compare security cctv cameras - what is a full body box camera cctv? - external cctv camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-05
compare security cctv cameras - what is a full body box camera cctv?  -  external cctv camera housing
What is CCTV full-body box camera?
Safer camera
There are many types of camera frames and bodies such as full body, indoor, outdoor, dome, pan-tilt zoom PTZ, bullet, underwater, all referring to style, frame or body.
In this article, I will discuss the whole body framework.
The frame of the whole body box style is very common and very flexible because the box and the whole body support the internal organs and brain.
Internal organs are a topic for the next day as we will cover wide dynamics, 1/4 or 1/3 or 1/2 CCD as internal organs of the main processor.
Now, I'm going to talk about the benefits of this whole body frame in general.
Let's take it back to the mainstream digital camera that most people use.
Many people, if not most, use a slim personal instant style with built-in lenses and flash lights.
Professionals use large bulky types called SLR cameras, and they can change lenses, add flash lights, etc.
Well, the whole body security camera is like a SLR camera, because the frame is the key to success, it won't try to be everything with one lens, on the contrary, you have the main courage, then you customize the lens that suits you.
If you want a very wide angle lens you can add a wide angle lens and if you want to really get close to the zoom then you can use the zoom or telescopic lens and you can if you want flexibility
The focus lens and probably the most commonly used are 2. 8-
12mm zoom lens with automatic aperture lens.
The fixed lens camera is perfect for the mainstream, but the full body security CCTV camera will give you more control and choose the best lens for the area you want to see.
After all, a good camera for a normal lens is not very good, but a good camera for a normal lens will be better.
Ideally, you want a great camera and a great lens, and if you want to use it outside, put it in an external weather-resistant housing.
Ps: Don't be fooled by the words "weather" or "damage Proof House" or "camera" because I don't believe anything can be fully proven so I like to use "resistance"
Happy hunting, purchasing, installation or repair.
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