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by:Hanway     2019-08-14
Does anyone have any suggestions?
If so, put it in the suggestion box.The subconscious mind is like a suggestion box.Every day, it takes hundreds of subtle suggestions, some positive, some negative, and put them there by ourselves and others.Unfor-To be exact, these are more negative, and if you don't use some type of filter, in which case your consciousness shield, your brain may become clutteredPositive suggestions that can generate unwanted responses.
As humans, we are highly recommended creatures.We re-Make hundreds of suggestions to others and yourself every day.Let me give you an example. I want you to draw a lemon.Pay attention to the bright yellow skin and smooth texture.Some juice will spray out when you cut in, and you will smell the rich scent.Imagine the elevator.Send it to your mouth.You can really smell the sourness of your teeth now, and when you bite in, you can feel the squeaky feeling of your teeth on the flesh.You start to suck lemon and fill your mouth with sour juice.When you read this example and think about lemon, have you noticed that your mouth is a little bit of saliva?If so, you are not alone.Most people, just in sug-The suggestion of biting into the lemon will experience the increased body reaction of saliva.
Now, think back to the state of change in consciousness, and how we are getting in and out of these states all day, and don't know what we are doing.When we are in a state of change, we are moreWhether the suggestion is good or bad.If we accept this proposal, we will respond.In this way, we were hypnotized and didn't even realize what was going on.An ex-It is enough when the children are told to eat everything on the plate, because there are hungry children in the world, it is a sin to waste food.This is a strong suggestion.It gives the children a sense of guilt about not eating, just like not eating.Eating everything on their plates will have an impact on world hunger!When these children are adults, they will still react to the old advice.Even though they feel full when they eat half the time, they keep eating because they don't want to waste their time.I know many mothers eat the food left on their children's plates because they feel it is wrong to throw away the food.Did you clean the kitchen after the meal and find a little food left in the pot?It's not enough to save just for another meal, but even if you're not hungry, you don't throw it away just because you feel guilty about wasting good food.I asked my client the question: What would you prefer to do?Scrape the food into the trash can and never see it again or eat it and carry it with you for the rest of your life?
Did your mother or grandmother say when she was a child, "Don't rain;You will get sick "or" you are soaked ";Are you going to catch a cold "?I was told recently, "I got wet yesterday.I just knew I would catch a cold and sure enough, when I woke up this morning my nose was blocked and my throat was sore."Wait a minute," I said."Do you take a bath or a bath?She replied angrily, "Of course, every day!I asked, "Will you get wet when you do this ?"?” “Yeah, sure."Then why don't you catch a cold every day?
Simply getting wet won't make people catch a cold.If they do, they may be exposed to a cold virus a few days ago, or, as in this case, it is a response to the old advice.Their subconscious caught the suggestion and in the right case they responded.Re-Members, they "just know" that they will catch a cold and their minds meet that expectation.
I asked someone to tell me, "it never failed.The first sign of winter every year, I will catch a cold."It's like cold bacteria sit on their shoulders, waiting for the first sign of winter, jumping into their bodies, causing pain.
Isn't that what you want to know is how many things are communicated?In fact, genes and how much are powerful suggestions that have been passed down by generations?"Our family is full of anger.My father's temper is very bad, so is his father."Because my parents are overweight, I will keep getting fat."My children are the same as me.I always have difficulties in math, and so do they.
This reminds me of the story of the young woman who got married.She wanted to make a baking pot for her husband and she remembered her mother's recipe.When she was a child, her mother taught her how to cook barbecue.It's always tender and delicious.Like her mother, she used a cast iron pan.She is like a mother, seasoned with pepper, garlic and onions.Then, before she put the meat into the pan, she cut a piece of meat from each end, just like her mother.She was curious and called her mother."Mom, as you taught me, I made a barbecue, but there are some things I don't understand.Why do you cut the end of the barbecue before cooking?"Well, my dear, this is the way my mother taught me.I think it's tender.The girl was still curious and called her grandmother."Grandma, my mother taught me to cook barbecue.She always cuts the end of the barbecue and she says you did the same thing.I just wanted to know why."Well, kid, I don't know why your mom did this, but I always cut the end off because my pot was too small.
