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by:Hanway     2019-08-19
Taking into account the development of diesel engines and German patents by Rudolf Dissel in 1892.Your goal is to create highEfficiency motor.The gasoline engine was invented in 1876 and it didn't come back, especially over time.
A variety of diesel and gasoline engines: Compressed air ignites the Heat naturally generated by the fuel.For example, the compression ratio of gasoline engines is from 12: 01 to 8: 01, while that of diesel engines is from 25: 1 to 14: 01.The high compression ratio of diesel engines will bring better returns.
Cylinder-type gasoline engines usually mix air and fuel before entering the carburetor, or fuel injection valves that previously decompose the fuel intake stroke cylinder (external.The diesel engine uses a direct fuel injection method, which is to blow the fuel directly into the cylinder.Please note that there are no candles in the diesel engine.
They end the World Trade Organization (suction), which will compress the fuel directly into the combustion chamber and it is possible to ignite the fuel in the diesel engine by injecting (or spraying directly) the heat of compressed air.In the next section we will check the level of diesel jet Khayyam.Engine fuel injection: the nozzle in the engine component consists of highly complex components, which is the subject of many experiments.
A particular engine may be in a different location.It is also a challenge to make them transmitted to fit the falling internal cylinder heel.Certain suctionUsing combustion air to bring the combustion chamber valve of the diesel engine to the first drop or vortex (circular) is another means, or otherwise to improve the ignition and combustion process.
The main difference between diesel and gasoline is the injection process.The motor of the jet valve car, or use it instead of the direct jet carburetor.If it is a motor vehicle, it is filled with fuel in the intake stroke and then compressed in the cylinder.
The density value of the mixture of fuel and air to the compression ratio of the engine is limited.Many engine air compression, fuel, and air blends ignite spontaneously and cause a knock.A diesel-Only compressed air, the compression ratio can be quite high.
The greater the compression ratio, the greater the power generated.A variety of diesel engines with some candles, it is heated.The new ECM is a complex set of sensors used to measure the coolant temperature, and the oil on the meter speed is measured to everything, even associated with the engine position in all the functions of the engine.
It is rare to heat up in large used gmc engines today.The engine takes time, so this will delay the fuel injection.The more air inside the cylinder, the hotter the air is, which helps the engine to become clear.
Smaller engines and engines with advanced computer control to solve the problem of heating (clearing in cold weather) use
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