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News Times Square prepares for New Year celebrations on Saturday morning;
The new law will be effective in the new year;
Political analyst at the Iowa party group meeting
Reviewed the main procedures for the presidential nomination;
Exit of BrockLesnar UFC;
Missing monkey at San Francisco Zoo December 31, 2011
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CNN anchor Hill: From CNN world headquarters, bring you live news and analysis from all over the world.
This is CNN's seventh studio live on Saturday morning.
Good morning.
Thank you very much for coming to our event on Saturday.
At this time, the New Year bell rang in Seoul, South Korea.
Millions of people are expected to gather in Times Square tonight.
What is being done to keep them safe?
We prepared a live report.
Meanwhile, 21 fires and a $61,000 reward in Los Angeles.
The authorities were desperate.
This is CNN News Center in Atlanta, CNN News on Saturday morning. I'm E. D. Hill.
We start this hour in Iowa.
It is hard to believe that there are only three days left before the first vote of the Republican presidential campaign.
It seems that we have been waiting for about a year.
Of course, all the candidates are in Iowa.
Try to shake hands with the last hand, or?
CNN Political Editor Paul Steinhauser is joining us now from Des Moines.
Is Mitt Romney there?
Paul steinhauser, CNN political editor: he's on his way backD.
He is now in New Hampshire.
This morning, he had breakfast in Hampton, New Hampshire, and he reached out to voters in the first primary state.
Remember, New Hampshire started in Iowa a week later.
Iowa begins Tuesday.
A week later, New Hampshire will usher in the country's first primary state.
Romney was here earlier yesterday and when he left, he handed the keys to the bus to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.
Remember that many Republicans want Christie to run for the White House on his own.
He supported Mitt Romney in October ).
Christie's and Mitt Romney's wife ran for the whole day yesterday.
Romney returned to Iowa this afternoon.
Let's talk about New Gingrich.
We have pictures of the scene now.
Gingrich is running in Iowa today.
This is the restaurant and bus stop of Tish. E. D.
We saw his poll numbers drop.
Back at the beginning of the month, he was at the forefront --
Iowa and runner-up in national polls.
But a lot of negative advertising in Iowa has brought his numbers down.
Let's talk about a man with a surge in numbers, a former senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum.
Until a few weeks ago, he was almost an afterthought in the race for the Republican nomination.
Now, he ranks third in two new polls published in the past few days.
Now he's under attack.
This is what happens when you get up in the polls.
One of the people who attacked him was Texas governor Rick Perry.
Who dares to skip Iowa?
You mentioned Mitt Romney coming back, but I heard Ron Paul say family is more important and I'm going to take a break.
Stanhouser: For the past three days, Ron Paul has been here all day, running campaigns across the state.
You're right. He's not here today.
He's back in Texas.
He will spend New Year's Eve and New Year's Day with his wife.
The campaign said Ron Paul will be back here on Monday morning and his son Senator Rand Paul, Kentucky, will be running.
It's strange about this.
Why wait two or three days before the party group meeting?
But you know, you 've seen all this. D.
Ron Paul's supporters in Iowa and across the country are very energetic and enthusiastic.
Even if Ron Paul is not in the state, these will also be present at the scene of the caucusD.
Hill: Thank you very much for joining us.
Later this hour, I will break down the Iowa party group meeting with Republican strategist Lenny McAlester and the Atlanta Daily.
Jay Bookman, editor columnist and political blogger for the Constitution.
So be sure to join us.
Would you like to hear from the candidate?
You can hear the sound anywhere.
You can flip the channel and get it anywhere.
However, if you really want to hear their position, what they think, what they have to say in total, please join CNN's chief political correspondent, Candy Crawley.
She lives in Iowa and her show will be called a "2012 contender ".
"It came at 2: 00 eastern time.
If you're interested in the political process, this is something you really shouldn't have missed.
Then tomorrow night, with Anderson Cooper, push the Iowa vote at the last minute.
This is the final 48 hours of "Iowa countdown.
"Check out at 8: 00 tomorrow evening. m. eastern.
The new year may be better.
Iran says it will not close the Strait of Hormuz.
The country threatened that if sanctions were imposed on Iranian oil, the country would block oil shipments through the key to the region.
