butterfly world - home to 100,000 butterflies - cctv dome housing

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butterfly world - home to 100,000 butterflies  -  cctv dome housing
London is home to a spectacular dome of rainforest and 100,000 butterflies.
25m planned work-
This will be the largest free exhibition in the world.
It will begin in the coming weeks.
The world of butterflies will be 27-acre butterfly-
A 100-meter translucent dome forms its central "eye" at a shaped site near St. Albans, Haford County ".
It will be surrounded by wildflower meadows and gardens filled with flowers and plants designed to attract local and fast-growing
Fewer butterflies in the UK
The founder wants it to be a world.
The first-class visitor center attracts up to one million people every year, providing a focus for Butterfly Conservation and Research.
Eco-hero: Clive Farrell of Butterfly World in butterfly sanctuary is the realization of the dream of wealthy real estate developer and entomologist Clive Farrell
Walk through houses in London, Switzerland and Florida. He co-
The world of butterflies in Stratfordupon-
Avon co-operates Florida Butterfly World Park in Coconut Creek, Fort Lauderdale.
Mr. Farrell also set up a butterfly farm in Belize that exports larvae.
The stage before the transformation of Caterpillar --
Butterfly attractions around the world.
When he was a child, he became addicted to butterflies because he saw a garden tiger moth emerge from the cocoon and spent most of his life working for their protection.
Mr. Farrell turned his land at his home in Dorset county into an ideal butterfly base and succeeded in attracting four different types of species --
Little Blue, chalk-
Mountain Blue, Adonis, and the swamp Chuanbei that has not been seen on the spot for 50 years.
He hopes to do the same in Haford County.
When the plan was launched in London, Sir David Attenborough, patron of the butterfly world, and Professor David Bellamy, chief trustee, attended the meeting and said: "I want to build another butterfly house, but on a large scale, combining everything I 've learned about butterflies over the past 30 years, the idea of a giant dome came up.
"The dome will be large enough to accommodate seven Stonehenge sites with a replica of the lost Mayan city and the rainforest.
"It will be surrounded by the best wildflower meadows and 12 competition gardens in the UK that will change every year and incorporate the latest ideas of sustainable contemporary garden design.
"The tropical biome with a diameter of 100 m and a height of 17 m will be the same size as the smallest dome in the heart of Cornwall Eden, and there will be 10,000 tropical butterflies from 250 different species at any one time.
The restored rainforest will have ponds, waterfalls and ropes to wander-
The way overlooking the rainforest canopy in the dome underground section will be submerged to blend into the caves featuring creatures such as giant spiders and scorpions.
The pound funds for the first phase of development were raised from private sources and bank loans, and Mr Farrell was confident that he could raise the remaining funds.
"It depends a lot on the number of visitors we get, but I'm sure we can get 600,000-
Initially 700,000 per year, then maybe up to 1 million per year, of which about children.
"I believe the funds we need will come up," he said . ".
The butterfly world is also designed to draw attention to native British species, which are falling sharply.
Professor Jeremy Thomas of Oxford University said at the press conference that there are two kinds of insects
Thirty species of life on Earth are an important indicator species, and without them, the Earth's ecosystem cannot function.
"A comprehensive survey of our butterflies in 2001 clearly shows that our species are declining, there are two species that have been extinct, and there are some in 70-
Our stock lost 80 per cent.
"It supports the belief that the natural world is approaching its sixth extinction," he said . ".
The first stage of the butterfly world
Garden and wildflower meadows-
It will open in next June and the whole project will be completed by 2011.
The site is close to the intersection of the M1 and M25 highways as people of 15 m live in 50-mile radius.
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