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by:Hanway     2019-09-11
cnn  -  security camera housing dome
This morning in Bali, the main event of the United States Earthquake in the morning.
The chilling sound from the Omaha mall;
Obama's Oprah superstar on December 7, 2007-
06:00 ETTHIS is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
John Roberts, cnn anchor: there are so many people on this road.
There is no one in Washington to do the people.
Kiran chetry, cnn anchor: That's right.
Roberts: It's Friday, December 7.
Welcome to America Morning
This is John Roberts.
This is Kiran CHETRY.
I'm glad you were with us.
We started with the latest state of NEIA.
Terrible sound from Omaha mall.
People scream, lunatics shoot, men, women and children try to escape for cover. The just-
911 videos of the massacre were released. (
Start Video Editing)(GUNSHOTS)
What is your emergency? (GUNSHOTS)
Dispatcher: 9-Hello1-1. (Gunshots).
What is your emergency?
Caller: Someone shot Von Moore on westroad with a gun.
Dispatcher: OK.
We are on our way out.
Did you see anyone shot?
Dispatcher: OK.
We are on our way out.
Did anyone see anyone shooting?
Phone: A group of people were shot and killed. (END VIDEO CLIP)
It's unbelievable to hear these tapes.
Another phone call came from a woman who was locked up in the office and was watching a security camera to see the gunman end the massacre with a last shot. (
Start Video Editing)
Oh, my God.
Looks like a gun from customer service.
There's an officer there now.
I wonder if he-
Dispatcher: Level 3 customer service?
He may have committed suicide.
Dispatcher: OK.
Did you see him lying next to the gun?
The person who called: I saw him cheated by a gun. (INAUDIBLE)(END VIDEO CLIP)
CHETRY: There are also some disturbing new details about the killer's past this morning.
The more we know about 19year-
Old Robert Hawkins, the more red flags he plays.
A friend said 19-year-
The old gunman committed suicide, and the state said he was in and out of treatment before walking into a shopping mall, murdering eight people and then committing suicide.
Our Ed la Wanda broadcast more of these new details for us this morning in Omaha.
Good morning, ed.
Ed Rawanda, CNN: Good morning, Iran.
Well, it's random, chaotic, the people in the mall, the whole ordeal seems to last forever.
But it actually lasted only a few minutes. (
Start Video Editing)
Dispatcher: Hello?
LAVANDERA (voice-over)
: Omaha police say Robert Hawkins fired up to 60 rounds on the third floor of Von Moore.
Unidentified male: I can't do this because I'm still in the store. Hello? (GUNSHOTS)
Shoppers trapped in the store are hiding to survive, calling 911.
Man: OK. We're in the women's bathroom.
There was a bunch of us on the window.
Man: Yes.
There are a lot of people hidden above, so you all need to be safe.
Let the police do what they should.
Unidentified Woman: I'm in Von Maur and I think there are people shooting everywhere.
Man: Yes, we are on our way out.
Was anyone hit?
Woman: I don't see anything.
I'm hiding in a hanger.
Unidentified male: OK, Madam, we are on our way out.
Rawaldra: Investigators have seen security footage of the attack.
It lasted only a few minutes, they said, and there was not enough time for the police to save any victims.
The gunman Robert Hawkins was dead when the police arrived.
Unidentified male officer: It appears to be the victim of a random shooting.
No one seems to be specifically targeted.
Lavadela: Health officials in NEAS say Hawkins has been treated at State Hospital for four years and has been treated at the hospital for substance abuse and mental health.
He was released in the summer of 2006.
Unidentified male: This tragedy is not a failure of the system, nor a failure of the system, but a proper quality service for the young people who need it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Kiran, the authorities here also say that Robert Hawkins does not seem to target anyone specifically.
But everything-
After seeing the surveillance footage, it seems to be random, and the authorities here also say they continue to investigate the text messages and phone calls Robert Hawkins sent hours before the shooting ---Kiran.
CHETRY: This morning, these 911 tapes must have been hard to hear, revealing how terrible people in the store must be.
Live for us in Omaha, thank you.
Roberts: It's just a terrible thing this morning.
Extreme weather and extreme dangers are occurring in southern California.
More than 1,000 families were told to evacuate.
Forecasters say the worst rainfall in more than a year is expected to flood the Los Angeles area, which could mean flash floods and mudslides in areas where recent fires have burned.
In the Pacific Northwest, thousands of people did not have electricity or clean drinking water after a major storm earlier this week.
Six people died in Washington.
Two more people died in Oregon.
The flood finally began to recede.
Losses are expected to reach billions of dollars.
Road workers work all night to clear the main roads and sign streets of Iowa.
Nearly 5 inch of the snow in Des Moines.
Police said they responded to some accidents on the road.
