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To return to the record of attacks by the main pageANDERSON COOPER level 360 investigators;
"Looking for votes" filmed in December 27, 2007
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TED Roland: 17-year-
The first victim was old Carlo Suza;
Tartiana, who was killed in an attack at the San Francisco Zoo, A-350
Siberian tiger pound
The teenager was killed near the tiger's outdoor enclosure.
After Suza was attacked, his friend was next.
They were chased about 300 yards by the big cat.
Two men, 19, and 23, were seriously injured near a zoo cafe.
Heather Fang of the San Francisco Police Department: as far as I know, I can tell you that the way this happens is the typical tiger attack.
It's a wild animal that focuses on the wild and I think it's a combination of claw and tooth attack.
ROWLANDS: San Francisco police arrived in time to save the two men.
They were sitting next to one of her victims, Tatiana found that her victims were bleeding from the wound to the head.
When the police approached, the female tiger attacked her victim again, and the police then shouted at the Tiger in hopes of stopping the attack.
Unidentified police officer: the animal turned to the police officer when the yelling happened.
It was at that time that they shot.
Roland: The tiger was shot dead by four officers.
The biggest question left is, how did Tatiana escape?
The zoo was closed for a day and was declared a crime scene as investigators searched for physical evidence.
If the tiger didn't jump out of her fence, the police said someone might have let her out.
The video from the San Francisco Tiger show was posted on YouTube last year.
It shows the fence that Tatiana was able to escape.
Zoo officials say they don't know how she went out.
I can only tell you that this is an open exhibition. There's a 20-
Moat and 18-foot wall.
Loranz: last year, Tatiana was involved in another attack, and during a feeding he almost bit off the arm of a zoo employee.
The investigation into the attack showed that the zoo was at fault. (END VIDEO TAPE)
Host John King: Ted rowland is now live with us.
Ted, with the investigation going on, is there any evidence of human error that someone has let the tiger out?
Roland: There's no specific evidence right now, John, but it's definitely possible.
That is why investigators went in today to collect material evidence;
Fingerprints and so on, anything that shows how the tiger goes out, because frankly, it's hard for a lot of people to believe that it can get out of the fence by jumping.
Maybe someone put it out and closed the door.
Everything is on the table at this point;
Detectives trying to find out the truth;
A lot of work has been done today.
You mentioned a lot of work to do.
You also noticed that the zoo was closed at the time in your work.
Do we have any information on how many witnesses this might have to help the detective piece the pieces together?
Roland: when the zoo was closed, the attack took place around 5: 00 Pacific time.
They estimated that there were up to 200 people in the zoo.
It's cold at Christmas night, and there are not many people in the zoo.
Another problem for investigators was when they thought there might be three tigers, maybe four.
They don't have much time to ask questions and look for witnesses.
In the first 12 hours of the investigation, it was really a mess.
Now, they ask the public to come forward, anyone at the zoo, to contact the San Francisco police.
They want someone to see something and let them know how the tiger went out.
It may be understated.
Ted rowland, Ted, thank you very much.
It was not long ago that Carlos Sousa's parents spoke.
The last time his parents saw him was on Christmas Eve, they didn't know he was attacked by a tiger.
Who will think of such a thing? (
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Parents of marilza sousa victim's: shock. Shock.
Carlos Susa, the victim's parent: It's hard to believe what's going on.
You never thought of what would happen. M. SOUSA: No.
You can't really understand how we feel now. C. SOUSA: Hurt.
Very much hurt.
He lived with some friends that day and the last time I saw him was on Christmas Eve.
We were worried because we didn't hear from him all Christmas for the whole day.
I found out this morning.
The last time I saw him, he said, "I'm going to some friend's house.
Can you give me a hug, a kiss?
Then he said, "I love you . "
The coroner called me.
It's hard to believe.
I have to identify his body.
He was messed up.
I just hope people don't have such a Christmas.
This is a Christmas I will never forget. (END VIDEO TAPE)
It's hard to imagine getting such a call.
Carlos's sister, Boris Silva, joined us on the phone.
Beatris, first of all let's apologize for your loss.
Tell us how your family has been in this terrible shock.
Beatris silva, the victim's sister: Well, my family was very, very injured.
We just found out what happened to my brother today.
So it was a very big shock for all of us because it actually happened yesterday afternoon.
We found a lot today.
Do you know your brother is going to the zoo for Christmas?
No, we don't.
