cast aluminum patio furniture - why it is great for the backyard - cast aluminum

by:Hanway     2019-09-04
cast aluminum patio furniture - why it is great for the backyard  -  cast aluminum
Beautiful, durable and functional are the words that describe the furniture of the cast aluminum patio.
This material is one of the most popular types of outdoor patio furniture, which is well justified.
Cast aluminum can form any shape.
This outdoor furniture can form beautiful floral patterns, forest animals, insects or any other shape.
Other materials such as glass, tiles, marble or stone can be added to enhance the aesthetic feeling.
Outdoor furniture can be painted in any color you like once it is designed and made.
The outdoor furniture is made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and durable.
Cast aluminum can withstand the test of summer and winter.
It is even big enough to withstand the wind on other patio furniture.
Because the furniture is made of aluminum, it will not rust. (
Very cheap aluminum furniture can rust or break due to inferior aluminum material).
The best quality cast aluminum for outdoor furniture is powder coating.
Powder coating is the technique of applying dry paint to parts that are then put into the oven.
The powder particles are melted and combined to form a continuous film.
According to the use, the cast aluminum furniture needs to be cleaned during the year.
It's usually enough once or twice a year.
Clean your furniture with mild detergent soap and water.
Do not use a grinding cleaner, brush or sandpaper as this removes the paint.
If you have scratches or dents in your furniture, it is best to repair the damage.
Find quality paint that can withstand the weather conditions of outdoor furniture.
Car body paint can be used for small operations;
It has many different colors.
For small scratches, transfer the paint from the plate to the furniture using a small artist's brush.
After the paint becomes tacky, the texture can be enhanced with a clean, dry brush.
For larger scratches, a can of paint can be used. A dry lint-
Free towels can be used as needed to texture the paint.
For notch paint or deep scratches that run through the metal, after applying the first layer of paint, the surface is textured using fine-grained silica sand.
Apply the silica sand to the wet paint.
After the first coating is dry, re-coat the surface again.
Always remember to use light paint instead of heavy paint.
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