More snow is expected over the weekend.
Renault Wolf updated the weather station.
He's tracking extreme weather.
Renault, who will be hit today?
Reynolds Wolfe, cnn meteorologist: Oh, we're going to work from west to east.
But now, it seems that much of the West Coast has really entered parts of the Sierra da mountains and returned to the Great Basin Rocky Mountains.
This is indeed the biggest trouble.
There are a lot of territories to cover.
Let's start now.
Let's go directly to the weather map.
As we can see, you can see on the west coast from San Francisco to Fresno, we see the rain heading north into the high mountains near South Lake Tahoe.
The snow has begun to calm down, but when we get a little more snow on the south side of Los Angeles. A.
From south to the basin in San Diego, this is really a big trouble for us.
As you mentioned, John, this is a huge area where we have had many fires.
Of course, it's good news to rain in that area, and of course they can use it.
But at the same time with the fire, you have all the vegetation. It is gone.
There is no anchor system like those roots and these grasses on the mountain, so the mudslides today and tomorrow have great and great potential.
Flash flood watch will remain active for most of the day, up to 0.
5 inch rain in an hour
Now, let's go back to high altitude in the Big Basin.
Some parts of Nevada look for one to 2 feet possibilities before returning to Colorado.
The same story, so John, there is no doubt that we will see some rain, and of course, the heavy snow that enters the mountain will pass.
We will give you more updates throughout the morning and noon.
Roberts: Look forward to it.
Thank you very much, Renault.
WOLF: You bet.
Roberts: We should mention that our Rob Marciano is spending a snowy day at Telluride and he will be with us later to tell us about the Colorado mountains.
Now, let's go to Kiran.
CHETRY: If he gets there during our show, we'll find out.
Well, it's new this morning.
Dramatic disclosure by the Central Intelligence Agency
The agency acknowledged that, as early as 2005, it had destroyed two video tapes documenting the interrogation of two senior al-Qaida agents.
The video showed that the agents conducted a severe interrogation of the terrorists.
Director Michael Hayden said the tapes were destroyed to protect the security of undercover personnel because they were no longer of intelligence value, but some members of Congress and human rights groups called it evidence of illegal destruction.
The CIA revealed the incident after the New York Times said it published a story in today's newspaper. The all-
Time home run king will appear in court in a few hours.
Barry Bond is expected to plead not guilty to perjury charges in the San Francisco federal court.
Bonds was charged with lying to the federal grand jury during the Balco investigation asking if he used the show
Strengthening drugs-John.
Roberts: seven minutes in an hour, the question of presidential politics and the faith of a candidate.
How will Republican Mitt Romney's religious speech work early in the primary?
The goal of Romney's speech yesterday was two.
Let Christian Conservatives believe that he is indeed a believer, and they have nothing to fear about Mormon.
He also tried to reassure voters that Mormon would not affect his decision --
He should be president. (
Start Video Editing)
Presidential candidate: Don't be elected because of his beliefs, and don't be rejected because of his beliefs.
Let me assure you that the authorities of my church or any other church will not exert influence on the president's decision. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Roberts: Romney's Mormon faith is also a concern for many voters.
He also lost to Mike Huckabee, who was named Baptist priest in Iowa.
We will talk more about Romney's speech and the political strengths and weaknesses in it with CNN political analyst John Dixon.
He's coming to you in a few minutes.
There were some questions this morning about painting companies that were recently hired to work at the Massachusetts building in Mitt Romney.
According to The Boston Globe, authorities are investigating whether the company has circumvented state labor laws and exploited workers, including illegal immigrants.
The head of the company claimed that they did not hire illegal employees at Romney's house or anywhere else.
After learning that a landscaping company hired illegal immigrants, Mr. Romney was forced to fire the company this week.
The company, of course, denied that.
You remember in last week's debate on CNN YouTube, Rudy Giuliani accused Romney of having a "sanctuary "---Kiran.
CHETRY: after the massive oil spill, the race to save marine life is now underway in South Korea. Nearly 2.
After a supertanker collided with a barge, 8 million gallons of crude spilled into the sea.
Emily Chang is watching the story live at the World Update station in London.
What happens on the ground when they try to control this massive leak?
Emily chang, cnn correspondent: Well, Iran, they sent more than 15 patrol boats and four helicopters to try to stop the spread of oil.
So far, more than 6,000 tons have been spilled.
Early this morning, a giant barge carrying a crane hit an oil tanker.
It blew three holes in the tanker and sprayed black oil into the ocean.
Just a few minutes ago, the last hole was blocked.
So officials say the oil has stopped leaking but is still spreading.
The leak is now more than 11 miles long.
All of this happened a few miles off the coast of South Korea, 93 miles southwest of Seoul.
This is an area on the coast, where there are many scenic beaches and fishing is very popular.