The Iranian navy will hold exercises in the region this weekend.
They reportedly tested
A long-range missile was launched in today's training.
Now a senior commander said, no, we don't, but we will be in the next few days.
Look at these cups-shots.
The two won't win the parent of the year award.
They were jailed for child abuse.
What did they do?
Investigators said they tied the two children together with tape, even covered the child's mouth, and then posted photos on Facebook.
Mom said, oh, it's just a joke.
The children thought it was interesting. What?
The police did not laugh.
They kept the photos confidential.
Kids, who think it's so interesting, a 10-month-
A little girl and two. year-old boy.
They are now with their grandparents and their parents spend their time in prison.
If you need $60,000, it could be yours if you have information about a series of suspected arson in Hollywood.
There was another one last night.
Now law enforcement wants these rewards to help solve the case. (
Start Video Editing)
Zev yaroslavsky, director of Los Angeles: We are very serious about trying to arrest individuals responsible for this.
We want to make them cry before they hurt others. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hill: All the fires started when cars and trucks caught fire.
Some fires spread to nearby houses.
Police are investigating 21 fires so far.
This is an important update for parents with children.
Many parents have thrown it away because there are several children with problems.
Government tests show that the death of two babies and the infection of two other babies may not be related to any specific brand of formula.
Some parents were unhappy about the case, but another case developed a completely different brand of infant formula.
All four babies are infected with a rare deadly bacteria that can breed in deadly infant formula and water.
Tests show that they are not related to public sources.
Verizon customers are asking customers, can you hear me now?
Many complaints have prompted Verizon to abandon its plan to pay some bills.
They want to pay an extra $2 at one time via online or phone.
Their customers are making a fuss, and now the country's largest mobile phone company is listening.
This is a rare treat for some lucky tourists.
Look at this.
Is it Lake Tania?
How do you pronounce it?
Reynolds Wolf, ams meteorologist: working for me.
Hill: look at that.
Low snowfall allows tourists to travel on snowboards. Amazing.
Most people have never seen frozen lakes.
Not beautiful?
This is a beautiful thing.
You will see a beautiful valley when you go to Yosemite.
There are so many incredible attractions.
What is love?
Hill: I have been to many places in the United States.
I don't get this. Gorgeous.
What does the rest of the country look like? (WEATHER BREAK)
Hill: who will perform at Times Square tonight?
We'll find the answer and head to the party center in Times Square, New York.
It is now 2012 in the other two countries.
Here are photos of Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan, both of which sounded during the recent new year. (
Business break)
Hill: With the coming of the new year, thousands of new laws are coming soon.
Here's what Josh Levs is telling us about them.
Josh levs, CNN contributor: We talked about some controversial issues earlier.
New laws on immigration and abortion.
Many people think that some laws are more surprising, or we say that they are unexpected.
One of them is about the mix of alcohol and caffeine.
There is a new law in California that prohibits caffeine-added beer. The U. S.
The US Food and Drug Administration says caffeine and alcohol are public health problems.
Hill: What drinks do they have in the mixed bar?
It's a big deal when you're 22 and it's alcohol and coffee and you get excited and excited.
LEVS: They say you can't sell beer that adds caffeine as another ingredient.
Hill: have a good time. (LAUGHTER)
Hill: No, go ahead.
We mentioned cough syrup before in California.
This is a cough medicine containing the so-called DXM that will no longer be sold to minors in California.
Some young people have been using it as an entertainment drug.
To avoid this, they now only prescribe for minors.
Hill: now there are some pharmacies with these things behind the counter.
Even if they can take it out, they will leave it there.
I have two more for you.
We are working on the laws of the West Coast because a lot of people on our West Coast are waking up now.
All of this will take effect tomorrow, January 1.
They are one of thousands of new laws.
Hill: there are 40,000.
Levus: Yes, 40,000 people have passed this year, and a bunch will take effect tomorrow.
In Oregon, they will provide a computer alcohol analyzer for drunk driving criminals.
I think one more interesting thing about Oregon is that the State University is offering tuition for foster children under the age of 25.
If you are a foster child aged 25 or under, state colleges and universities do not charge college fees. HILL: Good.
You want to give them a chance to fight, you know?
Hill: Well, you know.
