do you reposition your high pressure die casting company during recession? - die casting market

by:Hanway     2019-09-01
do you reposition your high pressure die casting company during recession?  -  die casting market
A wise manager believes that a recession is an opportunity to reorganize processes and reposition companies in changing markets.
They know that equipment can be bought at a discount during the recession and has the funds available.
When production lines are not used frequently, they can study their processes and streamline them to improve efficiency.
High unemployment means more qualified people in the market are looking for jobs.
Hiring them now gives them enough time to integrate them into the company and to train them appropriately by working with current engineers to complete the projects they still have.
Experienced management also knows that no matter how serious the recession is, it will end --
They made plans for the future.
With fewer ongoing projects, there is more time to spend with existing customers, consolidate relationships, introduce new products to them, and strive to educate them on new prospects for their products and services.
They may not be selling today, but when the business starts to recover again, their prospects know their services and are ready to make a decision.
Successful companies give their engineers the same opportunity.
Downtime can be used to educate and train engineers about new processes, machines and equipment
They know that most of the training and education can be done at little or no cost.
After all, the slowdown has also affected their suppliers;
They are more than willing to show off their exciting new technologies.
It is too late when the business is restored;
Once again, everyone is too busy to have time for education and training.
This is not to say that it is easy to get through difficult times --
Even for a company that has experienced the previous recession.
For companies facing the first recession, this is an opportunity to take a long, serious look at your equipment and processes and make some decisions.
First of all, consider your equipment: Mold
Casting machines, furnaces, decorators, handling robots, mold heating and cooling equipment.
This is a huge investment for your company.
But now is the time to honestly evaluate each product and its impact on your product and the company.
Ask yourself: How old is this device?
Is this machine really working?
Can we compete in today's global market with mold casters that frequently change machines in Europe and Asia?
Do the casting buyers today expect us to produce high quality castings?
Consider your technology: Ask yourself if your technology is state-of-the-art
Or twenty years out of date?
Does the technology in your factory attract the technicians you want to work?
What do you use to help you produce high-quality castings at competitive prices?
Considering your facilities: is it clean?
Do your employees like to enter the factory? Do you?
Or does it look like a dump and the only people who apply for a job are those who don't read and write? Last -
But the most important thing is to think about your employees: machine operators, tools-
Manufacturers, engineers, repairs and materials
Handling personnel.
Have they received job education? Are they well-
Trained in the equipment and processes they handle?
Do you have the highest salary?
Or do you have employees working on your expensive machine?
But who do you believe will drive your new car?
The fact is that many casters are out of business due to the recession --
Because of their own lack of vision.
Before you join them, take a break and sit down and think about where you want to go in the next few years.
Slow down this business as an opportunity to assess your company's strengths and weaknesses and see which ones no longer serve you and your company and determine what works for you, and decide how to build for the next economic growth.
Some say the recession will end. they always do.
The only problem is where your company will be when your company does this: on the list of those who have not succeeded, or become stronger and stronger, and do a good job for the future
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