As a result, officials are only now beginning to assess the environmental and economic impact of these disruptions.
Once they stop the spread of oil, they will begin the long process of collecting it.
We were told this at about 8: 00. m.
Now in Seoul, the darkness is coming.
This will make things more difficult because they have started the huge task of cleaning it all up ---Kiran.
CHETRY: Emily Chang from the World Update desk serves us. Thank you.
Roberts: in five months, we 've brought you the story of CNN Heroes, and ordinary people have done something extraordinary.
That's right. We presented them in New York last night.
Actress Rosario Dawson recognized Elania Martinez Garcia while defending the award for planet.
Garcia from Cuba was able to renovate her town dump. (
Start Video Editing)
Actress Rosario Dawson: So she looked at the poisonous smoke and the colony of flies and said nature needs respect.
To bring the plants and animals back, she made a compost pile. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Roberts: The real star
The event gathered last night and our own Alina Joe was backstage for the whole event.
I mean, it was a very impressive performance.
Alina Joe, cnn correspondent: Oh, my God.
I mean, you know, I'm sure you saw this happen again this morning, John.
It's incredible.
Kieran, I know you're there.
You know, the people CNN respected last night came from you, the audience, in case you didn't know.
More than 7,000 nominations from 93 countries
Warm story, everyone is the one who makes a difference in the world.
Now, these 7,000 nominations have been reduced to 6, and we commended them last night.
As John mentioned, it's really a star.
Night at the New York Museum of Natural History. Mary J.
Among the cast are Bulic, Nora Jones, Cheryl Crowe.
There were Glenn Closs and Mira sovino among the hosts.
The people we respect, you may not know their names, but their stories are worth remembering. -
Taking Pablo fajado of Ecuador as an example, he gained a lot of oil in a landmark lawsuit.
He said his goal was to clean up the toxic waste that was deliberately dumped on Amazon.
Actor Jimmy Smit gave the award to Pablo and I spoke to Smit backstage. (
Start Video Editing)
Actor Jimmy Smit: Some of them, people from all over the world, are deeply touched by all walks of life. CHO: Yes.
SMITS: as a Pablo, you will feel what an ordinary person can do with perseverance. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Zhao: Pablo's English is not very good.
That's why we didn't say that much to him.
But we should mention another honor last night, her name is Sister Rosemary NIMBY of Uganda.
This is a woman I will never forget.
Sister Rosemary has set up a school to help the young girls kidnapped by soldiers recover, turning themselves into child soldiers and even sex slaves.
She told me that she never thought her job would be recognized. (
Start Video Editing)CHO (on camera)
You sound more worthy than this award.
Sister Rosemary nimmbe, CNN Hero: Well, I feel very happy when I see these girls changing, but over time.
No restrictions.
We did not give them a limit.
God will say thank you, Rosemary, through CNN. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Zhao: she is lovely, she said she was moved by the tall buildings when she arrived in New York, she stayed in a beautiful hotel, she just lived very modestly.
So, it's a lot that she's not used.
Of course, there were stars and honors last night, and don't forget, we were there too.
Kiran took some pictures.
In fact, we are there, Iran and yours.
I might add that it looks good.
What do you think, John?
I like the color on you.
Both of you look beautiful.
Zhao: Laura o'kinnake and Kieran are there after our entertainment days.
Kiran is with her other husband, her real husband Chris Knowles.
Who is he?
Who's that guy?
Zhao: and our senior medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, who is also a host.
He awarded the medical marvel award.
I think we have a few more pictures. There we go.
Ali Wahi.
My husband said: "Ali, I have to take a photo with you because my mom is a fan of me.
"So, you have it.
Zhao: here you are. That's Chris.
So even if we were early, we managed to get out last night.
Oh, it's a great hero and a great honor.
Zhao: That's right.
He was awarded the title of daily superhero.
Kiran, I know you talked to him a lot of time. I did too.
His name is John smitten.
He works at Glasgow Airport. CHO: Yes.
Of course, you remember when the terrorists drove that car into Glasgow airport.
Zhao: enter the terminal directly.
CHETRY: He's a baggage handler and he actually ran to the rescue without considering his own safety and helped the police. Great guy.
Roberts: The real sign of the hero.
People who do not want to be recognized.
They just went out to do it.
Zhao: That's right.
When I spoke to these people, I heard this again and again.
They said, "I really didn't expect to be respected.
We are just doing something and hope to make a difference.
"CHETRY: Great.
Zhao: in the next few hours, we will bring you more stories like this.
Thank you, Elena.
CHO: You bet.
Faith and politics are still ahead.
Will Mitt Romney's religious speech yesterday affect his presidential campaign?
We will have a look in the morning of the United States. (
Business break)
CHETRY: Well, this is the morning of the United States.
