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The trial of the murder of Chris Kyle began;
Brian Williams apologized for lying about his experience in the Army;
Morgan Spurlock learned what to do and what not to do at the zoo in February 5, 2015.
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CNN host Ashley Banfield: Secretary of State John Kerry says fighting and killing in Ukraine is a problem for Russia and ending the fight is Russia's job.
Kerry is now in Kiev and he has just commented with the Ukrainian prime minister.
Kerry called on Russia to do three specific things, to withdraw heavy weapons from the civilian population in the occupied areas and to clear all non-
Ukrainian troops and military equipment have once and for all closed the border between Russia and Ukraine. (
Start Video Editing)JOHN KERRY, U. S.
Secretary of State: Russia and (inaudible)
Occupy more territory, intimidate more citizens and refuse to take part in serious negotiations.
Let us have no doubt who is holding back the prospects for peace here.
They continue to deny Ukraine control of its border.
Its own border. (END VIDEO CLIP)
CNN correspondent Jim Sciutto is live in Kiev.
You're with Secretary Kerry.
You can also answer a few questions.
A. What did you ask, B. Did you get the answer?
Jim sciutto, CNN's chief national security correspondent: Let me tell you, Ashleigh.
This is a very powerful moment.
I asked Secretary Kerry, I asked him first, and I told him--
Our CNN colleague in Moscow made contact with the Kremlin in response to Secretary Kerry's statement earlier in the day that Russian troops, Russian weapons in eastern Ukraine, caused the situation to escalate.
Now a Kremlin spokesman told CNN that there is no Russian army in Ukraine.
No Russian. -
There are no Russian tanks in Ukraine.
This is a false statement.
Secretary Kerry, I want to tell you, Prime MinisterK. and Mr.
Yatsenyuk, when he answered the question, I could almost feel his blood boiling.
Now is the time, because Secretary Kerry accepted my question and turned to the prime minister of Ukraine. (
Start Video Editing)KERRY: Mr.
Prime Minister, really? -
As the Kremlin just said today, there are no Russians on the ground. . .
Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk: the only strong denial, in my opinion (inaudible)
Russian military boots on the ground are Russian Federation and President Putin.
I can vote for them if they need. (END VIDEO CLIP)
SCIUTTO: later in the press conference, he sometimes bites people.
He said that he likes to get peace agreements from Putin, and it is very ironic that I would like to add that he finds it difficult to reach them.
This really describes the way Ukrainians view the situation.
To be frank, Secretary Kerry was equally angry.
"We all know that Russia is eastern Ukraine," he said.
"We intercepted the dialogue between the Russian commander and the ground forces, and we have satellite photos," he said, adding that other means of confirming this were in the 21 st century.
But, you know, this is the American counterpart. S.
Western countries are now engaged in peace talks, while Western countries deny local facts.
This is not a promising (inaudible)
Ahli is here for any peace talks.
Banfield: OK, Jim seuto is on the ground for us in Kiev.
Jim works well.
Thank you.
Now, let's take a look at some of the other top stories that are making news today.
According to The Star Spangled Banner, the United StatesS.
The Navy is investigating a sailor accused of video recording in the military officer's bathroom.
The incident was said to have occurred on the USS John Stanis aircraft carrier. The 33-year-
The old suspect boarded the ship temporarily during the flight qualification examination.
Today, on Staten Island, the judges heard a debate about the cancellation of the grand jury record in the Eric Ghana case.
The grand jury refused to sue police officer Daniel Pantaleo for placing Ghana in a choking position that ultimately resulted in Ghana's death.
The judge will decide at a later date whether these records will be published.
Pope Francis will address the joint session of Congress on September 24, the first pope to do so.
House Speaker John Boehner announced the news today in the Capital Hill.
The American Sniper has made nearly $0. 25 billion, and when the audience leaves the theater, they are speechless or tearful.
Today, the jury's choice begins with the trial of people accused of murdering American heroes in this film, which is the focus of all fame and attention.
Is it even possible to get a fair jury?
We will explain it next time. (
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Bradley Cooper, actor, American Sniper
The men of age on the mobile phone watching the team are over.
If you think he's covering the movement of the troops, then you have the green light.
End your call.
Maybe he's just calling his old lady. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Banfield: I probably don't need to tell you that this is the American sniper, this is the highest grossing war movie ever.
