garda cctv used to prove man was dealing ecstasy tablets - surveillance camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-09
garda cctv used to prove man was dealing ecstasy tablets  -  surveillance camera housing
Garda surveillance cameras were used to prove that a man traded ecstasy early in the morning in downtown Cork.
Adam Corcoran, 23, from Cork's balanclig Cois na Mara, denied trading ecstasy.
He said he had 19 tablets and some broken pieces for his consumption and did not sell them to anyone.
However, Garda Shane Coakley said Garda monitored the drug trade on Oliver plankett Street around three o'clock A. M. on June 18, 2016.
Mr. Corcoran said that he was taking 5 to 12 ecstasy pills a night and that everything he was caught was for himself. googletag. {});
Inspector John Deasy said CCTV clearly showed him the deal, and before Garda Coakley arrested him for possession of ecstasy, he went through his pocket and handed something over to him
Mr. Corcoran said: "I don't accept it.
I know that's your opinion.
But I was not selling tablets that night.
He said he borrowed money from two friends, bought a tablet from a woman and gave two men change, but he did not supply a tablet to anyone.
Justice John King said he was satisfied with the evidence that Mr Corcoran was trading at the time.
Defense lawyer Michael Quinlan said the accused had a bad background of serious addiction but had not taken drugs for more than a year and did better.
Judge Kim said he would re-impose a two-month sentence for the probation report.
However, he warned that it was possible to be sentenced to imprisonment, especially at a time when Mr. cokeland was also facing a sentence for robbery on 2016. googletag. {});
Inspector Deasy said that Mr. Corcoran presented a knife while robbing a man's pizza at Paradise Square in Cork city on July 28, 2016.
The inspector said that when Mr Corcoran asked them to give him the pizza, two people were eating it on the street.
They refused, and at last he stood in front of one of them, taking out a knife and asking.
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