A few minutes ago, a powerful earthquake struck Bali, Indonesia.
Local meteorologists say the measure is 5. 9.
They believe that this is centered on East Java province.
An underwater earthquake, about 155 miles southwest of the area, is called Jember.
But again, they said they could feel it in nearby Bali.
When it happened, thousands of people gathered in the United States from all over the world. N.
Climate Change Conference
There is no immediate report of any damage or injury at this point, but just last month, A. 6.
Seven earthquakes in the area killed three people.
We will follow up today. -John.
Roberts: It's eighteen minutes in an hour.
Mitt Romney gave his biggest speech in his presidential campaign, talking about concerns about his Mormon faith leaderon. Well, sort of.
In yesterday's speech on American faith, he promised that religion would not rule his presidency, although he had only used the word Mormon once. (
Start Video Editing)
Presidential candidate: I believe in my Mormon faith, where I live.
Some people think that the confession of my faith will fail my candidacy.
If they're right, that's it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
ROBERTS: Well, the reaction to Romney's speech and some other political news with us this morning was John Dixon.
He is a political analyst at CNN and slate. com.
You wrote in your article on this that, except for the presidential seal, he took everything out and tried to look like a president in his speech.
But is this useful to him as a political issue?
John Dixon, CNN political analyst: It worked for him because, you know, these candidates ---
You know, they're going to take these moments-
It looks like an important moment for the president, he got that moment, he stood up in the clip you showed, he stood up high.
This is a person who is criticized for not knowing his intuition, and he shows that he knows and has a core set of beliefs, which is good for him.
You know, it was compared to John F in the speech.
Kennedy's famous speech to the Baptist Senate in October 1960, he advocated a very strict separation of church and state.
Mitt Romney almost criticized that view.
Let's hear what he said in that regard. (
Start Video Editing)
Romney: religion is considered to be a private matter and has no place in public life.
It's as if they were going to build a new religion in the United States, a secular religion. They're wrong. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Roberts: So, is this statement for Central America, or is it for evangelists in Iowa who are now turning to Mike Huckabee?
Dixon: That's right.
It targets about 2,000 people in Iowa, where they will vote in the Republican caucus.
This is a good line for Romney.
He said in this speech, don't look too close to my religion, but know that it's there, and that's one of the places in the speech where you might get a little bit of trouble, because it's a tricky balance.
Roberts: on the topic of Mike Huckabee, he is now at the crossroads in Iowa because he has released the rapist Wayne Dumont, who then raped a young woman.
Is this his Willie Horton moment?
Could this hurt him as much as Willie Houghton did to Mike ducakis?
Dickson: very harmful.
Mike Huckabee is a popular candidate.
He is the current candidate. This is buzz kill.
This is bad for him for many reasons.
He has the mother of a dead woman who has been on TV all the time.
His former assistant clashed with him in public.
One of Mike Huckabee's greatest strengths is his amiable winning nature.
For rape and murder you are in this difficult political position, it is difficult to be amiable and win.
Roberts: Barbara Walters spoke to Bill Clinton and said, "I'm going to be in the cabinet meeting.
"Does this work for Hillary Clinton, for those who are looking for twofor-
Or does this hurt her trying to say I'm the candidate for change here?
Dickson: It's painful for some voters and great for others. And this is --
But the biggest problem I 've heard from voters in Iowa is that we want to hear about Hillary.
We were a little tired of hearing about Bill Clinton.
Yes, we like him, but please leave the stage.
He's a little--
He's in every news cycle, which is holding back her efforts to defend herself.
Let's see what this is all about.
But like you said, a lot of people like Bill Clinton, but a lot of people are saying, hey, you know.
It's time for the new guy.
So two. for-
One thing is not working very well.
John Dixon, it's always a pleasure to meet you.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you, John.
Kieran ? ?
CHETRY: Well, this should be one of the last big campaign weekends before the Iowa primary.
Some major players may be absent from the handshake line.
We will tell you who you are threatening to pull the senator back to Washington.
Also, only a few inches away from losing both legs, a close call from an officer on the side of the highway.
The next morning the United States watched him run away at a critical moment.
Headline News anchor richard lui: there was a metal frenzy in fortune one this week.
"If your ditch is stolen, your siding is missing, or your air conditioning is taken apart, you may be a victim of metal theft.
The rise in metal prices such as copper and aluminum has triggered a wave of crime. (Start Video)
Wealth reporter telis demos: metal prices have been rising because countries like India and China are consuming a lot of metal faster and faster in cars, buildings and other projects.
In China, theft is a big problem. In the U. S.
We saw a variety of events like stealing aluminum bleachers from high school.
People get a beer bucket but they don't return it.
These catalytic converters were ripped off the car and sold to scrap metal dealers.
