cctv camera case How would today’s world and our lives be different if photography had not been invented?

by:Hanway     2019-08-25
From the moment of invention, photography has had a huge impact on the world we live in.It not only enables humans to record and record images forever, but it also changes our perception of the world, the creatures of the world, and the events that come with life.Photography has created history.This is the most popular hobby in the world and almost everyone has some kind of camera.We use it to record family moments, capture phenomena, reveal beauty, and even investigate celebrities.As we know now, it has completely changed and created the media, because photography is the invention that we now have TV and movies.
When it was invented in 1830, it made it possible to capture moments.Previously, the only way to see an event this time after it happened was to look at a drawing or drawing.Although the first photo was taken for eight hours, the progress and development in this area have brought storms to the world.Now, no one has an in-Built-in camera and/or digital camera/recording system.If there is no invention of photography in the world today, the most obvious difference is the lack of immediacy given to us by modern technology.We only need to take out the camera or mobile phone to capture, which means that the images we record can be on the Internet in a few seconds.Without this, there will be no many communication networks.Looking at Iran, the government has restricted the activities of all journalists and shut down TV stations that they have no control over, but, thanks to the technology we have, people are able to upload images to YouTube, Flickr, and Photobucket in seconds to let the world know what's going on.There is no denying the photo.
At every important moment in modern history, the photos illustrate the shocking news that we cannot believe.When humans were walking on the moon, there was a camera there.When Hitler was given the power to order the slaughter of millions of innocent people, the cameras were there.When Mandela was released from prison, the camera was there.These photos can say millions of words emotionally and physically, more important than any other form of communication.Photos can hold your breath, change your beliefs, and even play with your senses.Some photos have changed our view of the incident.A famous photo has changed the world's view of the Vietnam War.Photos of naked girls running for life have people standing up and saying "No, it's wrong, we have to do something", something that can't be achieved with protests and speeches.Photography changes the way it behaves in this case, which is not the only example.It has changed people's opinion around the world. what would happen if photography was not invented?Photography allows people to see things that are indescribable.Telling someone that war is devastating does not allow him to understand exactly how it is devastating.During the American Civil War and World War, civilians and the government were shocked by terrible fighting and pictures of tragic bloodshed.It shows the reality of the world we live in, and before that, they only heard stories.When the pictures depict the bodies, the blood-covered soldiers and their guns, the idea of a war has changed dramatically.Hearing about pain and death is actually two completely different concepts.When the atomic bomb exploded in Japan and the mushroom cloud rose from dust and debris, a camera caught it, so even the next generation could recognize what happened that day.Show someone a picture of the cloud and even if they can't tell you the details of what's going on, they can tell you it's an atomic bomb.
Photos can't lie, the phrase was created when photography was first invented, because the photos are seen as the real manifestation of the scene, unlike paintings that are subjective about memory and attitude towards the situation.They say the painter can lie, the camera can't lie.They were wrong.The first photo is a reliable record of the events the camera points.Of course, it changed quickly.Photography gives people a way to lie through images that have never been so realistic and believable before.On 1917, the beautiful fairies were discovered through five photos taken by two young girls.The girls claim that four of the photos were simply cardboard cut with a hairpin.The photos have sparked a huge debate because many people believe that photos of this quality cannot be forged.Nowadays, finding a photo in the media without software modification such as Photoshop is like a needle in a haystack.A recent example is the exposure of photos of torture in Iraq.The photos have proved to be fake, but for months people have always thought they were true.In this case, both work and government are in line.

As fame and wealth increase, photography helps people manipulate public opinion through the photos they use.But if photography is not invented, the media is like what we are now, our streets and alleys and our social fabric --Will be very different.On TV, we have 20 minutes of advertising every hour.None of this will exist without photography.Instead of just promoting their products through photos and pictures, companies are selling us a way of life.Without the photography of celebrities, models and sports stars used in advertising, there would be no such successful career.Paparazzi, news photography and the media make them famous.Photos create and enhance fame and charm.They allow us to get in close contact with people we can't imagine.The technology is not new.Over the years, politicians have been using the mass media and developing new technologies because of photography.Few of them will have access to the media and will not be able to tell you who Barack Obama or Picasso, Marilyn Monroe or even David Beckham are.
It is hard to imagine that any activity in our lives does not in some way benefit or take advantage of the use of photography.This is especially true in the field of art.If photography was not invented today, we would lack a beautiful art and creativity.Click the button to create a masterpiece.For many artists, photography has become the core of their art.It allows experiments without destroying the beauty you spent hours creating.You can modify the photo while keeping the original.This indulgence is outstanding and can only help the progress of art.Photography allows us to express in a very different way from traditional art forms.If photography was not invented, many of the technologies we developed would not exist.If photography was invented, we could not even copy the masterpiece without difficulty.The beauty we find under the microscope by enlarging the object does not happen with the help of photography.Wolffia Angusta is the smallest flower in the world.Similar in size to the unblown sand, more than a dozen are easily placed on the head of the pin, and two blooming plants are placed in a small print.If there were no attached photos to prove this, who would we probably believe?
As humans, we fundamentally remember images, we think in pictures, and we can even learn from pictures faster than in words.They stimulate the brain and extend the senses beyond the story.Whether you're a parent shopping every week or a card counter at a casino, the best way to remember something is to imagine a picture of something.For this reason, education makes use of photography, and there will be no pictures in the textbooks with very views to illustrate its views.
Photography creates jobs, spreads cultures and events, and, more importantly, helps almost every aspect of our lives, directly or indirectly.Can you name a profession that does not use photography?In addition to the media, one of the most obvious occupations it uses is police service.When the crime scene needs to be recorded, you need to take a photo of the mug, or a speeding car needs a flashing camera.If photography is not invented, it will be difficult for our judicial system to be convicted.In court, there are very few photographs or films of any kind as evidence.In Britain, there are almost 5 million CCTV cameras, as many digital cameras as people.
The photo has the ability to create, condemn, celebrate or display and catalysis.How this power has been used and abused has been debated a lot, but no one can disagree that the world would be a very different place if photography had never been inventedWhether it's personal or global, whether it's a family photo album or a newspaper, the photos create a public or private shared memory that they'll never lose with having.Photos help us achieve modern use in our daily lives, and we didn't even notice that.Photography has developed our world more deeply than anyone can imagine, and if we can capture milliseconds and make 3D ultrasound photos, we are in a position now.From the first X-Ray saw the first picture of humans on the moon at the hospital, and saw daguer and Neil.©Pce did not succeed in the first step, all this is impossible.
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