King: Did the zoo officials tell you what they learned in the early stages of the investigation?
No, they said nothing.
Kim: can you be with anyone who might have been with your brother at the time, his friend or--SILVA: No. KING: --
Could anyone see what's going on?
Silva: Not yet.
King: no one at all.
Have you been to the zoo before?
Do you know why your brother is there?
Silva: I have been to the zoo before. My question is, all my family are asking how the tiger came out, how the tiger jumped out, or what happened, you know.
Because this season is Christmas, we know that there are not many people in the zoo.
So we have a lot of problems, a lot of pain.
You know, there's just no language.
Too much.
Kim: This is obviously in the early stages of the investigation, but are you satisfied with the information you get from the zoo and the police?
Did they provide any helpful information to the family? SILVA: No. Not yet.
They're still investigating, so we don't know much about it.
You know, it's just a lot of our own problems.
We know from different news, where my brother gets into an ambulance or something like that, you know.
Now we can see him. There was only an ambulance or something before. We can't see him. Now we can.
This is what we see on TV. You know.
We don't know anything.
It's just painful.
When everyone goes to the zoo, the only thing I have to say to them is to be careful.
Be careful because you never know what's going to happen, you know?
For me, it was very shocking to spend all the time with my children and me.
KING: Beatris, we thank you for sharing some of your time with us tonight, and we really appreciate your concern for others when your family is so miserable.
Thank you very much.
Please note.
More about the story when we come back.
Now we will hear a zoo official forced to take a fresh look at his exhibition.
It's not just the big cat, it's not just the zoo.
See why tragedy can happen in any animal.
In addition, the latest progress in the murder.
Six people were found dead in a home.
Now there's news of the arrest.
There's a lot of news tonight as "360" continues. (
Business break)
King: more now, at the San Francisco Zoo, a loose tiger has hacked a man to death;
Police now see the zoo as a crime scene.
They want answers.
So do many people.
I am now wildlife expert Ron Magil, the communications director at the Miami metropolitan zoo.
Ron, the survey is still in its early stages, but it is worrying that the tiger may have escaped from the exhibition.
There are 18 exhibits.
Then 20-foot moat.
Do you think there is any way for the tiger to escape?
Ron magill at Miami Metropolitan Zoo: It's hard to say.
I haven't seen the exhibition yet.
I don't know the depth of the moat.
I don't know the type of wall.
Therefore, I cannot comment on this.
I can tell you that in zoos all over the country, a lot of us are waiting for the results of this survey, because if in fact this tiger redefined the physical limitations of the Tiger, across the country, many exhibits may receive attention.
The bottom line is that we have to wait.
There are too many rumors, too many guesses, and the investigation will really provide us with facts.
You made an interesting point.
You said you never saw this.
What type of shell are you using there, I think it is very similar across the country.
I think there are standards in zoos all over the United States.
Angel: of course.
Local, state and federal standards have been established, and all accredited zoos across the country must exceed them.
We have about 30 at the Metropolitan Zoo-
A moat separating Tigers from tourists.
You know it's been more than 25 years to show these animals here, and it's an effective way to do that.
We never had a problem.
But every exhibition is a little different.
All of these approved zoos, though, exceed federal guidelines.
Kim: when you're sitting there today, are you worried about whether other zoos across the country should be worried that these standards may not be up to standard?
Well, I won't say it's impossible.
This is of course something we have to look.
Of course, we should not think briefly, "Oh, no, this must be another matter.
"We have to keep an open mind and look at this.
This is the importance of this investigation.
That's why we are all waiting for the result, because in fact, if this female tiger redefined her physical limitations, Maybe we underestimated the tiger.
But we have to wait.
This is a tiger that attacked a zoo keeper last year, causing the zoo keeper to lose her arm.
Given the history of the Tiger, should the zoo take any additional precautions?
It's not true, you know, John.
I think this is one of the biggest misconceptions people have.
"Oh, the tiger attacked someone, so she became a bad tiger, a mean Tiger.
All the old Tigers have this potential.
You know, when we were working at the zoo, we were always told as staff that we had to work with every animal, assuming it would take any chance to attack you.
When we don't, we get hurt because sometimes animals are like people.
They do have personality, and of course some people may be more aggressive than others.
There is an old saying: "You can take the animals from the wild, and you can never take the wild animals from the wild.
"When we get complacent, we get hurt.
The incident that the zoo administrator was injured was like an incident that any zoo administrator or staff member in the country was injured, and it was our fault.
