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by:Hanway     2019-08-16
McCulloch built and sold Pro-Mac 10-Chain saw from 1977 to 1982.McCulloch, based in St Fe Springs, California, builds lawn and garden equipment, as well as lowVoltage for outdoor lighting and power tools.
McCulloch Pro-Mac 10-10 has a one-cylinder, 3.3 cubic inch engine (54 cc ).It also has a 1 cylinder hole.75 inch, piston stroke 1.375 inch and piston-ported intake.McCulloch Pro-Mac 10-10 There is a flywheel circuit breaker point system for electronic ignition on all units with the serial prefix "12.
The one-The man saw weighs 15.6 pounds with rigid handle, optional chain brake, centrifugal clutch and direct drive.The Pro-Mac 10-10 is aluminum, with cast iron lining, the structure is moldcast magnesium.
McCulloch Pro-Mac 10-The month is equipped with Walbro SDC-Carburetor.Main repair kit part number K10-SDC, small repair kit is D10-SDC.
The air filtration system is made of flocking screen and the starter is left-Side, McCulloch automatically rolls back.The chainsaw has automatic oil pump and is operated manually.
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