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by:Hanway     2019-08-15
There are many types of molds for aluminum casting, which are used to cast molten aluminum into different shapes and forms.Some molds are temporary and some are permanent and can be used repeatedly.In addition to aluminum, these same types of molds are also used in many different metals and alloys.
The oldest mold type of aluminum casting is the one that has been used since the Egyptian era.These types of molds are made when the cavity is created in the sand placed in the box or in the "Flask.Usually, the original "pattern" is made of wood, metal, or other solid material.There is also a core in the sand cavity that forms the center of the casting.In different aluminum casting molds, this is a mold specially used for engine block, engine manifold and other large and heavy castings.
Another casting mold used with aluminum and other molten metals is a ceramic mold.Most commonly used in the investment casting process, ceramic molds are made around plastic or wax, which melts when the mold is fired during the manufacturing process.After the wax is "lost", the mold can receive the molten metal.This casting process is also known as "precision casting" because precision castings can be made with this process.
The permanent type of aluminum casting mold is made of metal such as steel.Molten aluminum is forced into a permanent cavity by gravity or vacuum.One advantage of these types of mold casting is that the mold is permanent;Unlike sand casting, sand casting molds are often destroyed when the casting is removed after cooling.It is also cheaper when used for a large number of castings.
Die-casting molds produce many of the same castings using steel molds or molds.Like other metals, aluminum is forced into these types of aluminum casting molds under high pressure.This is a multi-functional process capable of producing large quantities of small and medium sized productssize castings.
The shell mold is a kind of thin, 10-thin, 10-to 20-Thick, shell.While the use of these types of molds for aluminum castings results in a better surface finish and a more accurate size, the process is definitely more expensive.
Plaster molds are made of gypsum mud or other types of consumables such as foam.When the plaster mold is baked, the pattern melts, leaving the perfect representation of the pattern.Then pour the melted metal into the cavity of the plaster mold.This is another form of "lost wax casting.
Graphite molds and cores are commonly used in aluminum centrifugal casting.This process forces the metal into the mold and uses rapid cooling to produce casting quality that cannot be achieved by other methods.
These are the seven most commonly used aluminum casting molds for the production of aluminum castings.Each casting mold is used to produce specific quality and different types of casting performance.
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