Copper is the most typical stolen metal.
First of all, because it is widely used on construction sites.
It is also very light.
It is usually packed in coils, so it is easy to walk away.
Some states are trying to crack down on metal theft.
In Texas and California, they have set up a dedicated police investigation team to track major thefts.
Other states like West Virginia are passing laws that require scrap metal dealers to ask more questions when people bring a lot of metal.
As long as metal prices continue to soar, we will suffer theft. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
Roberts: 20-
It's six minutes in an hour.
And captured on the tape, the police made a crazy close call when the traffic stopped.
Look at this.
A car took out the door of the cruiser and almost took him out, but a perfect --
Skipping the hood regularly saved him.
It was all found on Dallas County Sheriff's dash cam.
Another deputy said the guy would lose his legs in the accident.
By the way, the driver was not given a ticket.
He told the police that he did not know at all that there was a curve on the road.
Well, literally blocking legislation.
This is your "hot shot" right now ".
Look at this from Taiwan.
If you feel this is ugly on the Hill, the legislators of the ruling party pile up chairs in front of the door to stop other parties so they can't discuss the composition of the new national election commission.
When everything else fails, start piling up the chairs.
Hey, send it to us if you have a hot ball.
The address is CNN @ hotshots @. com.
Be sure to include your name, where you came from, a little bit of information about the picture or video.
One more thing, make sure the image is yours, not someone else's.
As you said, they can't do this in Washington right now because everyone is in Iowa and they won't fight for it in Washington. (CROSSTALK)
Roberts: before that, they would also nail the furniture in Iowa because otherwise they would steal it.
Roberts: Ali Wahi was here this morning to "focus on your business ".
"You may have received something in the mail related to your credit card.
He's here to explain it to you.
Ali Wahi, cnn correspondent: Guys, I see. Good morning.
I got this in the mail the other day.
From the United States. S. district court.
It says notice of approval refund
Now, when I come across something like this, I think I may be in trouble.
But I opened it and it made me calm.
You may have.
If you have a Visa, MasterCard or dinner club card, you use it '06 overseas from February 1-19 to 96 and November 8, now don't worry, no one stole your credit card, but the class action has been settled.
The court did not approve it, but you may have the right to recover some money.
Now, there are three refund options if you open this form.
You can get a quick refund for 25 dollars.
You can refund, estimate how much you make-
How much you spend in several different ways, or you can raise an objection or opt-out.
You have to do all of this in the next few months.
But in the worst case, you can get 25 dollars back.
What is this?
What happens?
VELSHI: this is for credit card companies and it is said that when you buy something overseas, they will charge you a fee that does not comply with the law. So this is --
You want to go to court, like I said, you might get 25 points.
Don't throw it away, you may get $25, but you may get more.
Oh, really.
So, it's worth a look.
It's a bit complicated.
We spent some time trying to figure it out, but most people got one of them.
25 dollars, free money
This is my one-hour job. (CROSSTALK)
Roberts: This is your free money for an hour. There you go.
Invest. Dollar cost.
Wei Xi: That's right.
How to invest next time, I will tell you what to do.
Thank you, Ali.
Thank you, Ali.
Still, Oprah helped Barack Obama in South Carolina this weekend, with ticket demand surpassing the event organizers.
We will have more information.
Is this a big surprise, though?
In addition, a mother in Missouri was accused of driving a teenager to suicide using MySpace this morning.
We'll tell you what the police near her are doing now.
When Morning America returned, the story appeared in the headlines today. (
Business break)
Kiran chetry, cnn anchor: Welcome back to the American Morning.
There are just some new details, and there was a burst of news coming from Bali on Friday morning, December 7.
I'm Ji Lan Chetry.
John Roberts, cnn anchor: Good morning, this is John Roberts.
Less than an hour ago, after a powerful earthquake, details came from the CNN newsroom.
Meteorologists say it measured 5. 9.
There is no news now about the injury or any damage.
The island will host thousands of people to the United States this week. N.
Climate Change Conference. The 6.
On November 25, seven earthquakes occurred in the area.
Do you remember that the accident killed three people and injured dozens of others.
New details of the massive oil spill in South Korea in half an hour.
Now the oil has stopped leaking and the holes have been blocked, but the oil that has already flowed out is still spreading, officials said.
The leak is now more than 11 miles, but 93 miles southwest of Seoul.
A tanker was hit by another ship at about 5: 30. m.
Yesterday Eastern time, we said about 100 miles southwest of Seoul.
Take a look at these dramatic photos.
You can see the oil pouring out of the tanker.
Oil from that tanker.
There is no news about the environmental impact.
An official said it would take a few days to set up a floating fence around the oil slick.
The latest news about last month's oil spill in San Francisco Bay.
