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by:Hanway     2019-08-17
Pot metal (nickname for cheap cast alloy) is hard to weld.The pot metal does not have a standard composition, so the melting points and other metallurgical properties of different samples may vary.If you want to add two pots of metal, it's better to do a test --First weld with the same type of pot metal scrap.Fortunately, with the right materials and preparation, you can maximize the chance to successfully weld the metal.
Put your pot metal test pieces together to test fit-make sure there is enough overlap between the two pieces, not less than a quarter of an hour.
Apply a small amount of flux to each part to be connected, covering the connection area.
Place a small amount of soldering tin at the tip of the soldering iron and heat the soldering iron.Once the solder begins to melt, cover the connection area with a thin layer of solder and use the tip of the iron like a paint brush.
Clip the joint tightly together and apply the second layer of liquid flux on the joint with a brush.
Heat the pot metal piece close to the joint with a propane torch-not the welding itself.Heat the metal piece until the solder joint in the joint melts and flows freely into the joint.
Allow the joint to cool completely before loosening or handling.
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