cast and die Web TV is a hit. So where's the big money?

by:Hanway     2019-08-26
cast and die Web TV is a hit. So where\'s the big money?
Clockwise from the top left: Yousuf Abu-Crystal youthTaleb, Jackson Davis, Melanie mesksky, Alexandra Dreyfus.Photo source: Kevin Schlanser clockwise from the top left corner: Yousuf Abu-Crystal YangTaleb, Jackson Davis, Melanie mesksky, Alexandra Dreyfus."Photo points: Kevin Schlanser with an average monthly rating of 1.5 million people, broken legs, an Internet video series about sitcom production in San Francisco, have been ahead of schedule.Brother Yuri and Vlad Balanovskyand 30-year-old co-The creators of the program, and together25-year-old producer Justin Morrison and 25-year-old Dai Hill Reinhart started their own business.Without business plans, industry relationships, or television experience, they have won the favor of critics and attracted fanatic fans.They also differentiate their shows by high production value: they use the cast of actors from multiple locations and more than 10 actors to release new materials every week.However, "broken legs" is not a cash cow.Even with YouTube's partnership, the Internet video information center Metacafe and other recognized companies have won about $2,500 in their two-year work, "Broken Legs""We are in an interesting place," the director admitted ."producer-Star Baranovsky Yuri."I don't know how many people got the workload to do it.Broken legs reflects the key contradiction of the brave new world of online video entertainment.For individuals, it's easier and cheaper than ever to make their own work and show it to a global audience --On sites like YouTube, Revver, Veoh and My Damn ChannelBut it is almost impossible to make a living outside the established television and film industries.Although media analysts believe the future of television will be online.According to a new study by ABI Research, by 2013, the number of viewers accessing video through the network is expected to increase by nearly four times to at least 1 billion --No one knows what form Internet TV will take or how it will make money.But that doesn't mean people won't go to Gold Rush.In the past few years, the media have been scrambling to report on the few breakout stars of this form --"LonelyGirl15", "ask Ninja", "Fort", "guild "--Entertainment giants have created online studios such as Michael Eisner's ugulu and Fox.With myspetv and DisneyABC's Stage 9.Creative types such as local writer Julianne Balmain believe that there are programs suitable for Internet viewing experience.Her series "engagement" will be premiered later this summer with a 5-Minutes."A lot of people think this moment is a transitional phase.We watched it in Hollywood.for-"Online episodes," she said.However, there is really no good revenue model.We groped through the dark and wondered how we would fund this."One of the problems with Internet TV is that viewers are used to free content on the Internet.The delay in online advertising standards makes it almost impossible to sell ads across platforms: that is, because shows like "Broken Legs" can be viewed on MySpace, YouTube,, etc.Ideally, advertisers buy ads to display on all websites.However, since the website uses different metrics to measure viewing, there is no advertisementPricing Guide.Big advertisers are holding on to their wallets and waiting.While it makes sense for some traditional media companies with avant-garde brand profiles to support new online businesses, most companies are not interested in investing in unknown online videos.James McQuivey, an analyst at Forrester Research, said: "What really happens in online videos is that there are millions or thousands of unproven works made by people you don't know."This is a wild western video experience.For example, Catherine Grace and Tom Woodley, the creative team behind the internet sitcom Fort, tell the story of the fashionable Brooklyn in their 20 s, made the first script online show in 2006 and got Motorola to sponsor a 9-episode run.However, the show has become a victim of uncertain rules for online content: Motorola's money enables them to pay actor salaries at the UnionNegotiate fees, but when the money runs out, they can't make any more episodes with their cards --carrying stars."Both Thom and I made about $500 from Motorola sponsorship," Grace said .".The exposure from "The Burg" did get The team another internet show funded by Vuguru called "All-for-Follow a fictional band all over the country.Even with a headache, there is a lot of freedom to work online."The other point is that we can actually do that," Woodley said ."."When we are in the game, we can come up with an idea to shoot the next day, edit the next day, and online the next week.If we work on TV, we can't turn the content around so quickly.The downside, Grace said, is that "the Thom still has a day job and I will be out of work from next week.This is the nature of freelancer for me.But still."While the road from internet programming to major leagues is full of failures, every day branches of major studios announce new online video programming.Month Vuguru-An online series called "foreign body" aimed at promoting a new Robin Cook thriller on medical tourism;NBC will start hosting Rosario Dawson.July fi network series "Gemini Division ".The producer of lonely girl 15 signed an online content production contract with CBS in May."Broken legs" is the beginning of a whim.In March 2006, when Yuri and Vlad Balanovsky filmed an independent film called black life in San Francisco, they heard that there was a competition on MySpace to make five films.A trial broadcast of a TV show.With the help of their "Black Life" friends, the brothers from Kiev, Ukraine, managed to gather together a collection.A large number of "broken legs" come from "The development of arrest "--This is about an inappropriate actor and staff who made a TV show in San Francisco.While they didn't win the MySpace prize, YouTube put baranovsky's work on the main page.The brothers wrote another script and then another one.The broken leg has now completed nine episodes, and the whole season will last until October.For established Hollywood stars, it is becoming more and more common to move back and forth between the Internet and radio and television or movies.Will Ferrer's funeralCom has signed an agreement to produce 10 and a halfHBO's one-hour program.ABC is promoting the online series "in the mother" starring Chelsea Handler and Jenny McCarthy to mid-season sitcom.305, a parody of last summer's film 300, was the first online short film to become a feature film.Webisodes is relatively cheap for established studios.The episode of "foreign matter" cost Vuguru $10,000, while the episodecamera, half-The one-hour online comedy fare is between $1.According to Chris Albrecht of NewTeeVee, the figure is $6 million and $2 million creator of broken legs costs about $500 per episode.Still, the future of Internet programming is uncertain."There is still no evidence that the network format will be a dominant format, not a supplementary one," said analyst McQuivey ." Who noted that 18% of Internet viewers now connect computers to TV monitors and no longer need to make videos for computers."Will this new visual language be re-established for television?What's long-These short-term rolesform shows?"Yuri Baranovsky does not want to be limited to online video work.He believes that "broken legs" is his business card for the TV industry and its the executive."It's like we're at the door of success, knocking on the door, and we should be allowed in," he said with a smile ."."Someone, open that stupid door!"Get more information: check out a list of some other popular Web shows.E3 * The number of viewers quoted here is similar, reported by the creators of the series.
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