The pilot of the ship is now in danger of losing his license.
A committee of comments said that John Scott walked too fast when he hit the Bay Bridge support tower.
Leaked 58,000 gallons of heavy fuel.
They also said that he ignored the warnings issued by the two radar and did not ask the Coast Guard for help.
Federal prosecutors have also threatened to confiscate and sell the huge vessel to cover the cost of cleaning up.
This is the city's worst oil spill in nearly 20 years.
Hundreds of birds have died and more than a dozen beaches have closed.
In Missouri, a woman is accused of driving a teenager to commit suicide and police are patrolling her home.
Authorities say Lori Drew received death threats and threw a brick from the window.
Prosecutors say she and her daughter sent fake MySpace messages to a 13-year-old neighbor. year-Old Megan Mel
The girl hanged herself for insulting a boy.
Prosecutors have failed to find regulations that allow them to arrest drew or make charges against her.
The neighbor now asked Drew to leave the town. Kiran?
Well, it's brand new this morning.
When a gunman carried out a mass murder in Omaha, NE, USA, a chilling voice came from the mall.
In the new 911 tape just released, both the lens and the screams are shown.
The heartbreaking, horrible phone calls and more red flags about the people who shot the shots are now popping up.
Old Robert Hawkins was sent to at least four treatment centers and youth homes with substance abuse or mental or behavioral problems.
We also learned about the names and faces of eight victims this morning.
48-year-old Gary Shaf shopped at the Von Moore store and went home from Iowa on a business trip. 55-year-
Old John McDonald was shopping with his 40-year-old wife when he was shot dead. 47-year-
Old Beverly Flynn is a gift wrapper there. year-
Old Angie Schuster is the manager of the girl department.
She worked there for ten years. Other co-
Workers were killed in this tragedy. year-
Diane Trent, 56year-
Gary Joy, 66year-
Old Janet Jorgenson and 24-year-Old Maggie Webb
Well, there was a report this morning that Hawkins stuffed the gun into Von Moore's store and hid it under the sweatshirt.
How is it ignored?
Well, that led to our quick vote this morning, and a question that a lot of people are asking, is that feasible and should the mall install metal detectors at the entrance?
Cnn vote for you. com/am.
We will have results for the whole show.
Roberts: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has threatened to destroy one of Iowa's last major campaign weekends, with all senators including five running for president, go back to Washington tomorrow for a rare Saturday meeting.
The conflict of responsibility between the campaign and the Senate is not the first time.
Our Chris Lawrence explained this morning on Capitol Hill.
Chris, first of all, why would senator Reid want them back now?
CNN Correspondent Chris Lawrence: John, he needs to finish his energy vote on Saturday.
That's part of the job, you know.
The senators received about $165,000 in taxes and came here to vote and attend committee meetings.
But the five senators running for president did not take official leave at different times. (Start Video)
Lawrence: Senator Obama missed a critical vote on Iran.
Presidential candidate: Well, that's a mistake.
This is a big hazard to running for president.
Lawrence: Hillary Clinton has missed 19% of the vote this year.
Barack Obama and Chris Dodd have almost doubled.
More is Joe Biden and John McCain 54%.
He missed more than he missed when he voted, including a confirmation of Attorney General Mike mukassi, the country's most important law enforcement official.
Clinton, Obama and Biden did not vote either.
Norm ornstein, American Enterprise Research Institute: this makes it more difficult to do business in the Senate.
Lawrence: the congressional watchdog, Norm Ornstein, says the senators also have the mandate of the committee.
Chris Dodd, the banking chairman, has waited for several presidential appointments.
Director of the Federal Housing Finance Committee and chairman of the National Mortgage Association of the government.
I don't know what these people have done, but it sounds important to me.
ORNSTEIN: because the committee didn't attend the hearing together, we had a lot of nominations sitting there all the time.
This means that your government is not fully operational.
Dodd's staff defended him by saying he had helped complete 12 other nominations.
The big difference during the presidential campaign, not months, was that candidates were on the road a whole year before the first primary.
Is this to shake hands and kiss the baby or is it to raise cash?
ORNSTEIN: It's a lot more important than anything else.
Lawrence: The candidates must show their financial strength as early as possible to prevent donors from defected to other campaigns, Ornstein said.
But when they don't have money
The taxpayer paid the price. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Lawrence: now, no one suggested you could run for president from an office in Washington, and we called Senator McCain's office and they told us, experienced senators like him knew in advance whether the vote would be tight and they always made real efforts to get back to Washington when needed.
You have to keep in mind that all these senators are competing with other candidates, like Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John Edwards, who have no same obligation. John?
Chris, I found something very surprising here.
You said Hillary Clinton was nearly one out of five, but Senator Chris Dodd was twice as bad.
