denver report: officials ramp up security for convention, ban buckets of feces - box surveillance camera

by:Hanway     2019-09-15
denver report: officials ramp up security for convention, ban buckets of feces  -  box surveillance camera
As someone who likes to take abstract photos including downtown Denver buildings, I am hesitant these days.
I had an experience a few months ago, which made me think twice about continuing to practice.
Since then, something has left me with my tendency to shut down.
Across the street, I was filming a building that I had worked for five years before: one of the buildings at the Denver World Trade Center.
Yes, it may not be the best idea to take a snapshot of any building under this unfortunate name in this era.
But the midday sun is reflected in part of the art of its mirrored facade, and that's it.
I was standing in a nearby building and a security guard approached me and confronted me.
"Sir, you can't take a picture of that building!
She said sternly.
"We were told to report to the Department of Homeland Security anyone who did this.
She mentioned the upcoming Democratic National Convention (DNC)
While she was lecturing
The guard didn't ask for my ID.
But I'm not sure, in fact, I was not reported and the result was ---
The photo I took from the surveillance camera was running and re-running in a certain bureaucratic office with a government seal on the door.
Since then, I have learned that DNC has been designated by the Federation as a special national security activity (NSSE)
: According to Wikipedia, this is what is called, because it is an attractive target of "terrorists or assassins because of the visibility or political connection of the event.
"This makes the DNC comparable to another NSSE Super Bowl.
This is not a cross-border comparison either, as Barack Obama has switched the site for the upcoming Denver Pepsi Center reception
A Mile High and larger, the Denver Broncos cracked the skull on a grill.
It's really teamwork.
I heard it costs $50 million for security.
The Secret Service is hosting the performance.
Given the racist tendencies of some of my fellow citizens and the fact that the first African-American was nominated as a Democratic presidential candidate, I also don't really like to stand on their side.
No one wants the worst to happen on their watch.
To complicate things on the ground, the town's main protest organizers chose a rather provocative approach: Re-Create 68.
The organization is named after the patient.
At the 68-year Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Mayor Daley's police staged a "police riot ".
"A rocket scientist doesn't need to imagine that if someone crosses the line, the Denver police sometimes charge in an unstable way ---
Even on cracks. -during the DNC.
It's already a city.
In the event of a large-scale arrest, the owned warehouse will be ready as a temporary prison.
Recently, the Denver City Council felt the need to pass a decree prohibiting carrying large barrels of feces, which, as can be imagined, could be thrown on delegates or police during the National Council for Democracy.
Someone is expecting a bad time.
The other day, while I was sitting there eating a slice of pizza, I browsed the shop's glass panels and pondered over the poster attached to the utility box: a "reverse
The capitalista rally on Monday depicts a black
Character with hat
Well, could that be the black group?
Are they not the ones who made the shop window like the Siya image Gap unsafe during the WTO protests, the anarchy?
This is almost all the content of the 16 th Street shopping center in Denver City Center: 16-
Block long lines of store windows. How convenient.
DNC in Denver is a dream for citizens supporterscome-true.
The mayor recently compared the potential impact on Colorado on a television show and how Utah could benefit from the Winter Olympics.
Even the US Postal Service announced in the notice that the incident "is a huge economic and marketing opportunity for the Denver Metro and the Colorado Metro ", explained why my city center post office is a major only from 7-11 a. m.
When the circus was in town
Parts of Denver are said to be closed.
There are restrictions on anyone who is not a resident of the area.
Instead of taking the bus to her work in the city center during the DNC, my partner decided to overcome the hassle and go out for a holiday --of-state. Me?
As a writer and photographer, I would very much like to cover some of the protests as observers. (
After reactivating Netflix's membership, I would also like to sit at home throughout the DNC. )
But if I did, I would definitely feel paranoid whenever I ordered the camera.
Even if I don't. ---
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