cops have 2nd video in nyc bomb scare - security camera housing dome

by:Hanway     2019-09-11
cops have 2nd video in nyc bomb scare  -  security camera housing dome
New York (CNN)
-Law enforcement officials carefully studied earlier Monday, including 20-
The second video follows a failed car bomb attack in Times Square over the weekend.
An official video showed a man's photo, which police say may have been linked to an attempted explosion, and he changed a shirt on a street in New York.
A bald man with dark hair was seen walking out of the view of the camera from the restaurant, taking off a shirt and putting it in a bag.
New York police chief Ray Kelly told CNN on Monday that authorities planned to release another video.
Kelly said the people in the video "we believe to run north on Broadway.
He said the video was obtained from tourists.
The focus of the investigation was to inspect Nissan Pathfinder who placed homemade bombs.
On Sunday, Kelly said a fingerprint, hair, fiber and other evidence that might help identify the responsible person was being examined.
Read more Amsterdam International Airport has more than 100 security cameras, but none of them shows that well-dressed people who have helped Nigerian bombers through many security checks and security doors are released to the public to see.
Even if you have two commendable witnesses who have observed that the man spoke to the bomber, testified to the bomber, and helped the bomber pass the security checkpoint.
A photo of that person has not been released yet. Go to the picture!
Obviously, a lot of people who leave comments here have never worked for the US Postal Service.
In a special office where I worked, we had to force US government agents to cover the security cameras in the bathroom and the cameras overlooking each bathroom booth.
I find it very disturbing that Americans have little right in terms of where and with whom biometric technology in facial recognition software is stored.
The United States has a huge database that stores biometric technology and can find you immediately.
They are collected from CCTV cameras, casinos, airports, subways and so on all over the United States.
Then sell or ship to many databases around the world.
Obviously, given that there are hundreds of closed-circuit security cameras at Amsterdam International Airport, but a few months later, there was no picture of a well-dressed coach, news of walking and speaking next to Nigeria's famous jet bomber has been announced.
However, in an hour, several videos from 80 security cameras in the car bomb suspect Times Square area were played around the world, as shown in the picture!
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