cast aluminum how to remove broken bolts from cast aluminum | ehow

by:Hanway     2019-08-18
During routine maintenance, a bolt break can cause many problems.Even after several attempts, you may find that it is almost impossible for them to be removed.When the bolt inside the aluminum block breaks, some test methods are usually used.These methods protect soft aluminum from additional damage.However, they need skill and patience.
Use permeability oil such as mystery oil or WD-40, to the bolt head.Allows it to drip around the bolt and finally work to the threaded part.Let the oil work for a few hours before trying to remove the bolt.
Tighten a pair of locking tongs until the teeth are firmly mounted to the rest of the bolt.Clip the locking tongs around the bolts and turn them.Repeat the process several times.If it doesn't work, go to the next step.
Heat bolts and a small portion of the surrounding aluminum metal with a propane torch.Keep the torch a few inches away from the bolt so that the flame only touches the bolt and about 1/4 of the space around it.The metal turns red-hot.Remove the torch and let the bolts and surfaces cool.
After about 10 to 20 minutes, connect the locking clamp to the Bolt again after the Bolt has cooled enough.Turn the broken bolt until it is free.If this does not work, please go to the next step.
Archive the top of the bolt down with a metal file until the surface is completely flat.Place a bolt removal bit on this plane.Turn the drill until it locks the bolt.Twist the bit back to turn the bolt and remove it from the metal.
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