disgruntled tesla employee publicly calls for unions, musk claims he's a union mole - die casting mould manufacturer

by:Hanway     2019-09-07
disgruntled tesla employee publicly calls for unions, musk claims he\'s a union mole  -  die casting mould manufacturer
When Tesla is ready to ramp up the production of Model 3, it may soon face unexpected changes in the form of union employees at the NUMMI factory.
Tesla employee Jose Moran posted an open letter on the self
Publishing website "media discontent with low wages"the-
Work injury, forced overtime.
The letter, called "time for Tesla to listen", calls on electric car manufacturers to listen to their workers, many of whom call on unions to raise wages, working hours, and security issues in Fremont, Californiafactory.
"A few months ago, due to various jobs, six of the eight people on my work team took time off at the same time --
Related damage
I have heard that the problem of ergonomics in other departments is more serious.
Worst of all, I heard colleagues quietly say they were injured, but they were afraid of being labeled as complainers or bad workers by management and did not dare to report, Moran wrote in the media.
On 2014, Tesla was reportedly fined $89,000 by California's Occupational Safety and Health Department for several security violations, six of which were considered "serious"
The aluminum calender failed to spray the workers with hot metal.
According to The Mercury newspaper,
The OSHA survey found that Tesla failed to ensure low
The pressure die casting machine is kept in safe operation and allows its employees to operate the machine when the safety interlock breaks.
It also found that employees were not properly trained on machine hazards and did not wear the required eye and face protection.
"Tesla's wages are lower than the average in the Gulf region, and related industries are lower --than-
Average wages in the industry.
According to Moran, the average salary of a car worker at Tesla's NUMMI plant is between $17 and $21, below $28.
According to the MIT Living Wage Calculator, a minimum living wage of £ 10 per hour for an adult and a child in Alameda County is lower than the average hourly wage of $28 for joint auto workers (UAW)union.
Many Tesla factory employees travel long distances to work in the factory because they can't afford living expenses in the Bay Area.
What's worse is an increasingly strict attendance policy, punishing workers for one minute late --
It is reported that there is not enough parking in a parking lot for shift workers to park, which may be exacerbated.
In fact, the parking lot has its own Instagram account, showing some of the challenges employees face when trying to find a place to park and still line up on time.
The employee is eventually surrounded by other vehicles or is dragged outside the designated parking space to park.
Remember that there was a fire at the headquarters. Did the valet block the fire truck in the parking lot? true story.
Editor's note: There is no employee valet service on the factoryA photo released by Tesla parking lot (
@ Teslaparkinglot)
PSTThe Drive contacted Tesla at 4: 25 p. m. on February 2, 2017 to ask for responses to worker safety and parking issues
Related late but did not receive a response at the time of publication.
In the aTwitter DM conversation with Gizmodo, Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted that UAW paid for Moran to join Tesla and encourage the Union.
"He really doesn't work for us, he works for UAW," he said on Twitter . ".
Gizmodo could not find any records of employees with the same name on social media sites.
However, a person familiar with the matter said that Jose Moran had been working for the car company for four and a half years, and I was working on the floor the day the letter was sent.
At the same time, UAW made a statement on their website, strongly denying the payment of Moran:"
Moran did not and was not paid by UAW.
We hope Tesla will apologize to their staff, Sir.
Moran is spreading fake news about him.
We can confirm.
Tesla's Moran and others have come into contact with UAW and we welcome them with open arms.
Musk wrote to Gizmodo: "Tesla is the last car company in California because the cost is too high . "
UAW killed NUMMI and abandoned the workers at our Fremont factory on 2010.
They can stand without legs.
"This may not be a full picture of the factory's history.
NUMMI is a joint operation between Toyota and GM, whose workers are represented by UAW.
GM pulled out of the deal during the recession, and Toyota announced on 2009 that it would close the NUMMI plant due to overproduction and move the work to other underdogs
The plant used in Texas, where its North American headquarters is now located.
