die casting book let's take a look on the process cycle of die casting ...

by:Hanway     2019-08-11
The manufacturing process implied by aluminum die casting in China or zinc die casting in China uses reusable molds called molds to produce complex metal components.The metal is usually an alloy made of aluminum or zinc, melted in the furnace, and then injected into the die in the die casting machine.When the molten metal is injected into the mold in the die casting machine, it cools down and becomes a casting after a period of time.But have you ever thought about how this whole process happened?Well!There is a process cycle where the mold casting activity is in progress.Read further to make yourself aware of the main stages of the process cycle.

The initial stages of aluminum die casting in China or zinc die casting in China include two and a half of the clamping die. First, the mold is cleaned from the previous injection, and then the lubrication tool is used to inject the next part.Lubrication is not required depending on the type of material used, but is necessary after two or three cycles.The time spent to lubricate the mold depends on the size of the part and the number of cavities.After the lubrication is completed, the mold parts are clamped together.

At this stage, the molten metal is injected into the chamber and into the mold.When the molten metal is injected into the mold, a certain amount of pressure is applied to it.As the pressure keeps the melted metal in the mold, the material will solidify.The injection time is calculated based on the time when the molten metal flows into all channels and cavities in the mold.

When the molten metal enters the cavity, it begins to cool.After that, the solidification occurs when the molten metal fills the entire cavity and then is cast into the final shape.The mold does not open until the cooling time passes and the casting freezes.The cooling time depends on many factors, such as the thermodynamic properties and wall thickness of the material.

After the cooling time is over, two and a half parts of the mold can be opened.The injection process pushes the casting from the mold cavity.The time and pop-up time of the machine depends on the casting envelope.After the injection process is over, the mold can be clamped off and ready for the next injection.
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