I mean, he's a veteran in Washington.
If anyone has experienced Chris Dodd, she seems to have more campaign promises than he does.
Why is that?
Lawrence: I called his campaign team and asked the same question and they told me it was up to money.
If the vote goes from 5: 00 to 10: 00 at the last minute, he says rich candidates like Obama and Clinton can hop on a private plane and come back in time to vote.
People like him, even McCain, may not always have the resources to do so.
But, from some point of view, Republican Lisa murkovski missed only nine votes throughout the year.
One vote for Democrat Daniel aka
She's from Alaska. He's from Hawaii.
But none of them are running for president, and we should point this out.
Lawrence: That's right. Exactly.
Roberts: Okay.
We were on Capitol Hill this morning, Chris Lawrence. Chris, thanks.
CHETRY: You have a long way to go there. See.
They can do it.
If they can, Rob Marciano can reach Telluride by the end of our show.
So, still ahead is the power of Oprah, the candidate for Barack Obama.
The two stars will attend a political rally in South Carolina this weekend.
The event was so large that the organizers were scrambling to find new venues.
In the morning of the United States, we will have more information. (
Business break)
Car: it's on the east coast at 6: 43 this morning.
We are now getting weather checks from Rob Marciano.
Not even 5: 00 in the morning. m.
This morning, he tracked the snow in Telluride, Colorado, ready to participate in the skiing World Cup.
By the end of the week, they might get one to 3 feet of snow in Colorado? (WEATHER REPORT)
Roberts: brake sharply on new fuel economy standards.
Now this is your "political slogan.
The House has passed an energy bill, but it is expected that it will be put on hold in the Senate and will face a veto if it reaches the president's desk, which, by the way, is the vote, harry Reid called on all Senate presidential candidates to return.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, "The world has heard the voice of energy independence.
"By 2020, it will take an extra 10 miles per gallon for cars and SUVs.
The White House, among other things, opposes increasing taxes on oil companies, claiming that this will lead to higher energy prices.
After years of right drift, Hispanic voters seem to lean to the left again.
A new survey by the Hispanic minority Center shows that 57% of Hispanic voters support the Democratic Party, while Republican voters support 23%, a gap that has widened significantly since a similar survey last summer
41% of respondents believe the policies of the Bush administration are harmful to Hispanic Americans.
Due to public demand, the Oprah Winfrey-led Barack Obama rally scheduled for Sunday in South Carolina will be transferred to the football field.
Activities planned 18,000-
Seating arena in Colombia.
But the campaign said, so people want free tickets for their decision to relocate.
The rally will now take place at Williams Bryce Stadium, which can accommodate 80,000 people.
Crawley will have more Oprah-
During the next hour, many people were there at the Obama rally.
Find all the political news on cnn around the clock. com/ticker. Kiran?
Coachman: still in front, caught redhanded.
Five years later, a kayaking player who was afraid of getting lost at sea appeared.
Now that he's under arrest, he's accused of a huge scam, and the photos could put him in trouble.
In addition, a woman finds herself a man on the Internet, but she is only interested in one thing, that is, a green card.
This is the story of American Morning. (
Business break)
Welcome back.
Ten minutes in an hour.
If you 've just joined us, check out some of the stories in the headlines this morning.
A friend said he committed suicide and the state said he was under treatment.
This is in 19-year-
Old Robert Hawkins opened fire at a shopping mall in Omaha on Wednesday, killing eight innocent people.
The chilling 911 tape is also there where you can hear the shock between the screams.
We will get a live report.
Ed lavadala was still there this morning looking for new details.
And breaking news.
A strong earthquake struck Bali this morning.
We just learned that there was no tsunami warning.
Meteorologists here measured it at 5. 4 magnitude.
Just a few minutes before he aired at 6: 00. m.
We are still waiting for news of the loss and injury.
When thousands of people gathered in the United States, they came. N.
Climate Change Conference
No damage or injury has been reported.
Roberts: We will keep introducing you to this story throughout the morning.
It's nine minutes an hour ago.
You can buy almost anything on Craigslist, including apparently a husband.
CHETRY: Yes, but a woman who tried it now has a legal problem.
Veronica De La Cruz shares more details with us. Hi, there.
CNN correspondent Veronica De La Cruz: It's more like an example of being able to find anything online, right?
There are amazing stories.
This is from "L. A. Times" website.
A Russian woman has been arrested for fake marriage and is now facing imprisonment and deportation.
Apparently, 24-year-
Old Yulia Carina said she didn't know it was illegal to advertise green card marriage online, so she posted an ad on Craigslist.
The ad says, "green card marriage pays $300 a month, totaling $15,000.
This is strictly the commercial offering of the Perah schema that does not involve sex and does not need to live together.
Kalinina found a poacher.
