hot chamber and cold chamber die casting How to use a Chainsaw in Snow & Cold Weather

by:Hanway     2019-08-23

Latitude is thinking about firewood.
The conditions are the best.
Bushes and stumps last year.Spring is also long;
A few months after embracing the horizon, I finally began to show myself.
Pack up a lot of days to go to work.

There is summer.
On the bar and chain, milk oil is used with bar oil to reduce its lubrication value.

There are some basic tools in it.

Fill around the cover.

Fill the tank with oil

Dry carburetor cream-free.

The first thing I do in cold weather is to make sure your fuel is not hydrated.
When I mix fuel in cold weather, I like to mix 5 gallons at a time.
A lot of cutting of a gallon of oil may be enough for you.

The lid on the jar, throw it aside and mix the oil and gas together.


I have two brushes in my toolbox.
Gas fill cover before I open it.
Fuel and Rod oil.

the gas.
Air flow to the carburetor.They usually have two settings;
The other is the cold weather.
Engine to the inlet of the carburetor.
From the outside to the entrance.
important.If the settings are not correct, your saw may overheat in the summer.

The carburetor freezes and may cause the saw to run abnormally.

The ability to finish the work with bar oil.
Use the winter weight bar and chain oil.
Better at cold temperatures.


Could Ruin bars and chains.
You use chainsaw in the snow and you will see snow in the bar and chain.
The bar will warm up due to friction and any snow will melt.

Lubrication capacity.
Increase the amount of oil in bars and chain stores.
Tell you if your saw has oil conditioning and how to use it.

the bar groove.
Clean all frozen sawdust and oil from under the sprocket cover.

Oil flow to Rod and sprocket.

Normal work.
Function correctly.
On the clutch and sprocket.

clean them up.This will allow the bar oil to continue doing it.

Proper tension.

The day is over.

It's useless before it's time.
A few chains of 30 degrees.
Normal 35 degrees.

Other security measures are also needed.

the saw.
Sports will be more difficult.Your hands will be colder and your reactions will be less.
When using a chainsaw, use hearing and eye protection as always.
Chainsaw pants and heavy work boots.
Increase grip.
In the woods in the wild
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