If you are illegal in the United States, the states will give you a lot of benefits.
Why not at least give it to the foster children here? I like that.
Anything to help children who have been through a difficult period.
LEVS: if it goes well in Oregon, we might see other states approving these laws.
Let me mention that at 11: 00 eastern time, we will discuss new laws on abortion and immigration.
A state now requires students to be educated about the contributions of gay and transgender Americans.
Hill: Thank you very much.
You see.
Hill: It's time to say goodbye to 2011.
Do you have any big plans? CNN does.
Be sure to welcome the new year with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.
Start at 11: 00. m. tonight.
They live in Times Square.
Great Entertainment Tonight.
You can't find a job if you smoke, at least an employer's job.
We will tell you who you are and how they screen potential employees.
Also, for all the delays, there are three simple things you can do today to save money on tax time.
We will give it to you. (
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We are not sheep.
We just want to be careful with your money.
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This means that you can deduct interest from the amount on 2011.
If you have extra money, you can pay the property tax in advance and deduct it this year.
You can also deposit cash into a 529 college savings plan by the end of the year.
For more tips on tax cuts, visit Forbes. com. Great ideas.
Talk about the bad weather, too.
There is now a huge mass of volcanic ash hanging over the last right.
It's from the Cleveland Volcano southwest of Anchorage.
The volcano exploded this week.
Ash floated 15,000 feet into the air, warning the plane.
However, the level of threat declined this morning. (WEATHER BREAK)
Wolf: Hey, other things will be a little bad for smokers, not necessarily bad weather.
In fact, we will discuss this issue.
If you smoke, it may be difficult for you to get a job in 2012.
Take a hospital in Danville, Pennsylvania, for example, and they announced they would stop hiring smokers. That's right.
This can be very difficult if you apply for a job there and happen to smoke.
They plan to screen job seekers from February 1.
Those who have tested positive will give you the help to resign.
The response, as you expected, is very, very complex. (
Start Video Editing)
Paul metroka from geisinger health plan: We are a HEALTH care organization.
We want to make you better.
If we had such a way of life, maybe you would have.
I don't think it's fair.
Everyone chooses to do what they want.
Why can't you have a job if you smoke?
I think this is discrimination.
Unidentified men: they only test drugs, marijuana, cocaine and all of them. But tobacco?
I don't see a big deal.
I think they have the right to use tobacco products and everything. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Let's take a look at this.
I asked this question on Facebook before.
What do you think about the training of nicotine job seekers?
"I don't smoke," said Crystal.
I think it's a bad idea, too.
"This is another picture of us.
"I don't agree with that," said George.
What you do outside of work is your own business.
"This is another one.
"I recently applied for a job in a hospital in central Texas that was completely non-smoking.
They absolutely have the right to hire the people they want and if they want non-smokers then they have more power.
"It's from Chris Wilkinson on Facebook.
Okay, it's a little fun.
As I mentioned, everyone has their own opinions.
We may have some before we go out in the morning.
HILL: You bet.
Thank you very much.
Tonight, a mother's crusade will put it in a dangerous New Year's Eve event that will help save lives.
We will tell you next. (
Business break)
Hill: things that rise must fall.
If the object is a bullet, the result can become fatal.
Before and after New Year's Eve, we heard a lot of gunfire celebrating and the damage it caused.
George Howell hopes that the mother who is doing one thing now, a crusader, can help stop the shooting. (Start Video)
I saw the spark.
I saw the spark.
George Howell, cnn correspondent: This is a dangerous tradition that is staged every year across the country with deadly consequences.
Natali Peters, son killed by a celebratory shot: We're on the right side of this
Hand side, where is the bucket.
This is where we sit together.
Howell: since her son was killed two years ago at the church's New Year's celebration party, Natali Peters is very clear. (on camera)
Can you still see it?
Yes, it's right there.
It pierced the room.
Howell: where did it come from? PETERS: Yes.
I really don't know what happened, I picked him up because he was bleeding too much.
Others said it was a bullet. HOWELL (voice-over)
Celebrating the victims of gunfire.
A stray bullet hit Markle Peters in the head.
His mother may never know who shot it.
But the tragedy sparked a movement.