A man in his 20 s was working at Disneyland.
She rented him a Ford Mustang instead of giving him cash because he didn't use it well.
She is also responsible for the wedding arrangements. Her live-
The boyfriend, who is also a Russian national, held a ceremony after registering online as an appointed minister.
Now, look at this.
This is my criminal complaint. C. E. officials.
We found it on the gun website.
The file shows that Craigslist looked at the advertisement and the IP address of the two related people.
Google turned over e-
Kalinina G-Mail
Mail accounts and federal officials say this is a clear example of marriage fraud.
What do you think?
De la cruz: County lawyers said that when she posted the ad two years ago, the federal agents knew about the ad instead of warning her that they took a step back and waited for her to go to the crime.
She and her green card husband were arrested last week at a different residence, the first marriage fraud scheme found on the Internet by Immigration and Customs officials, which I believe will not be the last.
ROBERTS: Well, I'm telling you, you know, it's good to get your hook in the water for the first time and come up with a big fish like this one. My goodness.
Yes, unbelievable.
But yes, you can find anything online these days.
But ironically, her real boyfriend is also online.
Cruz: become an appointed minister.
It was great to marry both of them.
ROBERTS: Well, you played three straight wins on that.
Thank you. Veronica
In the art world.
Now, your quick click ".
The Vatican has discovered a long time
Michelle Angelo's sketch is gone.
Design of St dome.
Peter's Cathedral
It was recently found in an office in the church.
It is believed that this is the last thing that Michelle Angelo Kiero designed before his death, making it about 450.
In Mexico, police say they destroyed an illegal logging gang.
They confiscated 6,000 tons of logs and boards, all taken from the nature reserve.
Illegal logging clearly threatens millions of monarch butterflies who call the sanctuary home.
The raid is considered the largest of its kind.
What is an Italian Christmas dinner without pasta?
The problem may need some families to solve.
The price of the store forced them to choose between pasta and gifts.
The rising cost of supporting the family also follows.
How do you turn a cold into ten?
Work when sick.
The next time you are in bad weather, one reason to stay in bed is that in the morning in the United States, this is in advance. (
Business break)
Roberts: 57 minutes in an hour.
This is the worst thing that has happened in Italy since the big pasta panic in 2007.
On the other hand, protests have taken place across the country to protest against prices in Italy.
Some prices in Italy have risen 20% this year.
They say wheat prices are up 60% and pasta makers are defending them.
On a global scale, this is all blamed for something, from the increasing use of ethanol as an alternative fuel to the drought in Australia.
Wow, Ali vesh is now "taking care of your business" and I see you brought some.
Ali Weixi, cnn correspondent: I got my pasta.
I bought my pasta.
CHETRY: Is it because I feel you can still get your Barilla for $1. 99.
This is actually the case.
Because there is a lot of price competition in pasta.
It's hard to raise the price, but the chairman of Barilla, the world's largest pasta company, in fact, I told me that 60% of the cost you paid was the raw material because of the problem, it becomes very expensive.
In fact, they made a second factory in the United States just to save packaging and transportation costs because of the energy costs associated with it.
Look at the increase in pasta costs from 2000 to 2007.
I mean, the price we saw definitely more than doubled.
This is becoming a problem.
In fact, I spoke to President Guido Balia about ethanol, and that's what he has to say. (
Start Video Editing)
Guido barilla, chairman of barilla group: pasta consumption, wheat consumption, is very important for the world to feed people and transform valuable raw materials like wheat in terms of energy.
This is something we really should consider because there are not enough crops and there is not enough land dedicated to the production of ethanol.
So this is a very controversial issue. (END VIDEO CLIP)
VELSHI: his point is that we shouldn't take the land that grows wheat and use it to grow corn to fuel our cars.
This weekend, I had the whole interview on "use your money", as you know, at 1: 00 on Saturday. m.
3: 00 eastern and Sunday. m.
It was a great show.
So, we have been talking about how these things are affected.
We talked about the price of beer and ethanol.
Have we seen so much ethanol used?
Yes, we are.
Farmers' motivation to get rid of the business of growing soybeans and hops, and due to the demand for ethanol, the exchange of barley and wheat for ethanol is actually affecting the raw materials of other things.
So this is something that really needs to be considered.
Because, we are moving in the direction of growing more ethanol, which will be a problem for us.
By the way, the most noteworthy part of the interview, and the good news part, is he telling you what kind of pasta he likes, do you like his pasta? He gave me this whole grain pasta.
CHETRY: not bad.
That's what he did.
He didn't like whole grain pasta when I asked him if he liked it.
Oh, really.
Roberts: not traditional.
That's right.
He said whole grain. . .
CHETRY: it is better to work with various centers to order the video of this transcript, please call 800-CNN-
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