dubai prison cctv footage could hold clue in prisoner stabbing case. - cctv camera case

by:Hanway     2019-09-09
dubai prison cctv footage could hold clue in prisoner stabbing case.  -  cctv camera case
A Dubai court will see a video showing prisoners soaking wet after being accused of stabbing a man 37 times.
The video was taken from a CCTV camera inside the Dubai prison, reportedly showing the men bleeding in front of their clothes.
18 prisoners at Dubai prison have been charged with the murder of Ayyoub Abdul Rida, and five others have been charged with involvement in the early attacks.
However, people who have seen the video of Rida being killed say the video was taken from a long distance.
"No defense from their clients can be seen in the video.
"This is vague and not close to the accused, but the prosecution says individual members of the gang can be seen," the source said . ".
The video was taken on August 2012, when 18 men were held in solitary confinement in his cell.
Four people stabbed him to death, and fourteen people surrounded him in a circle.
The trial process of the case is very simple, and it takes several hours to sit in the DubaiCriminal court every Thursday.
Last week, the meeting was shorter than usual due to the absence of two police witnesses.
CCTV footage is likely to be crucial in determining who is in the mob, and after the UAE professional offender Rida was killed, the mob was divided into different groups.
He is known as the "gates of hell" for his habit of shooting at police cells and himself, while being detained for various crimes.
Prosecutors believe the 42-year-old Rida was killed after being cut off the fingers of one of his UAE rivals, sources said.
The accused gang, close to the injured emirate, vowed revenge.
The prosecutor said that after stabbing the Rida to death, the men cut off his fingertips as revenge, while also cutting off one of his ears.
Eighteen people were charged with the murder of Rida and five others were accused of being members of his gang and were involved in an earlier attack on Rida's opponent. sean@7days.
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