hedgehog is off the scale - outdoor enclosure

by:Hanway     2019-09-17
hedgehog is off the scale  -  outdoor enclosure
Meet hedgehog Roly Poly, he is too fat, and after the doctor announced that he was officially obese, he began to go on a diet.
Turning the scales to a height of up to 2 kg is more than three times that of a regular hedgehog. The animal is too fat to roll into a ball any more.
After eating the cat food left by a well, the size of the Mammoth elephant expanded rapidly.
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After the doctor announced that he was officially obese, he is now under strict control of his diet.
The couple, from Somerset mayn head, found the animal in their garage late last year, wrapped in a Santa jacket.
Ironically, he was too light to sleep, so they brought him into the greenhouse and fed him with a heated mat for the rest of the winter.
Now, Roly-the picture above is a healthy hedgehog-can't be put back into the wild until he loses weight until he can roll up and protect himself from predators.
He was taken to the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Center in Haybridge, Somerset, where the paramedics provided him with strict calories
Control your diet and eat only 150 grams of cat food and biscuits a day.
Because no hedgehog box is large enough to hold him, Roly is locked in the otter's box.
His outdoor enclosure will be ready for him to return to the wild, but his weight loss is expected to be gradual.
He had to lose half of his weight before he was released to the wild.
Debbie O'Keefe, staff member, said: "He's really a monster.
"Overfeeding the hedgehog is an easy thing because they are very greedy and like to laugh at it.
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