cctv: two years on, still no cctv camera for manimajra | chandigarh news - times of india - security camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-08
cctv:  two years on, still no cctv camera for manimajra | chandigarh news - times of india  -  security camera housing
Chandigarh: slow for municipal companies to install closed equipment
Circuit TV (CCTV)
The cameras and the new entrance gates threaten the safety of the residents of Manimajra. This two-year-
The old project to install CCTV cameras started after a series of theft in the area in 2016, following police advice.
Station director (SHO)
I was then forced to conduct a survey to find measures that would help control the crime.
According to the study, he told the Residents' Welfare Association in the modern residential area of Manimajra that security cameras can help prevent theft, robbery and other criminal activities.
Police recommended at least 150 CCTV cameras for effective monitoring of Manimajra.
As a resident Welfare Association (RWA)
The big project had no money and it contacted local parliamentary MP Kirron Kher, who agreed to help during a visit to the area.
When no action appeared to be taken, the RWA sent a reminder to members asking them to fund the cameras.
The association returned to the member, who promised to release funds from her local development fund.
In the past three months, RWA has also held several meetings with the municipal commissioner K. Yadav and Mayor Davesh Moudgil, but the project has not yet been completed.
In correspondence with members of parliament, the RWA claimed that the security situation in the area was deteriorating and that the border wall was broken.
Despite complaints, the gap was not blocked.
Colonel Gursewak Singh, RWA president, said: "At the last meeting, the member told the US police that she had written to let her know who would maintain and operate these cameras, the project has stalled on this issue.
RWA subsequently agreed to take responsibility.
"Referring to the last meeting with the municipal commissioner, where he said that MC would be in charge of maintenance and that the residents did not have to bother, the colonel said there had been no progress since.
He said that after the last reminder to the member, an officer from the engineering department visited Manimajra and asked the residents for details of the police advice.
The officer told the resident that his department was asked to conduct another investigation and sent a report to the deputy commissioner.
Funds under the local development of MP (MPLAD)
The plan will be announced if the investigation suggests.
Relevant departments will also have to submit cost estimates for this project.
Most of the recommended CCTV cameras will be installed where the walls are broken.
Due to the poor condition of the existing Gate, the police also suggested the installation of a new entrance gate.
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