Officials have asked people to accept Markel's promise online not to launch weapons. (on camera)
Does Markel's commitment make any difference in celebrating gunfire in DeKalb County?
Berrell Ellis, CEO, dickab County, Georgia: Well, I think we can make progress and slow down.
As a result of our awareness-raising campaign, we see a 47 drop in the year to the next year to celebrate gunfire.
Howell: There are similar situations in many other cities.
From Los Angeles to Birmingham, Alabama, police are using a technology called "shooting observer", a microphone placed in the community that captures shots and identifies their source.
In Miami, city officials are pushing a campaign called "one bullet kills the party" to prevent casualties in recent years.
Audrey Edmunson in Miami
Dade County Commissioner: When you hear gunshots, when you see someone celebrating with gunshots outside at this festival, please stop and pick up the phone and call 911
Howell: others don't think about it, or they didn't realize it at the time, you fire a bullet in the air, it can fly for a long time, it has to land somewhere.
In this case, two years ago it came down from the roof of the church and changed the life of a family forever.
They took my only child away. HOWELL (on camera)
Do you think people are aware of what they are doing?
Peters: the man may not know what he did, but he may not know what happened. HOWELL (voice-over)
CNN, George Howell, Atlanta. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Hill: Good luck with this campaign.
In New York, police are strengthening security for tonight's big New Year's eve spree.
Millions of people are expected to watch the game in Times Square tonight.
CNN's David Alioto is joining us now.
So, can you feel that the police have strengthened their presence so early?
David Alioto, cnn correspondent: It's hard to say.
There are, of course, some plainclothes security officers here, the New York Police Department, federal authorities.
About 10,000 of the ships have been launched in urban protected areas such as the Hudson River area, and they can be cruise ships enjoying dinner cruises or several other officials in the city.
But it's also a party, you know.
So, when we have people coming to New York City, there will be no alcoholic drinks or any backpacks in Times Square.
About 65, they will be put into these pens.
They are not allowed to go in once they go in.
So no coffee, no bathroom break.
When the ball falls, people must stick to 11: 59.
Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin will follow me on the podium there.
Now people are gathering here.
We mixed some people earlier this morning.
There is a mood for the new year.
You can feel it in Times Square.
It was also caught for the reporter.
Happy new year. (LAUGHTER)
Now you're ready.
Thank you very much.
Hill: It's time to say goodbye to 2011.
Do you have any big plans? CNN does.
You can call in the new year with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.
You will see all the action, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Bieber fever.
It's all going on there.
You can find it in your comfortable home.
Ron Paul looks good in Iowa.
But what exactly does Ron Paul's victory mean for the Republican Party?
Let's take a look. (
Business break)
Hill: 30 minutes in an hour. Welcome back. I'm E. D. Hill.
Thank you for starting a new day with us on CNN.
Iran has changed its mind and now says it will not close the Strait of Hormuz.
Tehran has threatened to halt oil shipments if Western sanctions are imposed on Iranian oil.
The Iranian navy will hold exercises in the region this weekend.
Senior Iranian commanders say they will test
A long-range missile was launched in the next few days.
In addition, Iran has proposed a new round of controversial projects with the five permanent members of the United States. N.
Security Council plus Germany.
A recent report by the International Atomic Energy Agency has raised concerns about Iran's possible development of nuclear weapons.
Tehran denies it.
An agreement was reached this morning at the last minute to avoid a strike by 22,000 office cleaners in New York City.
According to Crane's business in New York, workers will receive a salary increase of £ 5.
There are 6% over the years, plus a $1,111 bonus.
The agreement still needs to be approved by union members.
Talk about politics now
The latest CNN-Time magazine
ORC polls show that Mitt Romney is the first choice for those who are likely to attend the Republican caucus meeting in Iowa on Tuesday.
Ron Paul and Rick Santorum are tied for second place, ahead of Newt Gingrich.
A new survey by NBC showed similar data.
It's all about expecting the game in Iowa.
The winner will be the one to complete the best work beyond these expectations.
Join me now, Lenny McAlester in Chicago, and the studio I filled out this week for Maria Cardona is the Atlanta Daily
Jay Bookman, columnist and political blogger.
Let me start with you, Jay.