It tells the story of a real Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle, who was believed to have killed about 160 people in four service operations in Iraq.
If Kyle wasn't a legend before, and he was, of course, then he's definitely a legend now, even outside his circle.
This has caused a lot of problems for the man, Eddie Ray Ross, a veteran on trial for Chris Kyle's murder.
Lawyers in court today in Stephen Ville, Texas, are trying to get a jury to sit down that either doesn't know or isn't influenced by the story of Chris Kyle, or his violent vest on gun range two years ago.
CNN's Ed Rawanda is watching the story in Dallas.
There are about 40,000 people in the county where the case is being heard, do they know how many of the jury have actually seen the film?
I guess--
This is one of the top questions of any type of questionnaire, or even any type of war (inaudible).
Ed Rawanda, cnn correspondent: Ashley, the process started this morning.
So they issued a jury summons to the county clerk in Stephen Ville, about 800 different people.
They said that they would like about 400 people to be present, which is the first process, and the first step that will be taken here from this morning is for these potential jurors to fill out the questionnaire interviewed by the jury.
We still don't have a chance to see exactly what is on the questionnaire.
We are trying to catch it.
We'll see if we can know exactly what these jurors are being asked to do.
But it's hard to imagine that they won't be asked about the film, and it's hard to imagine if they 've seen it.
So far, what kind of attention they have given to Chris Kyle's story.
But the process lasted about four days.
Today and tomorrow, the judge will ask them when filling out these questionnaires.
Then next week and Tuesday, lawyers and prosecutors in this case will have the opportunity to interview potential jurors in an attempt to reduce it to 12 jurors and two alternate jurors.
They hope to start the case in the opening speech next Wednesday, Ashley.
BANFIELD: So in these high-profile murders, the problem that often arises is that changing locations may be more appropriate for the accused.
Under normal circumstances, it is the defendant who needs to replace the site.
But in this case, as far as I know, neither the defendants nor the victims were from this county.
Are they talking about changing venues?
Lavadela: this is a problem that exists.
The judge still hasn't decided on this technically, but it's hard to imagine that at this point, this will happen at this stage.
We are only a few days away from the beginning.
But, you know, this is the town of Stephenville, Texas, about two-
The Fort Worth area of Dallas is an hour's drive southwest.
But interestingly, the place where Chris Kyle went to college was Stephen Ville.
As early as the beginning of 1990, he went to Tarton state in Stephen Ville.
So there are a lot of people who either have connections or have heard a lot of stories about him in the last few years, and it is clear that this is a matter of concern to defense counsel in this case.
But it's hard to imagine, Ashley, that this trial will be brought at this point.
Banfield: Okay.
I was surprised when you said it was a few days before the opening remarks, ed, I felt it might take a couple of days to pick a jury on this issue, not just a couple of days, you have to update us.
Thank you.
Reporting for us in Texas.
You know, it's hard to imagine someone mistakenly remembering the brush of death like they say in AmericaS.
A military helicopter fired by an enemy during the war in Iraq.
But NBCs Brian Williams just apologized for Friday's statement because it turned out that the death did not happen.
To be honest, he may have apologized for what he said on Friday, but he has been telling the story for many years, so what is his apology, and what other times he says is not true?
More about this. (
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Banfield: this (inaudible)
Sony film and entertainment, a film studio, has just announced their cooperation.
Amy Pascal, chair.
You may remember that she was one of the faces of last year's corporate hacking.
She even caught it. inaudible)
For taking some pretty cheap pictures of Hollywood celebrities, and even taking a cheap picture of President Obama.
Sony said Pascal plans to set up its own production company later this year.
This is a sad story in the early days of the war in Iraq, and a trusted American journalist narrowly escaped death.
NBC News anchor Brian Williams claimed in 2003 that he would be in the United States. S.
A military helicopter hit by enemy fire and forced to land.
Williams has been telling the story in different ways for many years.
He even told the story again on Friday night.
Pay tribute to the soldiers. (
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NBC News anchor Brian Williams: The story actually started at a terrible moment during the invasion of Iraq more than a decade ago when our helicopter crashed after it was hit by an RPG.
The NBC News team we're traveling with was rescued, surrounded and kept alive by an armored mechanized platoon from the United States. S.
