smoke, that's the real bottom line. . . you smell!
Your smell, the smell of your car, the worst part is the smell of your home. . .
Take it from those of us who don't smoke. . .
We may not tell you, but you are smelly. . .
Whether you want it or not, there is no way to hide it. . .
Every time we walk into a smoker's home, we want to cut in.
If you wear a jacket or sweater, a dress is not cleaned after it is worn. . . geez louise. . .
So take your chance to get cancer. . . but regardless. . .
You will smell it if you smoke. . . bad. . .
This is not to be discussed. . .
You did it, we all talked about it behind our backs. . .
If there is no other reason, you should stop smelling the Earth! Amen! Yuk!
You're such an idiot.
Grow and live in the real world for change, not the world you clearly live in.
It may be that your parents tell you how "special" you are every day, and the whole world revolves around every whim of yours.
How sad are you people?
I'm glad you mentioned this.
I grew up in a house where my parents were heavy smokers.
My friends didn't laugh at me, but they made it clear that I smelled bad from my parents' smoke.
Both died of cancer in their 50 s, no matter where I was, I couldn't stand the smell of stinking smoke, and I found it completely intolerable and annoying.
Even passing by someone in a smoking grocery store made me sick.
The problem is that if you are a smoker, your sense of smell is completely numb and so is your taste.
Smokers can't say they smell bad, but I'm really glad someone else brought it up because I'm very sensitive to the smell.
You do smell bad, and any cool, addictive or stress relief you get from disgusting habits doesn't make me think it's worth it, and of course it's worth the health risks.
This is a smart and insightful response, John.
Are you addicted or not, the person who speaks the truth will cause this reaction.
The truth is that cigarette smoke is filled with clothes, your hair, your car, your home and it smells like a bed.
The smoker did not even notice it.
Unfortunately, I'm addicted to nicotine. I smoke).
Still, I despise being in a closed area with other smokers or myself.
I smoke in our backyard or outdoors and stay as far away as possible from passers-by.
I'm glad our city has banned smoking indoors as I can't eat in the smoking area.
How sad you are.
Quit if you don't want to smoke.
Don't blame others for not being in control of your life.
For Christ's sake, don't ask others to save you from yourself.
If you have so much antipathy to smoking, maybe you should try nicotine gum or patch.
You can still get an increase in nicotine without being exposed to smoke. John-
Instead of calling others "sad", is it better to have a real adult conversation about science related to this topic?
Take the time to read anyone who is honest with themselves after reading the transcript and they will not be able to defend smoking or environmental pollution related to practice.
Of course, you will refer to a non-
Profit backed by countertobacco nuts (
All the
Tobacco tax money).
If you or anyone else wants to read other scientific evidence covering the truth about smoking, you can look at these websites: or I have a brother and a sister diagnosed with lung cancer.
The lives of both of themlong smokers.
My brother was diagnosed on January and died on September 11.
My sister was diagnosed on July and is undergoing treatment.
Because the cancer has spread to their brains, both of them are diagnosed as fourth.
There is usually no warning signal.
I smoked for years, but I quit 15 years ago.
In my mind, I always worry that I may have cancer.
When I leave a building or walk down the street, I don't like to go through the smoke clouds.
This is harmful to me, reminding my brothers and sisters that they are sick.
But I did not walk up to them and pull out the cigarette from their mouth.
It's your choice, but it's also my choice to have clean air!
I have been smoking for 55 years.
My wife is a non-smoking person and has severe asthma after we got married 35 times and shed tears.
I blame myself for this.
I quit smoking at home and in her car but it was damaged.
I believe that if I think more about her earlier, her illness can be avoided.
We have been married for 52 years, but she will be taking asthma medication and respirator for the rest of her life and living with guilt for the rest of my life.
Think about the people you love
Ted, this is not asthma.
This is a strong force. look it up.
They are treating asthma.
When she grows up, she needs oxygen because she has fewer airbags to breathe.
Ted, don't hit yourself.
There are many possible causes of asthma, from reduced exposure to bacteria (
The health assumption I believe in)
Increase the exercise of obese environmental toxins/reduce mold spores.
There is no way to determine if you have anything to do with her asthma, so don't blame yourself.
I hope she does a good job, though.
And Catcher, that's not swollen.
You don't have enough evidence to make this call.
Why don't you try to make this person feel worse about yourself?
I'm really sorry to hear about your cancer and wish you good luck in the future.
But the doctor says whatever he wants;
This does not necessarily mean that this sentence is true.
