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by:Hanway     2019-08-15
You are a person who loves nature, enjoys outdoor activities, and enjoys the spirit of adventure.You teamed up with your RV to conquer the wildlife!So how about touching and trying something new?Dutch oven cooking is a great wilderness skill and you can enjoy it even if you have the ability to cook on the stove!
When you want to buy a Dutch oven, there is something to look for before buying an oven.
What materials should I buy?There are usually two types to choose from, aluminum and cast iron.Both have pros and cons, so you have to decide which one is best for you.Aluminum is lighter than cast iron and changes in temperature faster.(This also means that it is difficult to keep the temperature if it is windy.
You can also wash the aluminum with soap and water without damaging the "seasoning" of the surface ".If you are like me, using soap on dishes with food is often a huge advantage!But please know that it is also very safe for cast iron to use washing in hot water (no soap!) Season with oil before putting it away.
What features should I look?You won't think it's technically technical to buy a pot to cook, but there are some key things to pay attention to, which may mean the difference between buying now and not buying again for years, or put it on your Christmas list after this year's camping season.
While it seems common sense to have a uniform thickness and a firm handle (handle) or even a flat fitting cover, other points may not stand out and leave an impression.Take the legs.When cooking, you want long and thick legs to stay above the coal.If your oven is piled up, the thin legs can be fastened, which will be the end of a meal!Look for the rivets attached to the bail to the wall.These will be separated under extreme weight, so a whole jar will last longer.Some users prefer a rough surface rather than a smooth one, as the "seasoning" coating tends to peel off from a smooth surface, where the oil is barely attached.As suggested, since most recipes are designed for the 12 "Dutch oven, it has the best starting size.Find a recipe online or at the store you shop for before the first real cooking.Recipes have been uniquely adapted for the use of Dutch ovens, so cooking your family favorites in them can be disappointing before you master the "craft.Practice with the success of others and make warm and satisfying food for yourself.
It is recommended to season with an oven.It provides a non-Sticky layer cooking to make clean-up a breeze!Outdoor dressing is recommended using a gas grill, but you are also free to use the home oven, just make sure the home is well ventilated as the oil will smoke.Scrub off the protective layer on the Dutch oven (which is supplied by the manufacturer) and dry it with a towel to dry the air.Heat for an hour at a temperature of 375 degrees and the lid is slightly half open.This will dry the remaining water.Now, it is ready to apply a thin layer of vegetable oil or olive oil to the surface with a paper towel.Cover every inch of the pot and lid.Cook again, but put the oven upside down and put the lid on the leg to avoid the oil pool at the bottom.Upon completion, allow to cool slowly, then repeat the process again, and finally apply a layer of oil."Seasoning" only needs to be done once as it will not rust so no need to do it on aluminum but it will help to create a nonstick surface.Every time you clean the oven, you should oil it before storing it.
Only good quality blocks are used when preparing meals.The cheap ones tend to have a shorter life span and you will constantly change the charcoal.Keep away from the firewood lights when they generate hot spots.Some chefs dig a shallow hole, place the coal ball at the bottom of the circular pattern, and place the Dutch oven on the top.The rest is placed on the lid in a chessboard pattern.Good coal balls take about an hour before they need to be replaced, so if your recipes need to be cooked longer, be prepared to replace them.If the oven is the same dish, you can also stack the oven and cook them at the same time.Don't mix desserts with stews and stews because they don't cook correctly.In the amount of charcoal used, a good rule of thumb is to multiply the diameter of the oven by two.So if you're using a 12 "pot, plan to use 24 lump coal balls at a time.
Drop off your RV at night and cook like in the wild west!So, if you're interested in RV travel or RV rental, you know where to go.
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