godrej eve pt, eve mini, and eve cube security cameras review - security camera box

by:Hanway     2019-09-14
godrej eve pt, eve mini, and eve cube security cameras review  -  security camera box
Godrej's name is highly respected for the electronic devices used in the home and office.
The company has also expanded in the connected smart home appliance sector and now offers a rich portfolio of products, including Eve series security cameras.
We have three security cameras from Godrej up for review-Godrej Eve PT, Godrej Eve Mini and Godrej Eve Cube
They vary in design, functionality, and price.
The prices of these three models are available from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 9,999.
Are these security cameras worth asking? Do they offer more value than competitors like Xiaomi? Let's take a look at it in the comments.
Godrej Eve PT, Godrej Eve Mini and Godrej Eve Cube security cameras differ in design and manufacturing quality.
We will start with the most expensive equipment in the trio, and Godrej Eve PT is currently used for Rs. 9,999.
This is a spherical device that can rotate freely on the base.
The exterior is smooth white with a thick black vertical strip containing 2-
The Pixel camera sensor and the hard flip cover covering the reset button and the microSD card slot.
The base has a speaker with a Micro Speaker
The USB and Ethernet ports next to it are in a small groove.
The Godrej Eve PT is very similar to the Mi Home Security Camera 360, except for the smooth white finish and the smaller black stripes in the middle.
The horizontal rotation range of the camera is 355 degrees, and the vertical angle can be between 10 degrees and 90 degrees.
Like the Xiaomi product, when you control it using the Godrej Eve app on your smartphone or tablet, the motorized camera does not make any sound when it rotates on the base.
We were impressed by the IR of Godrej Eve Mini.
Both the Godrej Eve Mini and the Godrej Eve Cube feature a more traditional base design with a smooth white surface.
The camera body of the Godrej Eve cube is oval (
Despite its name)
Camera lens with central positioning.
Place infrared illuminators and LED lights on and below the lens respectively.
The speakers are at the back, just 2-
Pixel camera lens with a reset button below.
Micro on the right.
The USB port and microSD card slot can be found on the left.
This camera recognizes microSD cards with a capacity of up to 128 GB.
The horizontal field of view is 95 degrees when the video quality is set to low, and when the quality is set to Hi-, the horizontal field of view rises to 105 degreesDef.
The angle the camera points to can be adjusted by tilting and rotating on its base to capture the desired frame.
Since this is not an electric model, you can't relocate it remotely.
As for the Godrej Eve mini security camera, it features a square body and rounded corners. The top-
The place of 1 is the upper left corner. 3-
Pixel Sensor (
View 115 degrees)
Located with two low infrared illuminators
The light on the right.
LED lights and microphones are located in the lower right and lower left, respectively.
Unlike the other two models, the Godrej Eve mini security camera has no micro camera
USB port and proprietary charger.
Like the Godrej Eve cube, the camera body of the Godrej Eve Mini can rotate vertically and horizontally, manually adjusting the camera angle.
The microSD card slot and reset button are provided on the left.
The body is still plastic and the surface is smooth, but due to the small size of the form factor and the metal bracket, it looks more upscale than the Godrej Eve cube.
Unlike Godrej Eve Cube and Godrej Eve PT security cameras, the Godrej Eve Mini does not support remote calls or intercom.
All three security cameras can be placed on a table or on a wall or ceiling.
The retail box of the trio is equipped with a base mounting plate and screws and you will need to attach the camera to the stand.
You can also get a copy of the instructions, plus a copy.
USB cable and power adapter with Eve PT and Eve Cube.
Godrej Eve Cube security camera offers a beautiful double
Talkback features similar configuration and setup procedures for all three Godrej security cameras.
You need the Godrej Eve app, which is available for Android and iOS smartphones, and you also have to create a Godrej Eve user account.
Once these cameras are connected to the power supply, you can search for them using the "" button and then use the security camera to scan the QR code that appears on the smartphone screen.
After the scan is successful, your Wi-
The Fi credentials are entered and the camera starts live and starts recording the video.
There is an extra trouble, though.
In order to watch the live broadcast on a smartphone or tablet, the user must manually enter the device verification number printed on the sticker at the bottom of each unit.
Also, if you intend to save the lens to a microSD card, after inserting the lens into the camera slot, you will have to manually initialize it using the Godrej Eve app.
Godrej security camera lacks support for 5GHz Wi-
Therefore, users must ensure that their router supports 2. 4GHz band.
It takes about 10 minutes for the whole installation process and helps by stepby-
Step guidance in the app along with audio instructions for the camera.