Of course, oncologists can say that secondhand smoke has caused your tonoid cancer, but are they 100% sure it was caused by smoking?
What about all the people who have been in the smoke-filled bar for a long time and have never had any problems (
They are far more than those who are "sensitive" to it)?
Why does CNN continue to allow
Otis Braun, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, answered questions about smoking, which he used as a medical advice.
Quitting smoking completely is the goal of ACS for 20 years.
He's not an expert Doctor. He's a propagandist.
Brawley tells us something useful: up to 20% of lung cancer patients do not smoke, even if you are smoking all your life, and the risk of dying from other diseases is up to 91% in addition to lung cancer.
However, I don't know where the good doctor is.
There is this data. . .
Because he never quoted anything.
If he really wants to convince others, he should link some of the research he mentioned. . .
If you don't believe him, ask the doctor of your choice.
You will probably get the same answer.
Just because you don't want to hear it won't make it less real.
You all miss the boat here.
Do you really think that inhaling smoke for 30 years has no effect on the body? come on, no-
One is ignorance.
Did you sit in front of the campfire and smoke in your eyes and your clothes stink? same thing.
I have been smoking since I was 16. 33 years now)
But alas, I admit I'm addicted to smoking.
However, I did not point out that
The one who smoked me.
This is called courtesy.
If you burn, cover your mouth. . . . why?
To cover up your germs, that's why, but you feel it's OK to smoke on someone's face.
You know it's not easy to leave, and the smell can travel a long distance in the air.
This is a terrible fact: cigarettes are bad and addictive, but not illegal because there is no tax on the government.
The same is true of alcohol.
In addition, health insurance companies can charge more, doctors have more procedures to do, and the cycle starts with a cigarette.
Anyone with wisdom must know that this is not good for you, the end of the story.
You want to smoke. I want to go.
I am not judging, but please speak out.
Not sure who in their right mind can reasonably think that inhaling all the smoke, carcinogens, asbestos, formaldehyde and more than 100 other ingredients in cigarettes is not bad for you.
Everyone knows you shouldn't smoke because smokers die of heart disease and cancer. . .
Have you ever thought about
Smokers die most often?
Heart disease and cancer!
Smokers just died of smoking earlier.
If everyone is so worried about the harm of smoking, why do we allow cigarette manufacturers in our country?
Why not get rid of them completely?
It is true that no one has the right to tell you how to live, but when your bad health is caused by the abuse of tobacco, liquor, etc.
Millions of people in poor health have increased our medical expenses, so the government has the right to stop your irresponsible lifestyle.
Just as parents are obliged to raise their children responsibly, those who do not know how to live responsibly also have the same obligation.
There are a lot of people who are more addictive than others if we have these diseases
Health can lead to products that they can't reach, which is not a problem we will encounter.
I certainly don't miss the choking smell of tobacco smoke, drunk drivers or drug addicts.
The biggest cause of lung cancer in women is radon gas, not cigarette smoke.
Helen, you obviously haven't touched enough of them yet.
Tobacco propaganda because you think there is a substance that is more evil than tobacco. !
I know I 've seen enough of them.
You know, without cigarettes, everyone will live to be 200 years old, and there will be peace and harmony around the world.
Oddly enough, neither the American Cancer Society, the cancer care union, nor the Centers for Disease Control say so.
Maybe you should call them and let them keep up with the speed.
I bet you're a smoker, right?
People who smoke are just simple and stupid drug addicts.
The fact that cigarettes are addictive is scientific.
The program warns of all health risks, but they still smoke.
When they get sick due to smoking, everyone else has to help pay for medical expenses through inflated insurance premiums. Pathetic.
There is no clear answer to the question asked-so a good doctor can't "answer" it.
The vulnerability of any cancer is profoundly influenced by genetics.
"Are you lucky?
The question was not answered.
But we will still die. . .
It may be true, but some die worse than others.
Lung cancer is one of them.
I just sent out my father's experience.
It hasn't appeared on the blackboard yet, however, please read it if it appears and you will understand.
Yes, we will all die in the end.
However, I would rather be cut off by the Taliban than die from lung cancer slowly. . . .
I guess you 've never seen anyone die of lung cancer. . . . . .
You're lucky.
You smokers are sad.
Yes, smoking does lead to cancer, such as hardening of the heart, leading to heart attacks and heart attacks.
I know my father died of a heart attack at the age of 56.
He has smoked a lot since he was 14 years old.
He had quit smoking for 10 years before his first heart attack.
He had high blood pressure due to smoking and had his first heart attack at 49.