This is not the tiger's fault.
King: Finally I ask you, do you think the authorities have any other choice than to kill this tiger?
Also, in terms of the point you made earlier, is it possible for long-held tigers to become so familiar with their environment that they are learning the way out?
This is a good point of view, John.
You talk about one thing about the captive tiger, people see the misconception of the Tiger in the exhibition, oh, it's cute and cute, I want to touch it, they think we do the same.
In fact, these animals are born and raised in captivity, which often makes them more dangerous for us because they have lost their natural fear of human beings.
I just tracked the tiger in India and a tiger 30 yards away from me in the wild.
He ran away as soon as he found out because it was their instinct.
They lose this instinct in captivity, so they may become more dangerous.
Now, these captive tigers come out every day, and the first thing they do is to check their exhibitions.
They check what is different from their exhibition, anything that may enable them to expand their territory.
So, this is of course a question that we have to focus on and why when we maintain these exhibits at the zoo, we always have to be in the lead in this regard.
Kim: Ron Magil, thank you very much for your insights.
Thank you. Thank you.
KING: Some facts about the Northeast Tiger, let's take a look at the raw data.
They are one of the largest cats, weighing up to 600 pounds kilograms.
They are also endangered species;
There are 350 to 400 tigers in the wild, less than the number of northeastern Tigers now in captivity.
Zoo and Aquarium are a must for familiessee trip.
Every year, millions of tourists come here to observe wildlife at close range.
But just because the animals are on the other side of the wall doesn't mean we are always safe.
It's San Francisco now, CNN's David martinley reports, not elsewhere. (
Start Video)
David mattingly, cnn correspondent: they may be imprisoned, they often look gentle, but nothing wrong.
These animals will always be wild.
Jack Hanner, honorary director of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium: You must remember that about 95% of the animals in our zoo and aquarium are from other zoos, but they are wild.
We tell our people that wildlife is like a loaded gun and can leave at any time.
Foreshadowing: The result is fatal.
On February, an animal keeper at the Denver Zoo was killed by 140 people.
Jaguar enters the fence after pound.
Some attacks were captured in the video.
It was at SeaWorld in San Diego last year when a coach was bitten and dragged into the water by a 6,000-pound man --
Killer whale.
The man escaped with his life.
Wildlife expert Jack hanner says captive animals are well trained but they can never be predicted.
The animal is the animal.
But these accidents did happen and we did everything we could to avoid them.
Safety comes first in any zoo.
Safety comes first, but there is never a guarantee.
On 2004, at the Dallas Zoo, a gorilla broke free of the fence and many people, including a child, were injured.
The gorilla was killed.
The next year, two chimpanzees were thunderous at an animal sanctuary in California.
This is a 911 call.
A man was attacked by two chimpanzees.
He is very picky.
There are also two bonobos loose.
They are not dangerous.
The two men who attacked him fell down.
I just shot them.
What is exciting is that sometimes intimate contact between animals and humans can change surprisingly.
Consider starting August 19 at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois. A 3-year-
The little boy fell into the gorilla fence.
An adult female, a large orangutan, moves toward a child in a coma until she flinch from him.
The gorilla squatted next to the boy while panicked onlookers looked.
But instead of attacking, she protects toddlers from other primates in the pen.
The boy was finally rescued.
Her instinct was to protect the child, and she did it long enough to save the child.
Nevertheless, this is clear.
You can take the animals from the wild, but you can't take them from the animals.
CNN correspondent David martinley reports from Atlanta. (END VIDEO TAPE)
King: There are charming pictures there.
More has happened all over the country.
So, let's go to Erica Hill with the "360 Bulletin. " Erica?
Erica Hill, cnn correspondent: John, there was a little tax break in the headlines.
President Bush signed two bills today.
One is the measure to freeze a & T to replace the minimum tax (PH)
Another year.
This will make more than 20 million people about two per person.
The other is a massive bill to fund war and government until next year.
However, it also has an ear tag.
As merchants try to make up for the weak Christmas Day, the discount day in the mall.
Early data actually showed sales were slightly lower than expected, but retailers really hope that when people start using gift cards sold for more than $26 billion, they can make up for some of these shortcomings.
For the Mirror (ph)
Colorado Eagle family, the best three Christmas gifts you can imagine, the three babies born with the help of the mother and the father's surrogate mother, who have lost three children over the years.
Tonight is a very special new start for the family, and of course, John, that's all about Christmas.
