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by:Hanway     2019-08-18
Many people encounter aluminum every day when drinking soda cans ---However, the metal can also be converted into beautiful artwork by casting process.Sculpture made with cast aluminum starts with clay design.The artist or professional foundry can then copy the exact ceramic design into the wax in a way called "Lost Wax" and fill the final shape with metal, and turn it into a cast aluminum sculpture.
A piece of clay in preparation for carving.Roll the clay in your hands until it becomes soft and easy to use.Keep it moist while working, cover the material when not using the material to prevent drying.
Carve the clay into a design you want to cast with aluminum.Starting with basic shapes such as a person's body, head and limbs, create the general size and proportion of the art.Later, add details to the design and smooth any rough edges.Make sure the clay is balanced and stand independently.
Let the clay dry completely.It will take at least two days;Larger pieces take longer.Follow the manufacturer's instructions on your clay type and fire your clay in the kiln.This will make it a solid ceramic sculpture.
Create a rubber shell mold outside the sculpture.Apply rubber skin liquid on the surface of the sculpture, or find a foundry to do it for you.When it dries, the material collects every detail of the artwork.Remove the rubber mold from the ceramic sculpture.
Cover the inside of the rubber mold with melted wax.Create a 1/4-Thick layers of inches around the inside of the mold.Let the wax dry and remove the rubber mold.Now you will have a hollow replica of a ceramic sculpture.
Pour the investment plaster inside the wax image and apply it to the outside of the wax image.This plaster is mixed with sand and other refractory aggregates to form a shell around the wax mold and to hold aluminum when aluminum forms the shape of the wax.
Wear protective gear including leather boots and gloves, safety goggles or full setface shield.Wear thick cotton coat, including longSleeve shirt and trousers, do not melt in high temperature.
Pour the molten aluminum into the plaster mold.Hot aluminum will melt and replace the wax inside the mold.
To show your cast aluminum sculpture, once the metal starts to harden, break the outside of the mold with a hammer.When the metal is completely dry, polish the aluminum into whatever texture you want.
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