Army 3rd Infantry(END VIDEO CLIP)
The last part is fine.
Yes, they are surrounded and taken care of, but the rest of the story is not true at all.
In fact, it was totally fictional and Williams apologized last night.
Williams: On the radio last week, to honor and thank a veteran, he protected me and many others
The fire incident in the desert during the Iraq war invasion, I made a mistake in recalling the incident 12 years ago, not long after, I heard from some brave men and women and the crew who were also in the dessert.
I want to apologize.
I said I was on a plane that was hit by RPG fire.
Instead, I was on the plane in the back.
This may just be part of the problem.
I want to bring in a lot of reliable sources and CCN (inaudible)
Reporter Brian Stell
A long-tracked aircraft, about 30 to 45 minutes later, did not even know, smell or feel any form of condemnation of the attack.
Brian stelter, cnn correspondent: Well, I'll tell you, Ashleigh, that's why--
This is one of the reasons why there are so many protection measures on the last day or so, the last half day.
For all the wrong reasons, Brian William's name is popular on Twitter.
This has attracted a lot of attention.
But I spoke to the helicopter pilot and Brian Williams was with him and he told me that Ashley, Brian Williams is very close to the upcoming helicopter at RPG.
So, you know, Brian is not as far as the star note reports.
There is a lot of confusion about the account.
That's why I don't think Brian William's apology yesterday seems enough.
I want to be fully disclosed here.
I work with Brian Williams.
I worked very closely with Brian Williams. I am friend. I like him. I admire him.
In the television industry, yes. BANFIELD: It (inaudible)
A colleague likes the industry and, you know, he has good followers both inside and outside his job. STELTER: Yeah.
Banfield: I was shocked. STELTER: Yeah.
BANFIELD: because of some people on board, both helicopters have weight.
Stell: That's right.
BANFIELD: a man on the back Helicopter said, "he's on my helicopter.
"We're 45 minutes away," said one of the people who shot on the helicopter, "Are you kidding ? "?
So what happens here, according to the pilot, is that when this entry starts to happen, they take a avoidance strategy.
They left and put down the supplies and payload they were transporting.
They met with all the other crew members about 45 minutes later.
But the soldiers were somewhat dissatisfied with the appearance of the hit TV reporter.
This is not the first and not the last time it happened in a war zone, but there is resentment and someone is criticizing a person.
I think what has happened over the years is that with the development of his story, you can call it the fish tail, and it becomes more heroic over time.
Some of these soldiers really criticized Brian Williams.
They said it on Facebook, and this is (inaudible)
Brian William's apology
Banfield: Still, he apologized through Friday's speech.
Say, you know. . .
Stell: that's not what he used to say. That's right.
But you see, I forgot what happened a year ago. STELTER: Sure.
BANFIELD: of course, we missed our memory 12 years ago.
We can all do it.
But on Friday, it's the same story as it was 12 years ago.
So what about what he said 12 years ago?
No one apologized for it.
STELTER: except for the people in the propaganda department, everyone I talked to NBC didn't believe that Brian Williams was enough.
They think this is not enough. They still have many problems.
There are open doubts about disciplinary action against Brian Williams.
But he is the star of the Internet. BANFIELD: Yes.
STELTER: the face of the network.
I don't see this happening.
But the fact of being asked this question is very clear.
BANFIELD: It's always hard to hear about less open journalism.
Brian Stell, thank you.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
Morgan Spurlock is in the house.
You want proof?
He's there. That's him.
Inside Man will be released at the zoo tonight.
We are not talking about my show and my show.
Are animals as happy to see us as they are to see them?
Not one way or another.
"Oh gees, clean it up after a break. (
Business break)
BANFIELD: visiting the zoo is almost the only way for most of us to watch exotic animals up close.
But for those who work behind the scenes, it's a dangerous job if you think about it.
Feed The Lion, the tiger and the bear. Oh my.
In today's episode of man inside, Morgan Spurlock learned the action of feeding gorillas, especially the action. (
Start Video Editing)
Morgan Spurlock, inside male producer: What should I know before we start what I should or shouldn't do?
Stephanie, zoo administrator: direct eye contact is considered a threat in the culture of the plant. SPURLOCK: OK.
Stephanie: So when you communicate with me directly in your eyes, it's actually a threat to them. SPURLOCK: OK.