To a large extent, I think the preview of this whole thing, we 've been looking at the vote after the vote, and it's been changing.
First Romney, then Newt Gingrich, no, Ron Paul.
Why do you think the voters
So many flop?
Atlanta Daily columnist JAY BOOKMAN
Constitution: I think they-
Mitt Romney is on the front line. runner.
People are not satisfied with him yet.
It will be interesting to see how long this will take.
But what I think is really interesting is that you're right and it's back and forth.
But if you look at the field six months ago and say, what is the possible outcome, you might guess something similar to what is being produced now.
Therefore, with all the ups and downs, it is actually carried out according to the traditional wisdom.
Hill: A lot of people say Ron Paul is not a voter, Lenny.
What impact does he have on the game?
Republican strategist Lenny mcalist: he dictated the conversation.
Think about it, he is one of the two grandfathers of the Tea Party movement.
The other is the opponent, who will be Barack Obama.
The bottom line is that he can decide what the platform will look like for Republicans in 2012.
Fiscal Responsibility, the Federal Reserve, these are not the national vocabulary of four years ago, far less than it is now.
When he is able to influence the way the candidate speaks, what the message is, and that is the impact he will have, it will be more if he gets first or second on Tuesday.
Hill: Jay, let me ask you about the process here.
I'm a resident of Texas.
Basically, it doesn't matter what I vote for when it affects me because it's done.
McAlester: Does it still make sense? -
Sorry Iowa, sorry New Hampshire, but states like this are number one, does it make sense to eliminate candidates before Florida, Ohio, Michigan, etc?
I think so, because it's part of the process.
There will be fewer candidates coming out of Iowa than going in.
But those who drop out will be those who should.
The system will work.
Iowa will not decide who is the nominee.
Iowa will help decide who should not be nominated.
A week later, we will have a New Hampshire and more people will leave.
So it can be said that the weaker candidates are being selected.
This is the process we see today.
Hill: It's interesting.
Everyone is focused on winners, and you say, no, it's more important who's the loser and who's going to quit the field.
Lenny, do you think Republicans across the country are looking at this and they are changing their minds about the candidates?
Because we often see one winning, like George Bush in Iowa or Ronald Reagan in New Hampshire ).
I think they are changing mine.
Either they are very smart, and I wrote an article on this today on "politics 365", or they choose the presidential candidate wisely, or they seem to be scattered.
It will be something that will really be decided on Tuesday and the next few games.
If Republicans are wise in picking candidates, they will pick someone who is well qualified to oppose President Obama in debates, campaigns, and has discipline, it will need to beat this incumbent.
And if we continue to see this, Yo-
The Yoing effect comes and goes, and it looks like Republicans are more interested in defeating the president than they are in reversing the country's fortunes.
If so, independent voters will either stay home or return to the Obama camp in the fall.
It would be very interesting to see what the Republicans and Republicans did on Tuesday to shape their messages into something they could unite against.
Hill: Jay, do you think many candidates are fighting for second place after Iowa and New Hampshire?
Today, it is reported that Michelle bach man has been insisting on criticizing Mitt Romney for wanting to be second.
BOOKMAN: I think a lot of candidates are in a position where the calculations have to be done.
Hill: they never admit it. (LAUGHTER)BOOKMAN: No.
But they know they won't get brass rings so they will play the second game.
Second, it is not a bad thing politically.
Hill: That's right.
It often leads to the first offline.
Thank you very much.
Join us on CNN to get an update on the presidential campaign. At 2:00 p. m.
Join our "competitors" today and tomorrow's east ".
"This is your chance to hear the candidate in your own words.
On Tuesday night, CNN's special live broadcast of the Iowa party group meeting, "America's Choice 2012", will begin at 7: 00. m. eastern.
Now, you may have seen the rodeo ride monkey.
You may have heard of monkeys in your pocket.
Have you ever heard of a tweet monkey? There is one. We'll explain.
The curator of the San Francisco Zoo is with me now. -
Or come up with me with more details about a missing monkey there and they want him back. Stay tuned. (
Business break)
Hill: two NASA satellites will be in orbit on the moon, as early as today.
Renault Wolf details here.
What is this task about?
Wolf: they will know more about the moon.
It's not just the moon itself, it's something inside the moon.