Two arteries in his heart completely blocked the build-up of nicotine, which caused his heart attack.
On 1971, he underwent open heart surgery and replaced the artery.
It was a pioneering operation during the open heart surgery, replacing the arteries from his leg.
It was a very difficult and painful recovery and it took a year to recover.
Six years later, he had a second heart attack.
When he had a second heart attack, they did an x-
Because one of his lungs was completely black because of cancer, Ray found him dead!
So, don't tell me that smoking doesn't hurt you, and don't get cancer or other major health problems because of smoking.
When my dad was smoking in our house, my brother and I had severe asthma when we were young.
Interestingly, my brother and I lost our asthma problems during the 10 years he quit smoking!
His brother also smoked, and when he was older, he suffered from chronic cough and bronchitis and died of heart failure.
Currently, I have chronic asthma and respiratory problems, which is caused directly by my dad's used smoke with my favorite uncle.
Yes, my asthma is back.
I have two small nodules on one of my lungs and the doctor is now observing that these are not cancer.
I pray every day that they don't become cancer.
So please stop smoking if you smoke now, not only for yourself, but also for your family, especially your children!
The town I live in just passed a non
I am very grateful to the smoking regulations.
Haha we paid all the taxes and I would smoke if I didn't shut up like this. .
No one says you can't.
But there is no result in your life.
If you agree, do it.
You are free to smoke if you wish.
But do you smoke because you want to smoke or are you addicted?
No one really answered the original question, and there was a lot of talk.
Internet space is too wasted.
That's because it can't be answered.
You might as well ask when Parkinson's starts.
Is it always there even before the symptoms appear?
So is brain cancer.
You don't know.
They are now looking for treatment through genes, RNA in our DNA.
I don't know how they can do it again.
Calibrate rogue cells this way, but after thousands of years, cigarettes will be more out of date than spittoon when we cure cancer.
At the same time, before the invention of the surgery, we all died as if we had died of simple stick inflammation.
Those who say they don't want to pay for our health problems (smokers)
With their taxes. I pay a $100.
Because I smoke, my insurance is more than 00 a month.
They did a nicotine test)
Because I am a risk, but don't charge more if you drink (
Risk of liver or pancreatic problems, or driving while drunk)
For people who have too many speeding tickets, they will not charge more, which is also a risk.
Or people who only eat fast food or fat meat, or skydiving, or people who tan twice a week, etc.
I think you understand what I mean. Wow.
It is incredible that people today think they are not doing harm.
It will catch up with you if you continue to smoke.
You will find yourself gasping for the last few breaths of air, only you can't absorb oxygen.
You will feel dizzy.
You will think back about the day you smoke and then it will be a little different.
But hey, that's it, right?
Continue smoking and you will see it.
I'm not going to prove anything, and I'm not going to try it, because an addicted person will come up with every excuse needed to feed it.
I hope you can quit, but now you know the end.
Hit you first except for non-buses.
Hold on. . .
Marion, mother in her 40 s. .
Life-long smokers. .
Lung cancer died in April 13, 2011. . .
You can't eliminate the harm of smoking to your body.
Believe me, it's too young to die in anything when you're in your 30 s, 40 s and 50 s, especially if death is unnecessary and can be done by quitting smoking
Believe me, there are a lot of stupid ways of dying to see him show 1000 ways of dying.
But the grace of God let me go!
I heard that being a photographer is also a very risky thing.
I highly recommend: the easy way for Alan Carr to quit smoking is really a lifesaver.
It changed the lives of me and others I know.
So far this is the best way to quit smoking, it involves not taking addictive drugs in other forms such as patches or chewing gum.
It's like, "Hey, I want to stop injecting heroin, so I thought I 'd suck it down.
"Tom in Cleveland: How long does it take for people like me to have lung cancer?
Why does Brawley not answer?
I think the answer is that there is no exact time frame. . . . . .
That's why medical products like this are listed as possible.
Human genetics and medicine are complex in any fixed time frame. . . .
To apply the same answer to many people, there are too many variables to consider.
Tom in Cleveland asked everyone to have a different answer.
If you have to make it clear to you, you may be a drug addict who denies it.
So go ahead and say, "Tom didn't get an answer.
"He didn't get an answer like 32.
42 years, you're right.
Repeat the same thing and do nothing.
Blindly follow your addiction
I quit my job a long time ago because I have willpower.
Not everyone will die in a tragic death.
I'm sure your kids will thank you for letting them go through chemo and terrible deaths.
My mother never resigned because of this.