Simple advice can change our lives, and unfortunately many people in the healthcare industry are not aware of the power of advice.Without being aware of this, some of these professionals have given their patients negative advice that has an adverse effect on their health and recovery.We put the doctor on the base.They are Authorities. if the doctor says it, it must be true.Think about that well-This means that doctors sometimes give patients some negative advice: "There is no hope."You have less than six months left."You have to face the facts and realize that nothing can be done."These suggestions may cause harmful chemical reactions in the body.Let's say I walked into any doctor.Tell them, "I'm sorry.Your family had a terrible car accident and they were seriously injured."Even if this statement is incorrect, they will experience panic, increased blood pressure and heart rate, and other physical and emotional changes that will have a negative impact on the body.If health care professionals doRecognizing the importance of combining thinking with medication, they can use patient cues to help them recover and feel at ease.If you don't use the mind during treatment, it's like getting your star quar-The terback of the Super Bowl is sitting on the sidelines.
The children are very easily hinted.Remember, their analytical thinking process has not been fully developed.Their subconscious mind is easy to accept, and they will still react to them as adults.You might say that they were hypnotized when these suggestions were given to them.Many times, I tell my clients that when I help them get rid of negative suggestions, I'm hypnotizing them not so much as hypnotizing them.Hypnotize them!
I remember hearing the story of a little girl who went to her mother and asked, "Mom, am I an Indian ?"?” “No, ho-You're not."Are you sure I'm not an Indian ?""Yes, you are not an Indian," her mother replied .""But I want to be an Indian!The little girl insisted."Why do you want to be an Indian?Asked the mother."Because I have heard of this.I want to eat with the blood Indians.blooded.
Someone shared a similar story with me, a little boy excitedly told his mother that God created the world in six days with his left hand.She agreed with the Bible that God created the world in six days, but how does he know that God only uses his left hand?To which he de-I heard Jesus sitting on his right hand. he must have.
These stories show how children see things.Remember to accept things subconsciously.
If you don't believe in the power of advice, just look at the billions of dollars spent on advertising every year.This is a booming industry under our advice.ty.Think about all the commercials and how they are designed to suggest that you need some kind of product to make yourself feel better or happy.When you are in a state of change, what is a better way to influence you than to give you these suggestions, such as staring blankly at the TV screen?Then it's easier for you to accept them.
That's one of the reasons why children watch TV for hours without supervision at a time is dangerous.Have you seen children watch TV?They sat down.Jawed stared intently at the screen and absorbed everything they saw.If you don't think they're in a state of deep change, try calling their names and see how long it takes themswer you.Sit yourself down and watch TV for hours and realize how many violent, immoral, greedy and negative things you see, even in cartoons and video games.These images and councils enter your child's subconscious mind and lay the foundation for their belief system and personality.It's scary, isn't it?
It's not just children that are affected by these networks.Negative effects.We adults will also absorb images of these violence, and if we do not control it or refuse it,We will also respond.Look at the increase in violence in our society.Road rage is a good example.As parents, it is our responsibility to control these negative effects on our children.Restrict their ExpoPositive behavior.Let them watch TV, but make sure it has educational value, or better yet, sit down as a family and watch shows or movies that teach morality or show positive value, respect and compassion, for example.Then, these will be to fill their sub-marks and impressionsHelp them become more active people.
I believe it is important to start controlling these marks and impressions while the child is still in the womb.According to records, the fetus willSurprised by the mother's mood.Wouldn't it make sense if the mother watched a violent film and felt fear, anxiety and anger and the fetus would react to those emotions as well?When you realize that you have a profound impact on your child's development, this is a thought-provoking idea.
