how are paintballs made? - die casting formulas

by:Hanway     2019-09-01
how are paintballs made?  -  die casting formulas
Paintball is a sport in which a competitor strikes an opponent by aiming and using a capsule with paint that is known as a "paintball" fired by a gun, which is designed for this
It is called "paintball craftsman ".
This game can be played outdoors and indoors. The size of the venue can change the venue design of the game. Players can use artificial terrain to play strategic games.
In the United States alone, the sport attracted more than 10 million people.
Paintball is counted as a safe game and is considered safer than tennis.
The paintball contains ethylene glycol, dye formula and other non-toxic water-
Soluble substances.
When a paintball hits an opponent, it leaves a mark indicating that he is out of the game and has others continue.
The team that eliminated another team is the winner.
How do paintball?
Paintball should contain biodegradable paint, water-
Easy to dissolve, easy to rinse out from clothes or people's skin with clear water.
The player who was hit by a paintball has a piece of debris stain that can be easily washed with soap and water, which will prepare him for the next game.
Paintball, also known as soft gel, is made on a soft gel filling machine.
These machines are very expensive, but can effectively make paintball quite low speed.
It will be interesting to understand how packaging machines are used to make paintballs.
This is a step-by-step procedure;
Step 1: First melt the gelatin, then mold the hot gelatin into two thin bright tape, each of which is made for the purpose of rotary die casting.
Step 2: usually the main body of the mold is made of aluminum alloy, forming a Color Bomb capsule of standard size and shape.
The shape of the soft gel is spherical and can also be unusual.
The dead press each other.
The soft gel can be spherical or unusual in shape.
When they rotate to make the soft gel, the mold will squeeze each other.
Step 3: The paint is filled on the opposite sides of the mold, and when they meet, the paint is injected into the area between the paper.
Step 4: The mold is kept in the rotating position, and the filling particles are formed by squeezing each other on both sides.
The seam on the capsule determines where the two sheets of paper meet.
Step 5: then, seal the gelatin and remove it from the rotating mold.
The paintball falls from the paintball, in rubber shape, large enough to be used in the competition.
Step 6: the capsule looks like elastic and must be arranged in the tray for drying and also shrink gelatin when drying.
Technicians operating paintball manufacturing often monitor the packaging machine and check the quality of paintball to see if they will pass the standards and specifications required for each production.
When the paintball is ready, make a final check, and then the paintball can be used.
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