gopro's picture gets brighter with new cameras, but its drone may be too costly - surveillance camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-09
gopro\'s picture gets brighter with new cameras, but its drone may be too costly  -  surveillance camera housing
After announcing the decline in sales of large cameras for many quarters, GoPro's (GPRO -Get Report)
The new Hero5 camera should allow the company to turn the tide.
Its degree of innovationbut-
But the expensive Karma drone looks more like a question mark.
Lake Tahoe, California
At the event this afternoon, GoPro launched the Hero5 Black, a new flagship camera for $400, and the Hero5 Session is an upgraded version of a small cube
It will cost $300 to create a hero session. The much-
The Karma of expectation is also shown. -
Same is true for new PC and mobile video
Edit the app and the $5 per month cloud service that automatically uploads content when the camera is charged.
GoPro turned off 2.
Monday was 3%, with a bigger gain released earlier in the day.
Shares rose 0 on Tuesday morning. 6% to $15. 40.
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Hero5 Black should be welcomed by core sports enthusiasts of GoPro.
It has been raised in hero4. it was equipped with touch screen, voice command, GPS/photo location shooting, Electronics in 2014 (But not optical.
Wind-image stabilization
Noise reduction (
Useful when skiing or parachuting)
And the original and wide dynamic range (WDR)photo-capture modes.
Black 5 Black supports 4 k, like Hero4 Black
Resolution video recording of 30 frames per second (fps)
Can bring 12-
Millions of pixel photos of 30 fps.
While both devices have a waterproof feature, her4black requires a camera case to be waterproof, while its successor does not.
Hero5 Session by adding 4k recordings and to 10-
Photos of millions of pixels;
The initial meeting ended at 2k and 8 pixels.
It also adds voice commands and electronic stability features, but does not have the touch screen, GPS radio, and RAW/WDR modes of the Hero5 Black.
And Hero4 GoPro is a black that is not continuous--
It has disappeared from the company's camera page. -
It still sells the original trading day for $200.
The company is trying to expand its addressable market using conference lines to consumers who want to have a small, sturdy camera for daily recording.
But let consumers give up their smartphone cameras. -
May continue. -
A difficult challenge.
On the other hand, the image of the new session-
Quality improvements may be enough to win some action sports fans who want a lighter camera than the Hero5 Black.
Karma available from October.
23. Mass-
The impact of market consumers, the meeting failed?
Four helicopter drone impressive hardware and unparalleled convenienceof-
Use the reason not to hurt it.
Karma can be folded into the included backpack/case with a controller with a touch screen that looks like a handheld video game console.
It also has half
Autonomous flight mode (
There are also drone support from competitors)and a three-
The shaft stabilizer that can be removed from the drone and placed on the Karma handle, when held or installed on a compatible accessory, the accessory promises a "super smooth" GoPro camera lens.
But that's not the case.
In addition to paying $800 for Karma, buyers will also need to purchase a compatible GoPro camera-
Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 or Hero 4 Black or silver--
Record the video.
GoPro offers a $100 discount to those who buy karma with bundled Hero5 Black or Session, but that still means the total cost is $1,100 or $1,000, respectively.
By comparison, the standard version of the market leader, the popular monthly drone Phantom of the Dow Jones industrial average, can buy $477 woMart's site.
However, the Phantom 3 cannot, among other things, fold up like karma and the specifications built into the standard edition
Not as impressive as the gopro's shero5 camera in the camera.
But the price is less than half the Karma bundle and many drone buyers may be willing to accept the compromise.
In addition to DJI, Karma is also facing competition from many other drone manufacturers, as shown by a quick search on Amazon.
In such a competitive environment, the drone market is still at such a stage, and many potential buyers are wondering whether it is worth buying drones, and goPro may be just a matter of time, it will reduce the price of Karma or provide a model with lower cost.
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