Negative advice does not always come from others.Sometimes we give ourselves subtle advice that can be harmful to us.After one of my workshops, a woman came to me.She leaned down and asked in a soft voice, "doctor.Will you please pray for my arthritis, Bauer?I told her, "No, madam.She was shocked by my answer and I said, "I will pray for you, but let me explain --thing first.If you have a dollar note you can walk around and tell people "this is my dollar ".You're right.That's yours.But if you give it to me, it's not yours anymore.You can't call it my money anymore because you gave me the money.When you use the word "my" you claimThink of it as your own.If you don't want this disease, give it to God and don't say anything about my arthritis.
Then I saw her again at the reception.This time, she stood higher and walked better.She told my wife with a smile: "I feel much better.I never realized what I was telling myself.I decided to give it to God because I didn't want it.
Using "mine" before you get sick is a subtle suggestion to yourself that the disease belongs to you --The list of "My cancer", "my asthma" and "my diabetes" continues.Abandon the claim and reject the proposal.
Suggestions can also be non-verbal.Waving, waving and pointing are non-verbal suggestions.Another good ex.Yawning is sufficient.Next time you yawn, pay attention to how many people around you will suddenly do the same thing.Nonver-Bal's advice, as well as oral advice, can cause a chemical reaction in the body.If you don't believe this, please pay attention to what happens next time there is a traffic jam and someone will flip your finger over.They don't have to say a word, but the simple movements of the fingers cause the blood to rush to your face;You get fidgety and soon you open up a response that aPandora doesn't want.Why?Because you took the advice and responded.I turned my finger around when someone flipped it over to me.I answer with another non-verbal suggestion, good sign.I know they're just talking.I was number one in their book and I replied, it doesn't matter.
Only a small part of our communication is done through actual language.Our next communication is done through eye contact, voice and intonation, facial expressions, body language, manners and even telepathy.Have you ever talked to someone and knew what they would say before they said it?
I know a lot of people who put their emotions on their sleeves.You can see at a glance that they are happy, sad, depressed, or simply deteriorating;They don't say a word.These are non-verbal suggestions.
It is important for us to be aware of these suggestions --We give verbal and non-verbal advice to others.Are they negative or positive?More importantlyAt the same time, what are the suggestions we give ourselves?Remember, our words have the same side effects as drugs.Proverbs 16: 24 said, "The pleasing words are Honeycomb, sweet in taste, and have a healing effect on the body.12: 25 The proverb says, "the anxiety in one's heart will upset it, but a friendly word will delight it.
I remember the story of a group of frogs.The two fell into a deep pit and passed through the woods.All the other frogs gathered in the pit.When they saw how deep it was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead.The two frogs ignored the comments and tried everything they could to jump out of the pit.The other frogs kept telling them to stop. they were dead.
Finally, a frog in the pit paid attention to what other frogs said and gave up.He fell to death.
The other frog continued to jump desperately.A group of frogs shouted at him again and told him to stop the pain and then die.He jumped harder and finally succeeded.
When he came out, the other frogs said, "didn't you hear us?The frog explained to them that he was deaf.He thinks they have been encouraging him.
The story gave us two lessons.There is the power of life and death in the tongue.For a depressed person, an inspiring word can cheer them up and help them through the day.For people with low spirits, a devastating word may be what it takes to kill them.So from this day on, think about it before you talk, be careful about what other frogs tell you.
Many times, we don't realize that everything we do in this life has a chain reaction.Every thought and suggestion, whether it is positive or negative, every act, whether it is kind or unfriendly, every word spoken from our mouth, every act --Out of emotion, all of this has the same effect as throwing a small pebble into the smooth surface of the lake.The ripple of this action does not stay at the origin, but constantly spreads outward.You may never know what a simple smile or friendly word will really affect others, but it may have a long way to go --reaching.
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