how do infrared security cameras work? - street light housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-02
how do infrared security cameras work?  -  street light housing
Safety and security are always important. . .
But this is more important at night and in conditions as low as no light.
The infrared security camera allows you to see more than just in the dark. . .
They work regardless of the lighting conditions and give you a pair of sharp eyes even in absolutely zero light.
But how do they work?
Infrared light is the light we can't see with our eyes.
Compared to conventional visible light, infrared has a longer wavelength and a lower frequency.
The literal meaning of the name is "below red" and red is the color of the longest wavelength of visible light.
Infrared receives how much heat an object or person has, because everything on Earth emits some form of infrared light based on temperature.
In order to capture information, the infrared security camera uses infrared LED lighting located on the outside of the camera lens. . .
Even where there is absolutely no light.
Regardless of the environmental conditions, the infrared will measure the heat of the object in the area, which the camera can read. . .
Lights are not needed.
No matter how thick, the infrared can also pass through fog, dust and smoke.
You can even browse some information.
Although infrared security cameras are often referred to as night vision cameras, do not confuse them with "Day/Night" cameras.
The camera during the day/night has a very sensitive imaging chip that allows the camera to capture visible pictures even in case of insufficient light.
However, it does not use infrared technology.
Day/night cameras are a great choice for areas with constant light sources, such as street lights or safety lights, but they can't work if the lights are turned off or broken (
Careless or deliberate).
The infrared camera will give you a color photo when there is light.
When it gets darker, the camera automatically switches to infrared mode.
In this mode, the camera is recorded in black and white.
So how do you know how good the infrared security camera is?
One way to measure is the lux of the camera.
Lux refers to the amount of light needed to give a good photo.
Obviously, the lower the lux, the lower the light needed for the camera.
A real infrared camera will have a 0.
In infrared mode, this means that they can see in complete, complete darkness, there is no light at all.
You can also compare infrared cameras based on the distance they can be seen in full darkness.
This is measured based on how many infrared LEDs are built into the camera.
Some remote cameras can see up to 150 feet. . .
Completely dark!
Depending on the amount of property you want to protect, you have the option to cover your close or long range camera.
You can use these cameras either internally or externally.
If you use them outside, it is better to buy one that is suitable for outdoor use. . .
A bullet against wind and rainstyle camera.
Placing an indoor camera in an outdoor camera housing can cause glare in the housing glass.
The infrared security camera is the best choice to protect you. . .
Regardless of your environmental conditions.
If you want to see it in the dark, you can't be better than infrared technology.
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