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by:Hanway     2019-08-23
The old saying is true. it says, "You have to spend money to make money.

To make the most informed career investment, there is no need to look further than this article.
Below, we review the most important successAdd accessories to your most important writing tool: laptop.Look at these laptop accessories that no writer should have.

The point of having alaptop isit is that you can easily use powerful workstations-the-go.In other words, they are built for function, not comfort.
But writers know that most of their work is sitting in one place and squatting on a laptop for hours.This is a huge pressure on the back and neck, and it is also interference with the work.
This is exactly what Rain Design mStand and laptop stand is going to solve.It will lift and tilt your laptop to place the screen at the right angle and angleLevel in order to maintain the correct posture while working.The aluminum structure has also been designed to cool the laptop as a radiator for a long period of use.

Starting at $39.

Don't want your sensitive data or creative work to fall into the wrong hands?Then save the USB drive that you can't unlock.
The boldly-

Indiegogo is a very secure storage device that only you can unlock.In addition to advanced AES-256 encryption, the device needs eye scan to access.Eye scanner and iris-In addition to the information you have access to stored on your video disc, no one can use the recognition software.
The price of 32 gb starts at $59.

As we have already said, writing on your laptop means a long time.Drinks and snacks are often available nearby.
This is especially true for those who like to write in the soothing background atmosphere of a local coffee shop.Without a waterproof keyboard cover, your job is like a spilled latte off the day --long setback.
In addition, even with the exception of spills, the daily use of the uncovered keyboard can remove dust and other contaminants through cracks in the Keys.These particles accumulate through normal daily use, eventually damaging or damaging the keyboard function.
The keyboard cover is a great feeling for anyone using a laptop to do business.

Custom Kuzy coverWrap up your macbook keyboard.It is made of flexible silicone material, providing complete protection against spills, dust and debris without compromising the function of the keyboard.
It's easy to place or remove in a rush.This means that when the second leak occurs, you just need to uncover the lid and take it with you.Then just rinse and dry the lid and put it back on.
What is the price of this unparalleled protection?This is the best part!You can get it for less than $10.

Maybe you are the kind of writer who doesn't work well with a lot of background noise.Or you prefer to hear your playlist while writing and only hear your playlist.

Wireless headphones.Except for the top-of-the-The line audio quality you can expect from Sennheiser, MB 660 includes 3 adjustable noise cancellation levels.
Few accessors today will minimize outside interference during working hours and MB 660.Because focus is a key factor in your success as a writer, it's a big deal.
One downside is that once you do, it can be difficult to track down and expensive.So the real question is, what will you pay for the ultimate distractionEliminate attachments?

Any writer who doesn't want to lose working hours because of some stupid mistakes will get their work supported.Because writing a few documents every day can fill up the hard drive space quickly, it is better to have an external hard drive.

.With fast USB 3, the drive has 1, 2, 4 or 5 tb of space.0 connection.
It is compatible with pc and Macs swaps without reformatting.It can even work with the playstation 4.
All in all, it's worth $110, right?Well, you're lucky that the 1 tb model is only $49.99.

Now, isn't that what if your 1 tb external hard drive also lent your laptop hours of use?

Linedoc is a 256 GB or 1 tb external hard drive/20,000 mAh rechargeable battery for USBLaptops and mobile devices.It's also very high.speed USB 3.The connection and compact design of 0 are very suitable for laptops.
It also has 3 USBPort C, SD card slot and display port hub.It supports multiple devices at the same time.
The portable workstation center for busy writers costs $299.

Writers know that there is a big difference between how we communicate loudly and how we communicate in writing.The brain works differently and forms sentences differently, using completely different skills for each sentence.
For some writers, there is also a big difference between writing on paper and writing.Writing on paper only inspires a different kind of thinking and creativity than typing.
But it is much more difficult to connect and edit information stored on paper.Or, at least so.
For those who wish to combine the creativity inspired by pen writing with the convenience of digital writing, your wishes have been met.The Moleskine intelligent writing set is designed to bridge the gap between these two different writing methods.It records your handwritten notes digitally with the included pen and notepad and sends them to your laptop or mobile device for easy editing.

It costs less than $200.

Laptops are not all you need to write successfully.You will also need dedicated, extra storage and comfortable working space.
These accessories can meet your needs.Use these laptop accessories to make your most important writing tool even better.

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