This is a very neat thing.
We will show you how it is done.
This is an incredible video.
It will be a series of different satellites they launch around the moon.
The aim is to better understand how gravity works in different parts of the moon.
The idea is that it will give us a better idea of what the moon is made of and how it is formed.
This will give us a better understanding of how our planet is formed.
What's amazing is that it also needs-
When you think about the Apollo program, we have astronauts going to the moon.
The process took about three days.
These guys, it took about three weeks for the above satellites.
This is still an amazing thing.
This shows that NASA is bringing some cool information.
There is still a lot to do.
By the way, this task will take place.
From tomorrow to the new year, until June.
So it would be really cool to see who can get some amazing information from it.
This is the latest news we got. E. D.
Soon we will talk more about the weather, what happens on our planet, what happens soon
You can look forward to the new year. HILL: OK.
I know you 've been following the missing monkeys in San Francisco on Twitter.
Wolf: it has fascinated my life.
Hill: Twitter is closed.
Wolf: It's a monkey.
Hill: I don't know if it's a monkey, but obviously a lot of people are tweeting now. There you go.
Twitter has excess capacity.
I don't know if it's the whole squirrel monkey thing, but he sent interesting messages.
His name is Sam banana.
"Someone tracked the monkey through a Twitter tweet," came to Fisherman's Wharf.
Are people still wearing fanny bags?
"And" go to a place called Rainforest Cafe.
Sounds promising.
"Colin McDonald, director of the San Francisco Zoo, is on the phone with me now.
Corey, how did the zoo find the Banana Sam missing?
Colin Macdonald, chief curator of San Francisco Zoo (via telephone)
: During a normal morning check, the breeder came in yesterday and found two large holes in the outdoor enclosure-the mesh enclosure.
We quickly patched it up and immediately counted the head and of course we found out that Banana Sam was missing.
Hill: I watched the video and thought he was so cute.
I know monkeys are dangerous.
What advice do you have if someone finds this monkey?
MacDonald: The best thing to do is to call the San Francisco Police Department or the San Francisco Zoo.
If the animal is in a safe place, we can get it back.
Or, if it's on an aircraft carrier, they can take it back to the zoo.
They are very cute little animals, but primates can't be good pets.
They can bite.
Hill: It looks like who did it, it must have been a day with it.
Did you see this Twitter account?
I did see the Twitter account.
To be honest, I hope this is true so that I can go to him if it is really him. (LAUGHTER)
Hill: but someone did a lot of work because they were obviously able to escape surveillance videos as well?
They are.
It's a big facility so it's hard to have eyes in every corner.
We had security guards patrolling the zoo all night.
This is definitely planned.
Hill: Are there any other monkeys with the monkey? Or did someone come in from the cut hole, specifically for the monkey?
There are actually 18 monkeys. -well, 17 now --
In this enclosure
It's hard to see how many people are in that particular place.
But a hole they dig is definitely big enough for a small person to climb through.
I think they probably just grabbed the monkey that they got the most easily.
Hill: do they have a special diet?
So no matter who has this monkey, where will they go and buy it? -
I don't know what it's called, monkey food?
MacDonald: they do.
They basically eat the monkey's food, just like the dog or cat's, but it's for the order of the Order of the order.
So, yes, it's professional.
That's one of the reasons we want him back.
Not only that, he is a highly socialized animal.
He's old and he needs to come back on medication.
The people who wish to take him are listening now.
Colleen MacDonald, thank you very much.
MacDonald: Thank you.
Hill: Oh, mine, the primary, the candidates and the caucus.
Now is the season to get them all back to normal.
What is the real difference?
Why is it Iowa, then New Hampshire?
Why do they always go first?
Let's take a look. (
Business break)
Hill: It's only three days before the first race of the Republican presidential campaign, and of course the New Hampshire primary.
So, what's the difference between the caucus and the primary?
John King, CNN's senior correspondent, explained. (Start Video)
John King, CNN National Senior Correspondent: every four years we have to choose a president.
According to our existing system, we have to pick a nominee.
I think it is of great value.
The core group process is crazy and fun.
In some ways, democracy is fundamental.
Rick Perry's people are organizing there.
There are Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Gingrich, etc.