The Fremont factory is Toyota's only joint factory in the United States;
However, the company has formed trade unions in all manufacturing plants in Japan.
Timing could threaten the production of Model 3, and perhaps the most interesting aspect of the call to form a union is timing.
Tesla will close the Fremont plant for a week in February as it will re-tune the assembly line and start producing the Model 3 prototype.
The company has an ambitious goal of producing saleable models by the end of this year and plans to increase production rapidly to 500,000 in 2018.
Labor disputes may affect such aggressive manufacturing targets.
The full text of Moran's open letter on media is reproduced as follows: Tesla is proud to join a team that brings green cars to the public.
Over the past four years, as a production worker at Tesla's Fremont plant, I believe Tesla is one of the most innovative companies in the world.
We are trying to build the world's number one car.
Not only electric, but also overall.
Unfortunately, however, I often feel like I am working for future companies in the past working conditions.
5,000 of me-
In addition, colleagues work more than 40 hours a week, including excessive mandatory overtime work.
In order to make Tesla successful, we have worked hard, which is very dangerous for our body.
Preventable injuries often occur.
In addition to long hours of work, the machine is usually not ergonomic with our body.
If the worker's input is welcome, there are too many twists and turns and extra body movements to do the work that can be simplified.
In order to achieve the production target, increase the shortage of manpower and speed up the work, the damage will inevitably occur.
A few months ago, due to various jobs, six of the eight people on my work team took time off at the same time.
Related damage
I have heard that the problem of ergonomics in other departments is more serious.
Worst of all, I heard colleagues quietly say they were injured, but they were afraid of being labeled as a complainer or a bad worker by management and did not dare to report.
Ironically, many of my colleagues have been saying that they are tired of the long hours of work in the factory and that they also rely on overtime to maintain their finances.
While the cost of living in the Gulf is the highest in the country, Tesla's pay is almost the lowest in the automotive industry.
Most Tesla production workers earn between $17 and $21 an hour.
The average American car worker earns $25.
Live in a much cheaper area for 58 hours.
Living wages in Alameda County where we work, adults and one child exceed $28 per hour (I have two).
Many of my colleagues commute an hour or two before and after long shifts because they can't afford to live closer to the factory.
Although working in a company for 4 years, working 60-70 hours a week can make you tired, it will also make you loyal.
To help Tesla succeed, I invested a lot of time and sacrificed important moments with my family.
I believe in the vision of our company.
I want to make it better.
I think our management team would agree that our factory is not working as well as it can, but so far they have underestimated the value of listening to employees.
In a company of our size,
"Door policy" is not a solution at all.
Our factory needs better organization, and many of my colleagues and I believe that we can achieve this by uniting and forming a union.
Many of us have been talking about unions and seeking support from joint auto workers.
The company has begun to respond.
In November, they proposed to raise the basic salary of their employees.
This is the first one we have seen in a long time.
But at the same time, management's actions have also raised concerns among workers about loud calls.
Recently, every worker has been asked to sign a confidential policy that could have consequences if we exercise our right to talk about wages and working conditions.
Thankfully, five members of the California Parliament wrote a letter to Tesla questioning the policy and calling for a withdrawal.
I'm glad someone is standing up for Tesla employees and we need to stand up for ourselves.
These problems are much more serious than fair pay.
Injuries, low morale, unfair promotions, high turnover and other issues are not only bad for workers --
They also affect the quality and speed of production.
If workers do not have a say and are included in the process, they cannot resolve it.
Tesla is no longer a startup.
I came here to stay.
Workers are ready to help the company achieve greater success and make the company a better place to work.
Just as CEO Elon Musk is a respected champion for green energy and innovation, I hope he will also be a champion for his employees.
As more of my colleagues speak out, I hope we can start a productive conversation to create a fair future for all those who work at Tesla.
The article was originally published on the TheDrive.
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