King: of course.
And congratulated the Spiegel family.
You stay there now.
A different wildlife story when we come back;
A man who does not become lunch between the Tiger and his lunch.
Also tonight, the latest report on Francesca Lewis, the only survivor of the Central American plane crash.
There is more after a short break. (
Business break)
King: Erica, we talked about the tiger attack in San Francisco at the top of the show.
But you know cable news very well.
When a story like this happened, the Tiger tragedy happened and we got some very dramatic and strange videos very quickly.
This has caught our attention today. Check it out. (Start Video Editing)
Man: Okay, Ron. No more. Ron, no. Ron. Oh. (END VIDEOCLIP)
King: Yes, Erica, wildlife biologist Dave sallimoni (PH)
Try to get food from the hungry tiger.
Hill: that's great for me.
I know he took the stick to protect himself, but it surprised me.
I talked to him about the tiger attack before.
He mentioned that he trained the tiger to return to the wild, I don't know, but this is not the safest job in the world.
King: No, not with that little stick.
If you look at it, the tiger will keep pulling and Dave will win in the end. He does.
The big question, however, is, why did he do it?
Of course, "What are they thinking?
Hill: Ah, yes, what are they thinking? ".
We can't answer this question, but I have a question that you can answer.
I'm not sure where you're going on New Year's Eve.
But I hope, John, you can at least watch TV in Times Square with Anderson Cooper.
I'm going with Anderson.
To help everyone in the expert, I want you to take a look at Corey McWilliams. Take a look.
Today is Cory's 4 th birthday, not only the happy new year in Cory.
Happy birthday, Corey.
We have received a lot of messages for the new year and we want more.
All you have to do is log in to cnn. com/i-
Party send us your photos, your videos, and even post a shout-
Give it to your friend, maybe give it to Corey's birthday message.
John, we are going to show them all this year on New Year's Eve.
Of course, as I mentioned, I will be joining Anderson's celebration with Anderson and a very special guest, Kathy Griffin.
It sounds interesting.
I'm secretly enjoying a short ski break with Hannah and Noah King, but we'll listen.
OK, it sounds like a good plan.
Thank you, Erica.
This is an incredible story of survival.
We will hear from our 13-year-old mom. year-
Two days old girl trapped in the wreckage of a deadly plane crash.
The following is the pheasant season and the cockatoo season.
Check out Mike Huckabee's performance on TV with the best political team in Iowa.
This is a very different story of "men meet tigers" and there will be more on "360" tonight. " (
Business break)
Kim: in Iowa today, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee took a break while looking for votes, targeting some locals, especially now, and will not vote in next week's national primary.
The former governor of Arkansas is an avid hunter.
This is the loud and clear message he sent today.
In the latest poll, Huckabee is among the top Republicans in Iowa.
CNN's Dana Bash runs through the cold.
The runner and his hunting party. (
Start Video)
Dana Marsh, cnn correspondent: What kind of gun is this?
Mike HuckabeeR)
Presidential candidate: 12 yards.
Mike Huckabee wants the Indians to know and see that he is a hunter who knows what he is.
HUCKABEE: You know, it would help if I could get some shells.
Who are those?
BASH: in a subtle contrast to Mitt Romney, whose main competitor here claims to be a life Hunter, his campaign admits he only has
HUCKABEE: You know, maybe it will show that I understand the outdoor culture of course.
This is not the place I have to go, you know, to read an introductory book.
Ash: The former Arkansas governor says he usually goes home after Christmas to hunt ducks, and he says he goes to hunt ducks 30 times a season.
But this is a pheasant in Iowa.
After missing a few times-
Red is fire.
So it's far away from me. BASH: --
There's something wrong with his security lock.
Oh, Oh!
He played three pheasant for his whole party.
Huckabee: all three birds said they would not vote for me on the night of the party.
What do you think of them?
This is very positive.
This is very positive.
You vote for me and you live.
You don't know. You go.
BASH: the last debate among voters in Iowa, except for the folk, if not a bit of a sick humor.
Huckabee: what I bring is the most extensive experience in actually managing the government, and I think I also bring a certain degree of authenticity and credibility to the campaign.
But even here, there is a lot of work to be done for Huckabee.
Hunter Clint Robinson thinks he's going to Huckabee,--
Clint robinson, Iowa voter: immigration is certainly a problem.
His position is not necessarily in line with what I think needs to happen.
