diy home outdoor security cameras - choosing the right ones - diy outdoor security camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-05
diy home outdoor security cameras - choosing the right ones  -  diy outdoor security camera housing
DIY (do-it-yourself)
Outdoor home security cameras are your first line of defense against thieves and criminals.
They helped you build the first floor of residential security.
You should choose the right DIY home outdoor security camera according to your specific needs.
To do this, you need to plan your monitoring system and then decide how many security measures are right for you.
The following steps will help you to do this. . . 1.
Plan external settings to see the outside of your home and decide how to investigate your property.
Decide how many outdoor home security cameras are needed to set up enough monitoring.
When purchasing a DIY system, make sure it supports the number of cameras you need.
Also, make sure it allows for more cameras to be added.
You may change your mind and decide to expand your system in the future. 2.
Determining the position of the camera the physical position of the camera is extremely important.
What you decide now may affect a lot of system details.
The camera should be placed where nothing can block their view.
It's usually high, looking down.
Make sure no (
Like a tree or bush)
They can grow into their vision.
Your outdoor security camera should also be protected by spoilers and extreme weather conditions.
These two problems can be solved by wrapping them in a safety box and a weatherproof shell.
Make sure that the camera is not in the area where the electrical interference is large.
This may reduce signal and image quality. 3.
An outdoor DIY camera system with a choice of hard-wired or wireless hard-wired can provide a more reliable signal, as the wires are usually subject to less interference.
There is no battery to change.
The power supply is connected from the power supply.
Hard-Wired cameras are usually more expensive due to cabling and are more difficult to install.
The hardwired DIY kit requires you to have the right tools and you know how to work with your hands.
The wireless outdoor DIY camera system can also provide reliable signals if installed in a low interference position.
But you need to replace the battery regularly.
Wireless cameras are usually cheaper and easy to install.
Wireless DIY kit comes with product instructions, installation DVD and help/support phone number.
Very low skill level (if any)is required. 4.
Consider external lighting conditions that often change during the day.
This will of course affect the image quality recorded by the outdoor security camera.
Some cameras can be clearly recorded in case of insufficient light.
Their lux rating is lower.
Other cameras need more light and lux is rated higher.
Make sure the camera is positioned to take full advantage of the available light, but never point to direct sunlight.
Consider installing automatic lenses on your camera to help you achieve quality-
The image is recorded even if the light is insufficient during the day.
Night vision cameras may be your best choice.
They can record clear videos in full darkness.
Yes, they usually spend a little more money. 5.
Choose right back-
Each home outdoor security camera will be connected to the background
A terminal system or device capable of monitoring and recording video images.
This could be your home computer or dedicated DVR (
Digital video recorder.
DVRs are more costly, but they are built specifically for this purpose.
They are a better choice.
They are equipped with huge hard drives that can record indefinitely.
They also have internet capabilities for remote viewing.
It's cheaper to configure a personal computer, but more technical skills are needed.
Your PC will need software and a video capture card will be installed for each camera.
You also have to make sure everything is compatible with the motherboard and operating system of your computer.
If you really use your computer as your backing
Finally, consider choosing a motion sensor for an outdoor security camera.
Only when my action is triggered will they record the video image.
This will be much easier on your computer as it will consume less hard disk space.
With a little configuration and internet connection, your PC can also be set to view remotely. 6.
Following all the steps in the above tutorial, you plan your monitoring and decide what kind of home outdoor safety camera system you want.
You know now: compare this list now with the existing DIY security camera kit.
You may not be able to find the perfect option, but you can choose the right DIY home outdoor security camera and system.
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