However, there is no guidance in the application or instructions on how to activate the live feed, and the user has to figure it out on his own.
After going into the settings menu for the Godrej Eve app, we managed to do that.
The main screen of the Godrej Eve app displays a card for accessing the live feed of each security camera connected to the same user profile.
Live feed screen offers complete-
Screen view, more
Window View, video recording, shooting stills, and starting an audio call with the feedback function.
However, the Godrej Eve app has fewer features than the Xiaomi Home app.
Godrej Eve PT looks a lot like Mi Home Security Camera 360 but lags behind in functionality. The app allows users to switch between three different modes: Hi-
Def, Standard, and Basic.
The resolution of the video is different under each quality setting.
Godrej Eve PT and Eve Cube record video in Hi-1920x1080 pixels
Def and standard mode, while the basic mode resolution is 704x576 pixels.
Godrej Eve mini security camera, slightly less than 1. 3-
Compared to the 2-pixel camera
Pixel sensor on the other two models, recording video at 1280x720 pixel resolution
In standard mode and basic mode, Def mode and 768x432 pixels and 512x288 pixels, respectively.
Using the camera's infrared LEDs, there is a monochrome mode recording at night.
As for the quality, the video and image taken by the camera are very good.
We hope the color is a little more accurate and the brightness is a little better. In well-
In the case of sufficient light, the video looks clear and has good vitality, but in the case of insufficient light, the video and photos will lose clarity and saturation, and the noise is also very loud.
Compared to the quality of the video and stills taken by Mi Home Security Camera 360, the three Godrej security cameras are significantly behind.
Comparing the video output of the three Godrej security cameras, we found that the video recorded by Godrej Eve PT and Godrej Eve Cube has more details than the Godrej Eve Mini
The same is true for stills, with Godrej Eve PT and Godrej Eve Cube also taking brighter photos than those taken by Godrej Eve Mini.
However, when it comes to night mode, these shortcomings are compensated to a certain extent.
Infrared LEDs help illuminate the frame, so something like the edge of the object can be captured with quite a bit of detail.
Mini hotel Godrej Evethe lowest-
A bunch of end devices-surprisingly good at recording nights --
But it also missed an important feature-audio feedback.
The feedback function of Godrej Eve Cube and Eve PT allows users to communicate with people in the area where the camera is installed.
The audio from the speaker is clear, but the microphone of the camera often receives a lot of noise, and the audio is somewhat distorted.
Comparison of photos taken in regular mode (top)vs night mode (Click to view full-sized images)
All three Godrej security cameras are equipped with motion detectors that can send notifications through the app as long as they detect motion.
Unlike the Mi Home Security Camera 360 that records 10-10
Once motion is detected in the second clip, the Godrej product sends a notification alert that opens the live feed when clicked.
There is no automatic video recording function unless you use the microSD card, if you can't respond to motion detection alerts on time, and access real-time feedback to see what's going on in the camera view, this could prove to be a major danger signal.
However, one an has a microSD card installed for the camera to save all lenses that can be viewed later on the connected phone or tablet.
When users receive a motion detection alert after installing the microSD card, they can click on the notification to see directly the recording lens point where the camera detects motion.
Unlike Mi Home security Camera 360, Godrej Security Camera does not provide cloud storage facilities.
There are no other quirks in this security system.
When recording a video or image, the user cannot see the media file immediately.
Instead, you first have to open "my album" in The Godrej Eve app and then move the required files to another app like Google Photos for more details and
Also, it takes 5 to 8 seconds for all three Godrej security cameras to switch to night mode when the lights are off.
When adjusting the camera angle using the app, the video feed may also be smoother.
The biggest drawback of the Godrej Eve security camera is the relatively high price.
The Godrej Eve mini security camera is currently available for Rs.
3,500, while the Godrej Eve cube and Godrej Eve PT can be purchased in Rs.
3,500 and Rs.
9,999 respectively.
Of these three devices, Godrej Eve PT is the only device capable of approaching the functions and capabilities of Mi Home Security Camera 360 (Review)
But the price of Godrej devices is more than three times that of Xiaomi.
The other two Godrej security cameras also failed to match Xiaomi's feature set and overall value proposition, especially after considering options such as the Yi 720p HD smart security camera for Rs
1,619 and Yi 1080p Full HD smart security camera, 2,699 can be purchased.
Secondly, the video quality is not high, the setting process is relatively complicated, and the supporting applications lack functionality.
With all this in mind, users can find better value if they invest in a security camera provided by Xiaomi or its Yi subsidiary.
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