Luckily he got some quality hunting time to lobby Robinson.
Lunch time is 11: 30.
Maybe you can have a meal. (END VIDEO TAPE)
Kim: Dana Bash is now joining us from Iowa and CNN senior political analyst David Gegan and Gloria Borg;
Gloria, Iowa, I'm sure David will join us from Boston.
Dana, let me start with you.
Governor Huckabee said, when you ask him what your closing remarks are, what are the likable, and things like that.
Did he try to bring any major policy issues to the forefront of the closing, or just the fact that voters like him and trust him?
Of course, he has been talking about policy on the stump, and he has also talked about immigration.
He talked about his plan to abolish the IRS. Fair Tax.
He talked a lot about what Christian conservatives really care about in Iowa, such as abortion and opposition to gay rights.
But look, I ask him straight, John, if you talk to a voter who is trying to make a decision between you and Mitt Romney, what is your answer?
There is his answer.
Very flattering.
As you heard there just now, this is true because that is, he understands what is his biggest selling point here?
It's his style, something invisible that makes him perform well in Iowa voters.
He understands that.
That's why he's pushing it now more important than everyone else.
David Dana mentioned Mitt Romney.
He was the leader in Iowa that summer.
Summer leads in New Hampshire.
At least to some extent, both clues are now gone.
I want you to listen to Mitt Romney today.
He was attacked and his conservative credentials were attacked by the leaders of the Manchester League.
That's how Mitt Romney responded. Let's listen. (Start Video Editing)MITT ROMNEY, (R)
Presidential candidate: one of the highest voices of conservative American thought is the "National Review", which takes a serious look at all candidates, a national publication, they supported my candidacy and set out why they did so.
I think I agree with them. (END VIDEOCLIP)
Kim: how should he answer this question, David gegen, or should he talk about his tax plan or business experience?
David gergen, senior political analyst at CNN: He's defending Crouch.
I must say that it is a hand compared to Huckabee --
Huckabee won some pictures and storylines.
I mean, John, what surprised me was that for two weeks in a row, Mike Huckabee, he had very little money and ran the most eyes-
Catch activities.
You know, he dominated most of last week's protection through advertising about Christmas and Christ.
Now that he's back in the hunt episode, he's taking the headlines again, and he's captured the pictures.
Mitt Romney is a bit stutter about his conservative support.
So I'm surprised Mitt Romney and all of him. -
He has a very high one.
Power team with a lot of money.
I'm surprised they let Huckabee beat them like this.
Gloria, we want to talk about everyone, but let's bring John McCain to the conversation.
He's in New Hampshire for Romney, but where is he tonight? Western Iowa.
He's not playing outside.
But now he suddenly thought that if he pushed late, he would be there for a day and a half. Maybe he could be in third place and surprise people.
When John McCain was asked, "Senator, why didn't you do better in Iowa? " (Start Video Editing)JOHN MCCAIN, (R)
I think it's immigration.
I don't think I support ethanol subsidies, but you see, we just do our best.
We are working hard.
As I said, I think we have a very good organization in the local area and we will want the best organization. (END VIDEOCLIP)
Kim: So Gloria, John McCain, Iowa, added more troops?
Gloria Borg, senior political analyst at CNN: No, I think he lowered expectations in that little tape you heard.
He will do better than people think.
I think he's here to say a few words to Mitt Romney.
He doesn't want Romney to do well in Iowa because he wants to beat Mitt Romney in New Hampshire.
So he's here to point his finger on Romney and Pat Huckabee, maybe for himself.
Of course, his real goal is New Hampshire.
You know, anything can happen.
I think you're going to see Republican voters in this state, and they're going to look at the field and say, "Oh, I'm not sure who I'm actually supporting.
There are so many undecided Republican voters.
McCain came here and said, "Why?
I think I will show up.
"King: Dana, if you look at your email
Emails from the Romney campaign, once or twice a day, maybe four or five times, you may get an email
Criticizing McCain on immigration
The senator himself has just admitted that this is one of the reasons for his position on immigration, and he believes that his performance in Iowa is not as good as he hoped.
Is this a decisive question?
Of course, this is one of the main problems facing Republicans in Iowa.
But you see, after John McCain in Iowa or New Hampshire, reality is like playing fish in a bucket.
Everyone knows McCain's position on immigration.
As everyone knows, it hurts him and, in fact, he has pushed forward legislation that allows illegal immigrants to obtain basic citizenship.
