go pro's action cam competitor - waterproof camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-10
go pro\'s action cam competitor  -  waterproof camera housing
Sony Action Cam is lightweight and easy to use.
Image source: National Features if you are a specific age, photos of your childhood will mainly include your first day at school, your birthday party and Christmas.
Very simple, still.
Thanks to the popularity of small action cameras, today's children will grow up with footage of videos and stills, and they will ride their first bike down the mountain, in a brutal backyard cricket match, grab their first wave and become a ticket inspector.
Sony has joined Action ro and Contour, which can be at 1080 p or 2-
Still image in pixels.
The 65g camera is simple to use with a large red button at one end marked with "start" and "stop ".
The menu control on one side allows you to switch between movies, still (interval)
And set mode, including a series of further options such as image resolution, interval frequency and 4x slow mode.
Turn on the flip cover at the bottom of the camera to access the micro USB and HDMI output.
Swipe to open the panel on the back to access the rechargeable battery and slot of the microSD or memory stick microcard.
Sony's Action Cam for Australia comes with a product package that includes a waterproof case that allows you to take images at 60 metres underwater, as well as some brackets.
This model is also wi-
Fi is enabled, which means you can link your camera to an app on your smartphone or tablet.
Why are you doing this?
First of all, it lets you see what your camera sees, because the Action Cam does not have a viewfinder, just the option to set the view angle of 170 or 120 degrees.
If you have a problem using your app (
This is far from intuitive)
, Please consult the complete manual on Sony's website and refer to wi-
You will find the fi password on the fold tab
Operation Guide.
We tested the camera like a lot of people get it in the summer.
We put it in an underwater box and dive into the pool.
It's easy to put it in an underwater box, it has a simple sliding clip and a tab that connects the front of it to the body so you don't drop it off.
In this case, you can only control whether the camera is in hold mode and the start and stop of image shooting.
If you want to switch the camera between movie and still mode, or adjust other settings, you need to remove it from the chassis.
We were also surprised to find that the case was soon blurred.
When shooting a still image, your option is to just select the interval length between exposures.
So you can tell the camera to shoot every five, 10, 30 or 60 seconds, but you can't just point and shoot.
The camera can indeed be plugged into an external microphone, but it is understandable that you cannot do so underwater. The built-
However, in the stereo microphone, we did a good job of recording all the gigs and splashes of the underwater performance.
The quality of underwater video is impressive, but the quality is not very good.
Sony Action Cam is light in weight and easy to use.
This is a fun new player that belongs to all the camera categories about serious cool games. --
Action cam bunlesony, $399 sony. com. au-
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