camera vs. phone: 5 of the best new gadgets to make the most out of your photography - waterproof camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-10
camera vs. phone: 5 of the best new gadgets to make the most out of your photography  -  waterproof camera housing
Reveal Nikon's D7500 camera is a mid-range camera
The Range is shooting faster and the light performance is better.
Source: whether you're keen on shooting ski resorts, enhanced photography or quick shooting, it's available-
There are a lot of fast new cameras and accessories to show up for sports people to help you find the focus.
For your consideration, we have collected five of the best new cameras and lenses, from portable pro models to cheap action cameras. Sony A94.
5/5 stars/$6999/Sony. com.
Sony A9 full-
Frame camera designed to capture quicklyMove objects.
Source: The new Alpha camera is specially designed for speed.
A9 designed for sports
Love photographer who can't miss a moment that can capture 20 complete-
Resize the image in one second so you can shoot first and then make a choice. The 24. 2-megapixel full-
The frame camera also adds many useful features, including silent shooting using an electronic shutter to eliminate noise, V.
693-axis image stabilizationpoint phase-
Detect autofocus and tilt touch screen.
It also captures 4k video and offers dual SD card slots, as well as batteries with double power compared to the previous model.
The A9 lens is not as much as its top competitors and as much as it can afford, but it is a real professional photo competitor.
Nikon D75004/5 stars/$1999/Nikon. com.
AuNikon's D7500 camera is a mid-range camera
Remote digital SLR camera with wireless sharing function.
Source: The supplier has a compelling reason to upgrade to Nikon's new mid-
The series DSLR includes higher speed, focus, and connectivity.
The D7500 has improved 51-on the basis of its D7200 predecessor-
Point autofocus system, the ability to take eight 20. 9-
Millions of pixels per second, and Bluetooth and wi-
Transfer photos to the fi connection of your smartphone.
The camera is also 45g lighter than before, providing tilt touch screen and 4k video shooting, weather-sealed.
The downside is that its battery life is shortened by 15 cents, its focus is not as fast as the motion D500, and it drops millions of pixels. Nikon AF-P 10-
20mm VR4/5 stars/$600/Nikon. com.
AuNikon's new 10-
The 20mm DX lens is designed for landscape photographers.
Source: supply Nikon new wide-
The angle lens is designed to put more things into each photo while adding more to the camera bag.
The lens is amazing in weight and is only 230g, quite compact despite the horn in front.
When you add it to the cropped sensor camera (like the new D7500), it will provide the equivalent of 15-
30mm, this can still allow users to capture a comprehensive landscape or a thorough picture of the building.
The lens also offers 3.
5 Image Stabilization stations, although its aperture is only as wide as f4.
The relatively cheap price makes it a good choice for enthusiasts.
Kaiser Baas X4 action cam3.
5/5 stars/$300/kaiserbaas.
The ComThe Kaiser Baas X4 Action Cam is designed to record 4k videos and 12-
Photos of millions of pixels
Source: vendor X4 Action Cam is a feature-
Packed equipment for 4k video and 12-
Pixel photos taken from the top of a bicycle handlebar or helmet.
This compact rectangular camera is more than just a knock from GoPro
However, because it has a 40 m waterproof housing, several brackets and features that you don't necessarily expect.
Including slow
Sports and stable video, so your downhill race doesn't look like a fuzzy mess.
Its screen doesn't respond to touch, but it's clear enough to give you a good idea of what you're shooting and it has a wi-
The Fi connection allows you to control it from the connected phone.
Its construction quality does not match its main competitors, but it is a reliable, cheaper alternative.
Olloclip Core Lens for iPhone 7/7 plus 3.
5/5 stars/$159. 95 / apple.
Olloclip Core Lens for Apple's iPhone 7 Plus.
Source: SuppliedOlloclip has met the design challenge of Apple's iPhone 7 Plus through this device that works with two camera lenses on the back panel.
Using the Olloclip kit can be a hassle between keeping the zoom lens still or looking for focus at close range with flowers, but the result is worth it.
This combination of core lenseswide, fish-
The eye and 15x macro lens have good versatility.
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