dublin's party streets set to get extra cctv after horror rape - cctv camera box

by:Hanway     2019-09-15
dublin\'s party streets set to get extra cctv after horror rape  -  cctv camera box
Dublin's most popular party Street will feature more CCTV cameras
A few months ago, a man was convicted of rape after CCTV footage was used.
Gardai's comments at the end of last year on reports of inner city in southern Dublin found it necessary to "expand CCTV coverage ".
The streets that benefit from the additional cameras include Harcourt Street, Camden Street and Montagu Street, which is close to a driveway in which a woman is attacked
Rafael Tiso, a rickshaw driver, last November (31)
He is from Brazil and sentenced to 13 years in prison for rape in Montagu Lane in January 2016.
Tiso runs business in the Harcourt Street area and is captured on CCTV, he leaves a nightclub with drunk victims, walks in an alley with her, and then enters the driveway with her.
After 40 minutes he left the driveway and went back to the same bar for drinks. A passer-
Hearing a groan, the woman was found lying on the ground between the truck and the car.
Authorities say the increase in passenger traffic in the region has triggered more action by CCTV, which will be installed in the coming months.
At the request of the Dublin City Council, gardai at Pierce Street said they are currently modernizing communications and accident management systems.
Once completed, there will be the ability to "increase CCTV monitoring and active observation.
The statement added: "Gardai at Pierce Street conducted a review of the public CCTV system in 2016 to consider and reflect the dynamics and usage changes in the region.
"The wider area of Montagus Street and Harcourt Street and Camden Street has been identified as areas that benefit from greater coverage by CCTV, especially given the substantial increase in night time --
Time economy in the region.
"The increased CCTV cameras in this area will be a joint way between Dublin City Council and local business interests.
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