die casting youtube investment casting - one of the oldest metal forming technique

by:Hanway     2019-08-18
Detailedinformation in all aspects of pre-This website provides people with the historical era of modern metal processing, so that people can read this information and profit from it.It also provides a bright future for the industry.Investment casting is also called loss-Wax casting is one of the oldest known metal forming processes.
This industrial process is commonly used for small castings, but also for the manufacture of aircraft engines, aircraft door frames, steel and aluminum castings.As we all know, the investment casting process will produce complex shapes and it is difficult to manufacture with die casting.While this process is a little more expensive than the die casting or sand casting process, it is useful in creating complex designs and complex shapes.
The modern form of this dewaxing process was developed during the war, when it was found to be useful for many wartime needs.Later, with the growth of investment casting industry of 1980, the demand is very large.Today, driven by modern computer technology, robotics and modern casting technology, 15% of the world's industrial casting is produced through investment casting methods.
Regarding the investment casting process, a wax mold pouring system was arranged separately for the investment casting.The pattern and pouring system are assembled and immersed in the slurry of refractory coating materials such as four silicone, ethanol, hydrochloric acid, silica, magnesium sand, etc.The pattern is placed upside down and supported by flask.
Now the molded mixture is poured around the pattern.The mold mixture is made of a combination of sand and alumina cement, silicate and other materials.They are placed in an inverted position and heated, which helps to collect the wax flowing down for reuse.
To pour the alloy and help preserve the complex casting design, a specific temperature is maintained in the mold.When the wax is completely melted, it is filled with the void of the molten metal.Burn-out process for removing wax and gasThe material formed in the old material.
The application of investment casting jet propulsion for military and civilian aircraft makes investment casting the most important position in the casting industry.From large castings of 300 kg to small castings of 30 kg, this casting method is used for hi-Application of technology industry.In terms of casting technology, this process is more expensive than sand casting, but the equipment is relatively cheaper.
However, for complex designs, the investment relies heavily on designs that cannot be completed using any other method.Investment casting is widely used in spacecraft, jet engine and other fields.While the industry relies heavily on the aircraft industry, we are looking for new applications to broaden its horizons.
The advantages of using investment casting products can be simple and complex design, the surface polishing and processing required for casting products, close to the net shape required by customers, with excellent dimensional tolerance, extensive metal and high performance
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