cast aluminum vs cast iron ? |

by:Hanway     2019-08-17
Welding uses a metal alloy with a low melting point to connect two base metals.Since this process changes the chemical composition of base metals, it is helpful to know which metals work without special consideration.
Although silver, copper, brass and some steel themselves form a strong chemical and physical combination, it is high-Alloy steel, cast iron, aluminum and titanium generally require alloys with a high melting point.
Low use of soft weldingMelting metal (usually lead or tin), at the expense of a weaker bond, makes it easier to manage;Hard welding requires flux, but a stronger combination is formed due to its high melting point.
Flux can prevent oxidation of base metal during welding.
The most common welding materials are alloys of lead and tin, which are difficult to use with oxidized metals;Others are specially formulated for use with these metals (I.e.Steel and aluminum ).
Wipe the solder more smooth, easier to operate.The cable wipe solder content is the highest, providing a stronger combination than the easy wipe solder.
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