So if you're a Republican voter who hasn't decided yet, immigration is your top priority, and you're not going to support McCain anyway.
I think the interesting thing about McCain's return to Iowa is to talk to Republican voters and many are very unhappy with the areas they have.
So McCain is here to say, "If people are not satisfied, maybe they will give me a second chance, those who have not rejected me because of immigration issues.
Wang: David and Gloria, David, why are they not satisfied with you first, 15 seconds or 20 seconds?
If you like, is there no big effort by the Republican Party as a group to address some major issues?
No obvious heir.
Republicans always like the next one in line.
That's what's behind them.
No one has ever participated in this competition.
The more they see, the less they see. -
I think everyone is weakened by the length of the game. KING: Gloria?
BORGER: Well, I think David is right, there are obvious heirs, but if you look at this Republican field, you ask questions of experience, and you say, who's the next turn, republicans tend to do so, and they might give John McCain a second look.
King: maybe look again.
We're on top of that.
Dana Marsh, thank you, people from Des Moines, Gloria and David, please stay.
In the next "360", we will turn to the "primitive politics" of experience ".
Should Hillary Clinton's time at the White House be counted?
You can probably guess what Barack Obama said.
As "360" continues, the best political team on TV offers more. (
Business break)
Kim: Hillary Clinton's campaign will launch a new advertisement in New Hampshire tomorrow, highlighting her strength and experience.
She is now almost voting with Barack Obama and John Edwards, and has recently talked a lot about her work at the White House.
One of her main competitors is asking how important is the first lady?
CNN's Bill Schneider saw the junior senator's original politics from his resume in New York and his performance in Iowa. (
Start Video)
CNN correspondent Bill Schneider: Hillary Clinton is trying to reach a deal in a few days. SEN.
Hillary ClintonD)
Candidate for President: It takes strength and experience to be able to change our political system.
Schneider: her argument is that the best candidate to change the White House is the woman who already lives there.
Experience is important and she understands.
Former US president Bill Clinton: If you elect her president, you have a mature agent for change;
People who know
Schneider: On the stump in Iowa, the Clintons recall what sounded like a commonpresidency. H.
Clinton: When I went to the White House with Bill, we solved some very difficult issues. B.
Clinton: She represents you in 83 other countries. H.
Clinton: We developed a vaccine for the children's program. B.
Clinton: She has always been the maker of change.
Schneider: their implicit commitment, "a step back means two steps forward. " H.
CLINTON: Thank you very much, God bless you!
Schneider: But in another corner of Iowa, Clinton's legacy has been attacked less subtly. BARACK OBAMA, (D)
Presidential candidate: We have the opportunity, perhaps for the first time in a generation, to finally come together and begin to solve the problems that existed long before George Bush took office.
Schneider: Obama quickly played down Hillary Clinton's experience at the White House.
He believes that the first lady is not a key decision --
Play a role in policy issues.
Obama's closing remarks
He's the real maker of change.
The Clinton couple just wanted voters to be too scared to believe.
Obama: You know, don't try something different because, you know, it's too risky.
You don't know what you will get.
So even if you know what you did in the past doesn't work, stick to it.
I know this is not the case with American progress.
Schneider: we are back in the future.
CNN, Bill Schneider, Des Moines, Iowa(END VIDEO TAPE)
Kim: now it's more Senator Clinton and other Democrats;
David Gergen and Gloria Borger, senior political analyst at CNN, met with us again.
It should be noted that David served as counsel for Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford and Richard;
Better man for David.
Gloria, let's take a look at the big dynamics of the game.
Senator Clinton said that experience, experience, experience.
On this issue, she has a huge lead over both Obama and Edwards.
55% of Democratic voters said Hillary Clinton had the best experience or the richest experience, compared with 13% for Obama and 11% for Edwards and Gloria.
Why not go through the change of Trump?
BORGER: Well, I think it's because Barack Obama decided to work with her on the issue of experience because she turned the issue into "You want to change, but you don't want to be at risk ".
She says Obama represents risk.
So Barack Obama said, "Wait a minute.
I'm not that adventurous.
What exactly did Hillary Clinton do?
"Did she really serve in the Oval Office?
She was just a senator.
What exactly is her experience?
You know, it's a question because people are asking, so she has to answer it now in the last week of Iowa.
Kim: David, I might say there are so many risks here that I might confuse people, but, just a few years ago, obama said in the Illinois Senate that Hillary Clinton's experience at the White House is not important. She will be a dangerous candidate. Is it risky?
