dummy or fake security camera review - aluminum led housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-02
dummy or fake security camera review  -  aluminum led housing
In this article, I will have a full understanding of professional virtual cameras;
Specifications, features, advantages, disadvantages and test results.
This will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.
Specifications: measures 10 "long, rain shield measures 12 round" x4 "round.
Run on 2 "AA" batteries. Features: flashing LED real-time video cable waterproof aluminum housing fully adjustable mounting bracket is easy to install and comes with installation hardware advantages: prevent criminals from stealing,
And vandalism.
A great way to offset the cost of monitoring systems, especially when used with monitoring CCTV systems.
Less than 30 minutes of installation.
When most people think they are being monitored, their behavior changes;
Reduce criminal activity.
The ability to add cameras in areas where it is difficult to connect power sources and cables.
Suitable for various businesses and families.
Disadvantages: when using fake cameras only;
If found, it will lead to an increase in criminal activity.
Installing a virtual camera will give you a false sense of security and may allow you to slack off on your guard.
If it can't stop criminal activity, you have no evidence or means to prove who committed the crime.
Test results: as a member of the local Rotary Club, one of the community service programs we do is the reduction in graffiti.
After painting graffiti 4 times at the local storage facility and seeing the return of graffiti in 2 days each time, I offered to provide and install a professional virtual camera for them.
I'm a little skeptical, driving past here every day for two weeks;
To my surprise, there was no graffiti.
It's been 2 months now and the graffiti artist hasn't come back.
I can honestly say that it works really well in this case.
Conclusion: there are many advantages for dummy or fake security camera, which can work effectively if used correctly.
You will find that they are most effective in reducing the cost of the entire monitoring system or preventing vandalism.
I highly recommend using these cameras;
They are assets of any personal or corporate security strategy.
Remember, the best time to learn lessons about personal safety and self-defense is before things happen.
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