Stephanie: so you usually just look like the chest is high or go straight through them.
Always someone who seems to always follow.
The first thing we do is-
I checked on the way down to make sure all the cages were locked. SPURLOCK: OK.
Stephanie: these people (inaudible)
Have their dinner or breakfast (inaudible)time the day.
I will let you operate the door if you wish.
Spurlock: he's right there. Whoa!
His lips were punctured. He's unhappy.
Stephanie: That's the threat. SPURLOCK: OK.
Stephanie: they are very stiff, very tall, and then pierce the lips, very tight.
Spurlock: Yes.
Stephanie: and (inaudible)
Be careful. SPURLOCK: OK.
Stephanie: you want to make sure your fingers don't cross when you give them something.
Stephanie: they can take it from you.
Spurlock: how about bananas?
Time to move back (inaudible).
In my life, fens have never been so happy around me. (END VIDEO CLIP)
You are still very brave. I thought (inaudible)that close.
You put your finger on it.
Spurlock: they can't really get in touch. It's good.
Trust me, if you put your finger there, they will catch it.
So you're safe.
Morgan Spurlock now lives on set with me.
Do you have eye contact?
Yes, I thought someone told you not to do that.
Spurlock: I will make eye contact on the side.
But I never liked the direct eye contact I was staring at them.
But they are so beautiful, like you see these creatures up close, you want to see them, but at the same time it's almost a threat to them.
So you can't look at them, you look at them.
I haven't seen the whole show yet.
I saw the clip.
BANFIELD: The first thing I thought of when I saw that clip was, "Yes, this guy is crazy of course.
Like a Man, he's in prison.
Spurlock: Yes.
BANFIELD: this leads to the whole debate about zoos, which are really imprisoned animals even if they are good at closing.
Yes. BANFIELD: . . . yet.
The question is whether we should keep animals in captivity.
I mean the zoo, Stephanie, that woman, you know, she took the gorillas there to the gorilla sanctuary, just like she took care of them.
They care about these animals (inaudible)
Well done.
But at the same time, captive animals are also imprisoned.
They can never be released into the wild.
So now how do you provide food to these animals in the best way because you know this is their life?
But this is not his way of life.
Is that where he feeds?
Spurlock: he's here to eat.
They came in for dinner for treatment as if he had an area outside.
They run about two to three acres.
So I mean they have some space, not as much space as they want. BANFIELD: No.
Spurlock: No, of course not.
Banfield: this is not a wild animal.
Spurlock: That's right.
BANFIELD: there are so many positive factors, however.
We can experience these animals.
We started to learn.
We have to see them.
The education aspect is huge for the kids, just like I saw my first animal there and my son saw his first animal there.
BANFIELD: breeding programs, you know, endangered animals in zoos are also often at the forefront of many breeding programs.
Spurlock: That's right.
So, I mean, it's good.
At the same time, what happened at the Detroit Zoo was incredible, and they were also looking at whether we did the best for animals, as if they had elephants there.
Banfield: Tell me a story about elephants.
Spurlock: Great.
They have two elephants there. ph)and Wanda (ph)
You know, every winter, in Detroit, you know, just pour the snow out and they have to close the snow away from the bad weather.
They began to realize that this was not the best thing for these elephants.
So they found a shelter in California and moved them there, where they have been living since then.
I mean, for the zoo, it's amazing to say that we didn't do the best for the animals.
I think that's why this place is different.
I think--
I especially like this anecdote because it was quite warm when I was in Sydney, Australia. . .
Yes. BANFIELD: . . .
You know, there is a huge circle of polar bears inside, and polar bears in outdoor circles.
Spurlock: about 100-
The weather outside.
Yes. And (inaudible)
Pool and everything else, but, you know, what makes me want to know is that this is really the best thing for polar bears, even though we all have a close and personal experience.
I can't wait.
Nine tonight.
Spurlock: Thank you.
You will love this show.
I love it anyway, even--you had me. Hello Morgan.
Spurlock: Hello.
You have me.
Can I have a Big Mac?
Thank you, Morgan Spurlock. I look forward to it.
Nine tonight.
Thank you for your attention.
I was flat at the time, but my colleague Wolf Blitzer will take over (inaudible)
Right after that.
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