Of course, of course.
I think this has always been her argument.
There is no doubt that she is the most experienced-
The two are more experienced in national politics and political life.
She was deeply involved in many domestic issues before Clinton's presidency, especially in her early years.
I think, John, surprisingly, she learned from the New York Times over the last few days that, in fact, she had no security clearance.
Therefore, all documents on foreign policy are not available.
I have not received a daily briefing from the president.
I never knew.
I worked at the White House.
I thought she had a security clearance, but no.
It surprised me.
What I think is useful to him is that all these experiences may not be what many people want.
They do want a fresh face.
They want to change. They want to open a new page. Barack has become stronger.
I must say that in these last days he was more motivated than she was, and the message he conveyed was clearer.
The information she has now, she has strength.
She has change.
She has experience.
He just wants to change.
King: Gloria, how much he has worked for change, hopeful change, optimistic change, which is complicated by John Edwards, another horse in Iowa, he's also talking about change if you want, he'll be better fighting and I'll take care of them, but how does that complicate things?
Well, John Edwards is a real populist.
In fact, this is a very good message in Iowa.
He is running for the anxiety of the middle class.
This is something that people in this state and New Hampshire really understand.
But I think the problem with Hillary Clinton is that she got what David said about this mess.
She's basically the current president in this competition, and now she's running for change.
OK, how do you work as an experienced current president and then say I'm going to change Washington, by the way, where have I been living in the last ten years of my life?
Kim: David, what are you looking for if you're watching a democratic game?
Geghan: I want to see if she can cheer up and make clearer and more focused calls to voters.
Look at the way these bus trips start.
She had this bus trip.
Listen to her theme for the bus tour.
Big Challenges, Real Solutions, choose the president's time.
What does all this mean?
Sounds like a conference call.
You know--that's right.
Represents change.
So I think she has to pull it up in order to pull it back.
She can still.
Time is still there, but the pressure is still there.
Kim: We're going to revisit this in eight days to Iowa.
David Grogan Gloria Borg, thank you both.
So far, you may have had more mocha coffee than Britney Spears.
Next, how they actually work.
Six people were later killed in mass murder.
When "360" continues, we will bring you the latest developments. (
Business break)
King: So it's only a few days away from the first major obstacle to the presidential campaign.
But Iowa is not just the first difference.
It also holds the title of the core group, the most exotic competition.
So far, it may sound a bit like a mumbo jumbo to you.
Trust me, Jeffrey Tobin from CNN. (
Start Video)
Jeffrey Tobin, senior legal analyst at CNN: imagine an election without a secret ballot
Vote one day, age required, only 17, and finally, you can vote for more than one candidate.
If that doesn't sound
In fact, this is how the Iowa Democratic caucus works. And listen up;
You care because people in Iowa may choose your next president.
In fact, the rules here are very strange, and the Iowa campaign has trained on how to vote.
Step 1, stand up and calculate.
Chelsea Walzer, mock CUCUS organizer: all you have to do is stand up from your seat and walk to the corner or space on the wall designated for your chosen candidate. Okay, ready? Go.
TOOBIN: rehearsing the caucus in Obama's Iowa where they practice without a candidate.
Instead, they use winter activities.
We have ice skating, hot cocoa, skiing, snowmen and, of course, snowballs.
So, in this rehearsal, instead of selecting candidates, they chose their favorite winter events.
After the first round, anyone who does not represent the candidate-
Activities in this situation-
It was a bad luck to meet the threshold of room 15%.
There are not enough skiers this evening; very sad.
What will happen now?
If skiers want their votes counted, they have to pick a new candidate before the second and last count.
Wolser: every viable group can send a big ambassador to the ski group and try to convince them to join your group.
TOOBIN: Let's make a deal now.
The other groups sent people to go skiing and said, "Come on, join us; " a little arm-twisting.
Woman: You can be free to skate. You feel free.
You can continue 1 feet, 2 feet.
You can turn around.
I like that one.
Woman: I like skating.
Tobin: Skiers think skating is their second choice and they have all made changes.
It is so important to understand the period of persuasion and how to win a second choice voter that candidates have a Web video to explain this. JOHN EDWARDS, (D)
Presidential candidate: Don't just go to the caucus and bring your friends with you. TOOBIN: --
Even highlighted on the stump.
Unidentified male: You hit the floor and try to get it.
It's like a fun game.
