cctv camera case 8 Real Stories of Cruise Ship Disasters in Recent History

by:Hanway     2019-08-25
Cruise ships are often considered luxurious vacations from busy, monotonous lifestyles.It is often advertised as the ideal choice for getting rid of the tedious urban life.These grandiose and movingIn the holiday package, you can relax like everyone else, with few adventures on land, entertainment, gourmet food, panoramic views and unbeatable attractions.The cruise ship is really great.But when the disaster happensThis world full of fun has become a world of panic.Passengers and crew cannot easily leave their cabins and closed rooms because there is no safer place to ask for help, limited inventory and supply, and there is no available help and rescue on the high seas.There are no police and security personnel to prevent crime, accidents and suicide.The cruise line does not even acknowledge this when a person is missing.While crime and accidents always occur in every possible place, we cannot rule out the fact that a cruise ship is not 100% safe after all.

Cruise ships, like all other ships, are vulnerable at sea in the face of weather disasters and climate change.Sometimes, ships are forced to land due to strong winds and storms at sea, and when they land they run aground and hit some huge rock at the bottom and eventually sink.This is the case with Costa Concordia, one of the biggest hits in recent cruise history.January of 2012 it in Tuscany coast stranded.Of the 4,229 passengers on board, dozens of crew members and passengers were killed.It is reported that the cruise ship collided with the rock at the bottom only three hours after sailing in the Mediterranean.The survivors said there was a loud banging, and what they knew next was that they had been conquered by the darkness and everything stopped.When the ship announced what had happened, the ship was filled with extreme fear and panic.Everyone wants to survive, steal life jackets from each other, while others choose to jump off the boat without intention of waiting for the lifeboats.One survivor recalled that the scene was compared to the Titanic.

You're right.Pirates still exist until today.This was the case when cruise ship Melody was surrounded and pirates opened fire on April 2009.About 1,000 passengers and 500 crew members of the luxury cruise ship depart for 22-A day trip from Durban, South Africa to Genoa, Italy.Shortly after the ship took off, the hijacker tried to ambush the ship while passing through the waters of Seychelles.Security guards on the cruise ship responded and sent a distress signal to the nearby Coast Guard.The exchange of fire prevented pirates from entering the Gulf, and the Coast Guard escorted the cruise ship safely with the Spanish Navy.Nine hijackers were later arrested.

Although the cruise ships are great, they are also very dangerous when an accident occurs.When a fire occurs, or if the cabin fails, everyone on board will be affected.This closed environment makes it difficult for passengers and crew to survive because there is actually no more safe reason to hide.Life jackets and lifeboats are not accessible to all.This could be the case of a Carnival cruise victory, which has been drifting in the Gulf of Mexico for 5 days, carrying 200 passengers and crew to the port of Alabama.Clearly, there was a fire in the cabin that caused a malfunction in the ship's air conditioning system, propulsion, sewage and power.Passengers slept in the sewer for 4 nights.Soaked bedding and carpets, no buffet, only small bread with tomato sauce, and plastic bags for their poop.There are no reports of death, but this experience can be traumatic for many famous passengers, and such terrible memories of what happened will hunt them down for the rest of their lives.

Passengers and crew on the cruise ship are not uncommon from time to catch flu and other viral diseases on board.It's lucky if it's just a normal flu or cold, but if it's more effective, it's more contagious, and then, all other passengers and crew members that the carrier may contact also have a high risk of infection.It could be life.threatening.The incident took place on a cruise ship, the Emerald Princess, where 5% of passengers were infected.intestinal flu.Many passengers were isolated in the room during Christmas because they were not allowed to go out for fear of spreading infectious diseases.Those who are able to get out of the sickening effects of the virus only need to eat at the restaurant, not at the buffet table.The same thing happened to Queen's cruise Mary, but this time it was more tragic and worse.194 passengers and 11 crew members were infected with a highly contagious norlike virus, some of whom died from the disease.

If you think a collision only happens on land, not in water, think about it.Ships not only collide with icebergs (such as the Titanic) or rocks at the bottom (such as Costa Concordia.Especially in extreme weather and smog, they also collide with other ships.This is the Silver Sea cruise in March 2012.Their luxury cruise ship collided with a Vietnamese container ship in heavy fog about five miles off the coast of Vietnam.A passenger named Andrew Locke recalled that they had heard the foghorn alert on the cruise ship and when they looked out of the window they suddenly saw a container ship in front of them.In 5 seconds, they felt the great impact of the collision.The Silversea cruise claimed the damage was limited, but the passenger who saw what happened said it did crush the ship when it rolled 90 degrees sideways.It feels like a major collision for most passengers.

The cruise ship is like an isolated island with no police and no security procedures to follow.There is no provision for criminals.There are no security officials who can imprison criminals.With this sentence, the cruise ship is the perfect place for a perfect crime.The law on the cruise ship depends on the location of the vessel, the nationality of the victim and offender, and the port of origin.The rules change with the tide.It is difficult to prosecute a crime.As there were no police officers on board to immediately isolate and investigate at the crime scene, the crime scene had been destroyed.If the ship is sailing in foreign waters, the captain can decide how to dispose of the suspect.This is often overlooked and abandoned.If the victim or criminal is a US citizen, the FBI will investigate and too many families of the victims say they are too late.According to FBI statistics, 16% of murders and 7% of sexual assault ended up in a plea bargain or conviction.Most of them are not untied and remain in mystery.

From time to time there are various reports of people missing on cruise ships.This case is quite common and the most common case is that the investigation is fruitless.No bodies were found, CCTV camera footage was damaged, covered, destroyed or no footage at all, and things were cleaned or covered.Cruise ships usually commit suicide and believe that the missing person has disappeared.John Halford disappeared without a trace in April 2011.It is reported that he was last night last weekWhen he texted his wife (who was in the UK at the time) and told her that he would see her at the airport the next day, he was on a long Egyptian cruise.That's how they talk.He packed up his luggage and went to dinner.Later that evening, some witnesses saw him drink a cocktail and he left.Unfortunately, the Harford case was not entirely new in the same year, as 13 people were reported missing on a cruise ship.Since 1995, the Cruise Victims Association has filed 165 cases of missing persons.Unfortunately, despite the reports of these cases, most cases remain unresolved and families often do not have any leads or options.Some people are even suspected of suicide and leave because of accidents and other unresolved crimes.
The Viking Sky case recorded by witnesses in the video shows that nature can make your great cruise adventure a success or failure.When the weather at sea gets bad, nowhere to hide and rescue is not easy.On Saturday (March 23, 2019), Viking Sky had an engine failure on its way from trom se to Stavanger.When the ship lost power, it began to drift inland.The captain sent a distress signal.The rescue was done with helicopters and ships, but not all passengers were immediately rescued.The weather was very bad, and one of the rescue ships also had an engine failure.Lifeboats must also be recalled.If the captain and his crew don'tStart the engine, fix the anchor as quickly as possible, and the ship will hit the rock and flip in a few minutes..
So, what about safety?
Personally, it is still safe to take a cruise ship...
However, it should be noted that although cruise line lawyers and investigators claim that murder and suicide incidents on the cruise ship are relatively low, they can even be compared to the proportion of people hit by lightning;Before starting the cruise, many people have begun to weigh their options.People have become more cynical, especially as more and more people are reported missing and dying on cruise ships.More Americans also choose to spend their holidays with their loved ones in a more pleasant and secure place.
Accidents happen anytime and anywhere...But when a disaster happens, it's still the best if you have somewhere else to hide from...This is something the cruise ship can't provide...
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