die cast iron “organic garlicky potato, corn, and green pea casserole”

by:Hanway     2019-08-14
"Heaven and Earth casserole" I call it "heaven and earth" because the bottom of the casserole is made of ripe plantains and the top is made of potatoes or any other vegetable ...... So one vegetable grows on a tree and the other grows underground.This dish died for it, I served this casserole for Easter and everyone loved it, even meat eaters.This casserole will feed a person, keep them going all day long, and be nutritious.And it's very simple to make.In the Caribbean, it is common to use a combination of sweet and salty foods ...... I'm sure you will like it too!Material: 12-Ripe organic plantain
7 -Pounds of organic potatoes or names 'or Malanga or any other root vegetable-Cooked and mashedCook potatoes with 4 vegetarian saltFree bouillon cube and 2 tablespoons of Adobo seasoning then mashed-Adobo is a very clean person.
2 -Organic Green Bean Cup-Steamed -
2 -Organic Yellow corn cup-Steamed -

(Optional) -Topping -Vegetarian Cheese, make sure it does not contain cheese made of milk.
(Optional) -Topping -Use nutritious yeast instead of vegan cheese for more important nutrition.Take a 17-Inch big frying pan, I use the big cast iron frying pan I like.Then lay a layer of mashed plantains on the entire bottom of the frying pan.Next, take mashed potatoes, add green beans and corn, and put them in-Salt and pepper.Put a large potato mixture on the banana.Next, add cheese or nutrient yeast.Then put the frying pan in the preheated 425.Until the top turns into a golden oven.It takes about 30 to 45 minutes.Remove from the oven and cool.About 20 people or 10 people who are really hungry are sliced and served.This dish is very effective at the party and can be made in advance and then Brown in the oven before serving.The health benefits of organic green peas, also known as Pisum satvium, have been around for thousands of years.Peas are a nutrient-rich, inexpensive source of food, and most people don't know what special effect the treatment of peas has on kidney disease and high blood pressure.Peas contain a powerful antioxidant that prevents stomach cancer.A cup of peas contains 10 mg of coumestrol, which is 5 times what we need to prevent stomach cancer.Peas also contain many Omega 3 and 6 oils that are important for cardiovascular health.New research has shown that peas contain certain proteins that help prevent and treat kidney diseases and reduce blood pressure.Studies from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg suggest that kidney function in rats with kidney disease taking pea protein is significantly enhanced.They don't know why this is happening, but they think it has something to do with the stimulation of the epoxy enzyme1 dose of production, very healing for kidney tissue and lowering blood pressure.Eating peas regularly can increase kidney function by up to 30%-Wow!Peas also help reduce and stabilize blood sugar, so peas are a great food for people with diabetes.Peas also help prevent oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes.Fiber is important to enhance probiotics, and peas contain a large amount of fiber.A cup of peas contains 8 to 10 grams of fiber.Peas contain drugs that help reduce inflammation and thus help prevent and cure arthritis, joint diseases and other types of inflammatory diseases.Peas contain pis and soap for the treatment and prevention of inflammation, which is the first step in the disease.Peas are rich in Omega 3 oil and help prevent cardiovascular diseases and strokes.Remember -Always eat organic food because there are up to 6 carcinogenic chemicals, 12 hormones in regular fruits, vegetables and grainsDestroy chemicals, and 10 other diseases that cause chemicals that cannot be washed away inside the plant.Eat organic food and stay healthy!Enjoy this wonderful casserole!Dr.Paul Haider -
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