cctv cameras: cidco begins phase ii of cctv installations | navi mumbai news - times of india - cctv camera box

by:Hanway     2019-09-14
cctv cameras:  cidco begins phase ii of cctv installations | navi mumbai news - times of india  -  cctv camera box
Navi Mumbai: in the first phase of the cidco Dess Rs 122-108 CCTV cameras were installed in Kharghar
Phase 2 crore monitoring project has been started.
According to the project plan, 27 CCTV cameras have been installed in Kalamboli, and 11 are to be determined.
CIDA plans to install a total of 574 CCTV cameras in 300 locations across all South Navi Mumbai nodes under its jurisdiction.
These will cover Kamothe, Kalamboli, Khandeshwar, Panvel, New Panvel, Uran, Nhava Sheva and Taloja (see box)areas.
This time, the camera has been enhanced by integrating face recognition to identify criminals.
There will also be an "emergency call box system" which will help citizens to seek help from the police when they press the button.
Message boards will be set up to deal with bad weather, traffic updates, location and availability of parking spaces, reporting incidents such as fires, chemical or gas leaks.
Assistant Commissioner of Police (wireless)
Pradeep Kannalu said that despite the high resolution of CCTV cameras installed by Cidco, we asked the camera to integrate with the face recognition function to identify criminals running on the Cidco node.
Police monitoring the Belapur CCTV command center can use this feature to identify history
He also said that she was a robber, a man who had been robbed, or another criminal. Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ)
To cover the vast area, cameras will be installed in some places.
Some cameras will have night vision (Infrared illuminator)
Kannalu says this is to capture images in the dark.
There are six automatic license plate recognition in Hal (ANPR)
Camera installed in key locations.
One of the cameras helped catch a bicycle.
Chain grab by capturing a clear image of the bike registration number card.
Kannalu added that the bike and its rider were tracked to Karave village in Nerul.
Six CCTV cameras will be installed on police cars and four cameras will be installed on fire station vehicles.
77 cameras will also be set up near the location and pond of the CIDA water authority to check theft and illegal dumping of garbage.
10 cameras have been installed at speeding locations, and 91 cameras will be installed at the village entry and exit points of the Cidco node.
The company has offered to bid for the construction of a family of three.
The Association of Colored People, kannaru, said the floor building of the CCTV command center of the Belapur police station.
He added that monitoring is currently underway at the CBD railway station.
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