die casting defects how to improve common defects of die casting?

by:Hanway     2019-08-11
The following problems often occur in die casting.
Reason: The front end of fuse soup is not hot enough, and there will be some marks on its surface when folded.

(1) Check the wall surface to see if the thickness is too thin, and fill in the thin part;
(2) Check whether the shape is easy to fill.Too far away, closed areas, closed areas and too small circles will make filling difficult.In addition, attention should be paid to the ribs and cold points;
(3) shorten the filling time;
(4) changing the filling method;
(5) increase the temperature of the mold;
(6) increase the temperature of fuse soup;
(7) checking the composition of the alloy;
(8) It may be helpful to increase the size of the vent;
(9) it may be helpful to add a vacuum device.

(1) add rounded corners;
(2) Check whether there is heat;
(3) change the pressure time;
(4) increase or shorten the closing time;
(5) increase the angle of eating water;
(6) increase the top rod;
(7) check whether there are displacement and deformation dies;
(8) check the composition of the alloy.
Reason: There is air in the fuse soup, and then bubbles appear.

(1) slowing down appropriately;
(2) Check whether the parkour turn is smooth and the area of the section is reduced;
(3) Check whether the vent is large enough and the position is correct;
(4) Check whether there is too much spray on the mold release agent;
(5) Vacuum.
Reason: the sudden drop of pressure caused the gas in the fuse soup to suddenly expand.The gas will impact the mold and hurt the mold.

The section area of the runner should not change drastically.
Reason: When the metal is solidified from liquid to solid, the speed becomes smaller.If you don't fill in the metal, a shrink hole will be formed.It usually happens where the set rate is relatively slow.

(1) increasing pressure;
(2) change the mold temperature;
(3) site cooling may be helpful.
Reason: (1) wrong filling method;(2) The mold is not deformed;

(1) switch to high speed in advance;
(2) shorten the filling time;
(3) change the filling mode, gate position and gate speed;
(4) Check whether the strength of the mold is high enough;
(5) Check for mixed oxide layer.
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