Like Monopoly.
You walked over and said, "Hey, your man won't succeed.
Come over here.
Remember the snow shovel I lent you?
Organization is the key because the rules are too complicated.
You will need to bring your supporters to the core group by 7: 00 or they will not be able to vote.
This is Iowa in winter.
Sometimes the weather is a factor.
By contrast, the Republican Party-mass meeting is fairly simple.
Although Fred Thompson's campaign is also training their supporters.
This is a secret ballot with no threshold for survival.
Every vote is important.
A complex rule determines one thing;
The results here are hard to predict.
Who won after all this?
Well, it's not easy either.
The party kept the total number of votes at the party group meeting confidential.
They only announced the percentage of delegates each candidate would receive at the Assembly of States parties later in 2008.
Of course, the rules of the core group are 72 pages long. John? (END VIDEO TAPE)
King: page 72.
More about Jeff Tobin's "To put it bluntly --
Watch the Patriots/Giants game on Saturday.
Next, the teenage girl was rescued from the wreckage of the plane two days after it crashed in the Panama mountains.
Listen to her incredible story about survival.
In addition, the Christmas collision captured on the tape.
This is the "lens of the day" of our future ". (
Business break)
King: right in front, do you want to be the owner of this store?
It's a mess, but it shouldn't be too much trouble for the police to track the driver.
We'll tell you the reason in a minute.
First of all, however, Erica Hill once again issued the "360 Bulletin" with us ". " Erica?
Hill: John, 13. year-
The old American girl who survived a plane crash in Panama got up and talked to the hospital staff and her family about what happened today.
Francesca Lewis was the only survivor of the accident.
Three other people on board, friends of Francesca, her friend's father and pilot were killed.
She described her suffering to her mother. (Start Video Editing)
Francesca's mother, Valerie Lewis: she was already under her wings when they found her, she thought she was asleep and she would wake up and see ---
She thought she was at home, and she had--
Why does she have an airplane wing at home?
So she can't figure it out.
I don't know if she's in this sleep state or if it's a save mode because she's in extreme weather conditions.
The weather was cold and it rained heavily for two and a half days. (END VIDEOCLIP)
Hill: a man and a woman have been arrested in connection with the death of six people in rural Washington state.
It happened in a small town east of Seattle.
The victims included a couple in their 50 s, another couple in their 30 s, and a 6-year-old couple. year-
A 3-year-old girlyear-old boy.
Police believe the six are members of the same family, who may have been shot dead on Christmas Eve.
This year is a nasty surprise for homeowners; a ten-
According to the urban housing index, the value of real estate is 6.
October was 7% lower than the same period last year.
This is the biggest drop since the beginning of 20 years ago and the tenth consecutive month of decline in house prices.
Actress Lindsay Rohan is in trouble again.
She is now being sued by a driver who was hit in a car accident two years ago.
The van driver claimed Lohan had been drinking at the time, but 21-year-
The old actress said she was sober and the driver turned her into an illegal American. turn.
John, last month, Lohan spent 84 minutes in prison after admitting allegations of drunk driving and cocaine, which had nothing to do with the crash on 2005.
I think she has a good lawyer.
This is obviously the case.
King: Erica, stick to "shooting ".
It's actually a four-shot.
But no matter what you think, you will want to know how it started and how it ended.
This is the next one after a short break. (
Business break)
Kim: if the cameras are almost everywhere these days, the camera tonight is exhibit. " in Ft.
Just before 6: 00 Christmas morning, a driver in Lauderdale Dale, Florida, got out of control. You see, it was there and drove the car into a small room. Bang.
Four different cameras, Erica, four different cameras captured the accident from all angles inside and outside.
The owner estimated that he had lost at least $25,000, but he thought he was lucky.
The accident happened about five minutes before he started his day at work.
I would say he was lucky. My goodness. Look at that.
Four different cameras.
Think about how many times you want to go out for an interview and you can't find a chance for an interview.
Kim: I know four people will be fine.
Camera shot, right?
King: If a minivan is going to hit it, it won't.
Remember, if you see some amazing videos on cnn, one camera, two, four, let us know what you think about shooting.
Com/360, we will put some of your best clips in our air.
Erica and Anderson will be in Times Square on New Year's Eve.
We will tell you how you will attend the party next time. (
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King: a reminder;
You can celebrate New Year's Eve with Anderson.
He is in Times Square. You can attend this party.
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Tell us about your memories or yell at some friends.
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