You went to your corner and there was a captain appointed and the captain said there were 200 people in the room.
I have 40, you have 20, he has 12, he has two.
You must reach a certain threshold, otherwise you will not forget it.
So what you're going to see in the caucus is people's deals.
I will see people back and forth on the phone in the next core group.
In the statewide office, they would say we are short. Can you give me a deal?
Before you get to the point where everyone is organized, you have to separate the votes.
In the primary, you go and vote for the vote, one by one.
Iowa and New Hampshire state establish their tradition as the first core state and the first voter state.
There is no reason to believe that this will change.
Iowa and New Hampshire are not like most parts of the United States.
From the point of view that they are definitely White, this is a fair statement.
How about Lily-
To a large extent the white state of the farm has become so important?
Or how about a state in the northeast where independent voters can vote? -
Why should nonpartisan people influence the Republican or Democratic primary?
It's not fair.
But if you look at the engagement, it's valuable for candidates to have to go to town hall for a few weeks and months to accept the daily American problem.
This is also part of tradition.
Officially, the idea of all these games is to have enough delegates to make an impact at the National Convention.
At the national convention, simple mathematics.
You have enough delegates and you have won the nomination.
It's not working like this in modern times.
We have never attended a conference in our life where we don't know who the nominee will be.
You get to the point where someone is starting to win, it's clear who the nominee is, and the deal is done when you attend the conference. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Thank you, John King.
Be sure to be with us and hear the candidate's voice in their own words, not just the voice.
Join CNN's chief political correspondent, Candy Crawley, for "competitor 2012" in Iowa ".
"It came at 2: 00. m. eastern.
Standing by your side-up.
Why are some Iowa football players a little shy in front of the camera last night?
This is far ahead in sports. (
Business break)
It's a strange morning, isn't it?
We are on TV now.
I know we are on TV, but we have been talking about strange things all the time.
Who needs a Mayan calendar when we talk about Twitter Monkey Banana Sam?
This is a sign of the coming of revelation. (LAUGHTER)
Do you know what I said today?
Real Sports action is not the main season of politics. It is today.
It's been a great bowl season so far.
This is very, very real.
We are going to talk about these bowls, especially the Auburn Tiger.
We will discuss some of the ultimate battles.
More specifically, we will discuss Brock Lesnar.
Last night was not a good night for him.
He was once a professional wrest.
This guy even tried it for the Minnesota Vikings.
The main point I tell you about his various work is that he needs to try something else.
He was beaten last night.
He lost the game in about 30 seconds after last night's Ultimate Battle tournament started.
Later, he decided to tie him up.
He decided to leave the ring. He retired.
The man who beat him, Alistair Overeem, fought in his first UFC game.
Broke Lesner is a huge salary. per-view draw.
But it looks bad now.
He's going to step down.
Wow, it looks painful, isn't it?
There is one more painful thing, some football we saw last night.
It was a terrible game.
It's not good if you happen to be a fan of Iowa.
Iowa and Oklahoma City
The fastest people are everywhere, especially in the terminal area.
This is the inner bowl of Tempe, Arizona.
Arizona jumped out 10-
As Iowa tries to make a comeback, score the lead and stay ahead.
It's a low season for Tony for both teams.
Oklaoma lost to Texas Tech, but, you know, and W.
This is not a bad thing.
There are a lot of great things today.
The Auburn Hotel is located in Atlanta.
Fans in Virginia are all in the city center, but fans in Auburn should be there too.
The game today is wonderful.
Hill: of course they are.
Thank you very much.
This year, crowds lined up to watch the latest Harry Potter movie.
But other movies are less popular.
Why is 2011 box office disappointing.
This is coming. (
Business break)
Hill: check your entertainment headlines, 2011, box office is not good, attendance is 16-year low.
It costs so much money.
Is this amazing? About 1.
28 billion people go to the movies.
This is the lowest figure since 1995.
Movies such as Tom Cruise's Impossible Mission-
The ghost agreement did attract a group of people.
However, there are not many others.
The former CBS News producer tried to extort millions of dollars from late-night host David Letterman, who had a job.
Robert Haldeman is now working on the "findings of the investigation of the Paula Zane case.
"He was sentenced to four months in prison for allegedly blackmailing Letterman.
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