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  -  external cctv camera housing
Chris Brooke updated on the Daily Mail: at 09: 14 on March 1, 2011, they are extraordinary photos of a madman trapping and killing prey.
But it is chilling that Stephen Griffiths openly celebrates his last murder in front of CCTV cameras, which will ensure his position in the history of crime book.
No explicit video footage of the murderer's actions has been made public before.
The camera in the corridor outside the serial killer apartment clearly shows that the doctoral student angrily twisted his face before executing the 36-year-old prostitute, Suzanne brathrace, and hit her head with a crossbow bolt and knife.
After a while, he accepted the fact that the murder had been captured in the film, calmly walked up to the camera and bravely waved the crossbow.
Griffith also made an obscene
As he walked out of the building looking for another victim, he raised a bottle of Sprite as if to drink to his success.
Peter Gee, administrator of Holmfield Court, apartment building, Bradford housing association, performed his usual Monday mission to check CCTV videos for the weekend of last May, followed by police summons.
Griffiths, who is studying for a PhD in homicide history, has been in his apartment waiting for the police to come and arrest him.
When the marksman rushed in, he shouted, "I'm here.
This is bin Laden.
At the royal court of Leeds last week, 40-year-
Old Griffith admitted that Miss Blamires and two other prostitutes Susan Rushworth and 31-year-old Shelley Armitage were sentenced to life imprisonment after being murdered.
He chopped their bodies in his "slaughterhouse" bathroom and ate their meat before dealing with the remaining body parts.
He told police that he had killed a large number of women and compared himself to Peter Suttcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper who killed 13 people.
Griffith is on a hunger strike.
He lost several stones and said he would not drink even liquid.
Police want to ask him further questions about other possible murders, but it is unlikely that progress will be made as he continues his apparent suicide.
The shocking CCTV footage was supposed to be broadcast during the trial, but it was never shown in court because Griffiths admitted the murder charges.
Holmfield court security camera 14 showed that Griffiths arrived at his apartment with Miss Bellamy in the early hours of May 22.
As they walked along the corridor, someone saw them chatting and she volunteered to enter his apartment.
A few minutes later, a frightened Miss Blamires appeared in the hallway and was chased by the murderer, and now he is wearing black gloves and his teeth are exposed like roaring animals.
Just outside the camera, there was a struggle.
She was knocked down on the floor and her body became lame.
In the photos that we decided not to post, Miss Blamires was subsequently dragged back into the hallway to the apartment in Griffith.
He casually retrieved his crossbow and then ordered a bolt.
Her body, then her head.
Before he showed up again in front of the camera, proudly posing, his victims were dragged back to the apartment.
He was captured for the next few days and left the apartment with a bin liner and stand.
Once he had a heavy black plastic bag on his right shoulder and his shirt sleeves rolled up.
When he crossed the road to the train station, people saw him traveling between the traffic.
He boarded the train to Shipley nearby, where he dumped Miss Blamires's body on the Aire River.
Police divers later found 81 bodies in the river, including her hands and head, which were embedded with crossbows and knives.
The section of the spine and meat of Miss Armitage was also found in the area.
When the police asked Griffith how many women he had killed, he raised six fingers and said, "Five ".
After killing three women, he admitted, he cut them apart and peeled them with power tools, hammers, knives and samurai knives.
He cooked the first two dishes but ate the third after the cooker was broken.
After his arrest, he told the police: "This is the bottom line for me . . . . . . I have killed a lot of people.
It is believed that the police did not show CCTV footage to the families of the victims, although Miss Blamires and the relatives of two other women heard terrible evidence in court.
In sharp contrast to her last years as a drug.
Addictive prostitute Suzanne brancares enjoy the comfort of the middle
Class upbringing.
She has her own pony, goes on vacation abroad, wears famous brand clothes.
But she's doing her-
Her standard of living began to decline.
She was learning to be a nurse, but she was hooked on heroin and kicked out of college.
In order to change her habits, she began to work on the street.
After the verdict, her mother Nikki said: "Our daughter is loved and her death leaves a huge hole in our lives.
"I wake up and think about my cleverness, my articulate,
I love my daughter every day and I am serving my sentence because of what that person did.
Within an hour of killing Suzanne blamari, Griffith is looking for a fourth victim.
CCTV footage taken from outside the killer apartment shows how close another young woman is to her death.
Glefith rallied from the murder of a crossbow, approaching 28-year-old drug addict Rosalyn Edmunson, who is moving from a full-
Night chemist near his house
The serial killer praised her, persuaded her to buy him crack cocaine from a drug dealer, and then invited her back to his apartment.
At first she agreed to walk with the darkStrangers with hair
Only the original R mentioned in court Miss Edmunson was captured on CCTV at 3.
35 I walked with Griffith.
She was seen chatting with him near the apartment building, but at the last minute her "instinct" warned her not to go in and she would be shown walking towards her apartment.
Miss Edmunson said: "I know I'm lucky to be the luckiest woman in the world.
I'm not going out alive.
I don't like his smile or the way he suddenly changed when he was smoking cocaine.
He invited me to his apartment.
Some instinct in my heart makes me say no.
The 35-year-old prostitute Bridget Farrell was friendly to the rest of Griffith's victims and claimed to be walking down the street with Shelley Armitage a few minutes before she was picked up and killed by a crossbow.
Miss Farrell also said that she marketed the client to Miss Blamires shortly before her death and called Griffith's apartment 24 hours after he killed her.
She has known Griffith for 15 years and he acts like a brother to her and cooks for her.
The first thing I noticed was that his apartment was a mess.
Just like he messed up the place angrily.
I tried to clean it up.
There is no sign of blood, but clothes are everywhere.
I offered to wash him, but he refused.
He sweated and began to knock on his temples, saying that he was going to collapse.
There is a sketch of some clippers on the table, as the gynecologist would use.
There is also a picture of the guillotine and the clip.
She said again, "then why did he let me live?
Why wouldn't he kill me too?
I know him best, and I know him best-so why am I still here now?
I can't answer anything.
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