die casting book modern features high-quality insoles can provide

by:Hanway     2019-08-11
In outdoor activities, outdoor shoes are very important equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. the selected insole is also very important. it is not only necessary to ensure the comfort of the feet, but also the insole with shoe features is an important auxiliary component.
Modern high-
(1) it is flat shoes to prevent sliding the feet of the shoes on the shoe bed, but your feet are not, so when the soles of the feet slide, walk in the shoes, and then take each small step, A little more effort and a short walk will make it easier to increase the type of trauma.Using three-The size shape of the footbed and sole can be filled in the space between the beds to reduce foot sliding within the shoe.
(2) improving the support and increasing the stability of the speed, followed by supporting the Cup insole can reduce the walking time of the swing, thus reducing fatigue and reducing the chance of injury.
(3) There are two shocks-Absorption shockAbsorb the insole, a cup that is hard to use-Because after the human muscles are fat and natural electric shock,Absorption function, as long as the curvature of PS is properly careful, they can play a good impact --Absorption function, multiple steps for stable and long-lasting activities such as fencing, fresh steps, hiking, etc.The other is to assist other soft materials such as Nike Free 3.0 V3, when the heel pad absorbs the impact, it is used for running, basketball running and jumping.
(4) the correction of walking and standing posture sounds mysterious, but it is the function of the main bone insole that can be played. many people are born, and there are other factors, the spine in the standing leg cannot be hundred percent vertical, while the walking or rocking gait, LongTerminology under various bones and joints caused by trauma can be corrected with walking and standing postures to reduce trauma.

1) EVA foam insole derived from the sports shoe insole, EVA foam is cast with the bottom of the arc foot, basically no performance except the price is the cheapest, most hiking boots use this insole.
Hundreds of years ago, Europeans had discovered that Cork insoles were made of good materials.The advantages of lean, soft, comfortable, and natural ventilation, the biggest advantage is that your feet will automatically adjust to the most suitable form to ensure tight.The traditional cork natural cork insole is the small foot of the machete, but has turned to a modern production method using die casting.And because the water is too soft and loose, it cannot provide support or other functions except comfort;Also, Cork insoles are not cheap.
3) medium support footbed, which is the original footbed for some top climbing boots, the most common is EVA footbed with arches under the care of hard plastic, therefore, support and better stable performance.
4) the support insole has a high intermediary effect between the ordinary insole and the orthopedic product, it is added on the exact curvature of the EVA insole, after care, and the scope of support is extended to the supported Palm part, in the independent evaluation of the highest bidder, to provide better performance and stability for the insoles currently sold.
5) The shock-Absorption insole EVA insole is generally the present, after using gel or some kind of impact front foot matThe most suitable for running or other absorption materials similar to strenuous exercise.Nike's free run is very popular all over the world.In fact, shock-Absorbed insoles, designed for hikers, the walking pace is not so strong due to the impact of each step, but stable, supporting the functionality of most boots that require hiking.
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