cuddle a cub in china - outdoor enclosure

by:Hanway     2019-09-17
cuddle a cub in china  -  outdoor enclosure
He may be a panda cub, but I can only think of it: "Wow, those claws are big!
"Fortunately, they were wrapped in a bamboo stick dripping honey --year-
The old man was happy to continue chewing when I took a shot of him.
This is not a bundle of fluffy fluff.
The black and white coat was an elastic surprise.
The squeaky voice of his chin made me laugh nervously.
But lying in the seat next to me, with the clattering of the camera and my traveling companion, it seems that Auri is completely at homeing and ahh-ing.
This close contact is the highlight of my trip to the great panda breeding research base in Futou Mountain, Sichuan province, China, located a few miles north of Chengdu.
The reserve allows only 50 VIP visitors to meet with the baby package every day --at £200 a pop.
But walking along the quiet bamboo has just as much fun
Find their brother and sister playing in the large outdoor enclosure.
Get there early, avoid the crowds and watch the pandas in the most lively places.
Feeding time is around 9.
On the morning of the 30 th, there were more than 80 pandas and red pandas in the reserve.
Visit in autumn and you will most likely sneak a peek at the baby --
We were born just before I came and we joined the crowd in line to see a bundle of fluff in their crib.
Now, with the launch of British Airways's first direct flight to Chengdu, it is easier than ever to see pandas in their hometown.
The city is a large modern metropolis with a population of 14 million, but still retains the charm and tradition of the past. More Twisted
Driveway highway around the city
Endless high lining
High-end car dealers and sparkling high-end car dealersrises.
However, the stylish shopping center is only a few minutes away from the tree-lined parks and traditional teahouses, allowing people to see the city's humble past.
My base in this city is the towering Shangri-La.
La Hotel on Jinjiang River.
The hotel is what you expect-
An oasis of luxury, filled with sparkling halls and luxurious lounges.
But take a chance on the nine rock bridge outside and you will find the locals playing. Neon-
Karaoke bars and cheap restaurants on SIGUAN Road
Known locally as Bar Street
Young people fight back by drinking beer and playing very difficult dice games.
Despite the lack of language, Western faces are still rare, but they are hospitable.
The next morning, after drinking too much rice wine, I obviously needed to leave the night before.
The perfect answer is in the form of Qingcheng Mountain, about 40 minutes outside the city.
This is the spiritual center of Taoism. Locals often go to the temple on the top of the mountain.
This is not a walk in the park.
This is a good 4-hour climb through the dense, verdant forests of bamboo through caves and ancient monuments.
Halfway, a boat trip through the fog
Shrouded lake takes you by cable car and can save some leg activity.
The temple at the top is a few steps away from here, but it is worth it for the view and sense of accomplishment.
While walking, I will definitely increase my appetite, and Chengdu's reputation as a home of Sichuan cuisine means that the food has never been far away.
Your mouth may not thank you, but Chengdu hot pot is a must.
In the city's restaurant, you can cook kebabs or vegetables in the large barrels of spicy broth on the table.
In Yulin Chuanchuan Lane on cohua Street, buy a cheap skewer with 2 skewers each.
If you want to experience a more upscale dining experience, you may wish to go to the Royal Sichuan restaurant of Xia Tongren and enjoy a traditional Sichuan dinner in a private restaurant.
I can't guarantee that you will recognize everything that is provided.
Most menus are in Chinese
But it was rated as one of the best in the city.
Although it's very interesting to test my taste buds on hot food, even I have to go deep
Fried Duck Head and crispy chicken seedlingsbeak and all —
On many street stalls
Head to Kingley Street, which combines weird and wonderful street food, tourist snacks and ancient tea houses.
Sitting on the west side of Wenshu Temple Garden in the city center, it is essential to taste local cuisine and pick up one or two souvenirs.
Chengdu is a fast
In this country that eventually opens to mainstream tourism, the rhythmic and lively city is surrounded by stunning countryside.
Like my new panda friend, it impressed me so much!
British Airways flies from Heathrow to Chengdu three times a week.
The flight starts at £ 587 per person. See ba. com.
Live there: 9-by Wendy Wu tules-
The day of the panda quest starts at £ 1,690 per person.
Prices include air tickets, accommodation, all meals, entrance fees and visa fees.
Book and visit wendywutours. co.
Uk or call 0844 499 3899.
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