I don't want to die, nor do I want anyone's children to have to go through this situation with anyone.
Good luck, I hope you quit.
The doctor did not answer the question because no one knew that we got the usual and customary countersmoking rant.
The last truly honest study on smoking cancer mortality was conducted in the late 1950s S, and the daily smoking volume matched the curve of lung cancer incidence with the mortality curve of radiation exposure and mortality.
The results showed that 9 or less cigs per day had a lower risk of lung cancer, and nuclear activation was present in tobacco because of the product of the lower leaf absorbing the radon decay chain, the upper leaves may have the effect of long-term cosmic radiation, a function of the time it takes to grow tobacco to grow to harvest maturity.
There is less exposure to radioactive nucleotide in the smoke of second-hand smoke, but it will still intensify and may aggravate respiratory problems.
The contraction time of lung cancer exposed to radon from Earth or tobacco smoke depends on the time when gamma rays are cut off from the DNA chain, as well as a fragment cut with another rogue chain to form the survival result of the novel "strand" and abroad.
This possibility is small, but if there is sufficient exposure, one of these newly formed large numbers of tumors has the potential to be the basis for immune response-resistant tumors in the lungs.
No one predicted when this would happen.
Some people can smoke all their lives and stay away from lung cancer.
Although the risk of unpleasant cardiovascular and other lung diseases remains regardless of the smoking dose)
Others caught it when they were very young.
This is a matter of luck, but can be minimized by reducing the daily dose to an acceptable risk.
Turning to high-end cigarettes that are not adulterated to make them more addictive, maybe 9 or less a day, or smoking, there are some benefits that the latter does not breathe in, but is enough to maintain the fun of smoking, the risk is small.
Both strategies require that smoking be stopped in order to satisfy the tobacco addiction and thus enjoy good smoke from time to time.
Write well and think well. thanks!
There's nothing worse than running out of cigarettes and going crazy, because drug addicts will even find a butt in the trash to avoid the urge.
Yes, people's cigarettes are terrible and there is bo's defense for using these addictive drugs.
I gave them up like an addict because Buddy would never go back so they should be banned just because of the arterial damage they caused.
The poor should not smoke!
I lost my mother-in-law in 10 months because of lung cancer. My 4-year-old twin daughter asked me, when will mom gram come back?
It's almost 4 years. I miss her every day.
My daughters are still talking about her & talking about her with my mom.
She has lived so much for "smoke", more important than her future. . .
I lost my mother with cancer before my 17 th birthday, it has nothing to do with smoking, my child has never seen her shell that we met in the privet crying room?
Or does grop up continue to live in the face of the short-lived reality?
Damn, we have become a crying country!
I want to say sorry to those who have lost their family and friends.
Our other smokers need to overcome it and enjoy smoking as long as possible.
Try to be polite about where we smoke so as not to offend anyone. recognize! yes, thank you!
Be polite, just pay attention to where you do it and who you do it in front.
For those who smoke, there is a quality of life problem with smoking.
People don't smoke because it's cool. People over 21 don't smoke anyway.
After eating a good meal, it will increase the fun for some people to smoke;
It raises people's awareness and is proven to improve IQ.
It also helps to deal with stress.
Tobacco is the closest thing to giving cocaine these life-enhancing things, without the psychological effects that cocaine causes after 2 weeks of daily use.
That's the end result. We're all going to die!
We all don't know when and how it will happen, so what matters in life is what you get in life.
Today, people seem to think that they will live forever. At the age of 77, they will be as lively as at the age of 33, but this is not the case.
Of course, medicine may one day stop cell regeneration, and a pill may grow new organs, but in the end, if you spend a lifetime worrying about what others are doing, you're not living your life. You're living someone else's life.
I think it's Obama's way of worrying about what others are doing, not what you're doing! lol, wow. Just, lol. . . . . .
Of course, there is no medical or scientific information in your background, at least I hope not.
If so, please go back to school.
Your information about these drugs is very incorrect.
Smoking is an addiction. end of story.
On the contrary, tobacco and cocaine are not smart drugs either.
In this regard, I have always advocated how stupid criminals are.
I think the best way to get young people, especially girls, to quit smoking early is to post photos at a 50-year-old school where he or she is smoking most of his or her life, there is also a photo that has never smoked.
This will stop smart people immediately.
I think the smoker's post is basically saying "proof" and I said, why?
Obviously it's not good for you, so shut up and quit.
Yes, it's hard, but do your best. . .
Just as your life depends on it.
God, 2011 people!
Who smoked again? ?
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