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by:Hanway     2019-08-18
Piggyback is a wiring technique that jumps from one junction box to another.This technique is safe as long as the maximum amperage of each circuit is observed.Piggyback is possible because there are four terminal blocks on each socket, which is the standard process when connecting to the home.The Piggy belt is a convenient way to add a new socket or switch.
Power off the existing switch or socket on the main electrical panel.
Remove the two screws that hold the cover plate on the existing switch with a standard screwdriver, or a single screw for the socket.
Remove the two screws that secure the existing socket and switch to the junction box.Pull out the socket or switch from the box.
Use a hammer and standard screwdriver to punch an unoccupied knock-out on a junction box that holds an existing socket or switch.
Slide New ROMEX®Insert the wire into the existing box.Peel off the external insulation of 4 inch from the new wire.Peel off the extra inches from the black and white inner conductors.
Find two unused brass, silver and green screws on the existing fixture.Loosen these with a Philips screwdriver.
Swipe the black line on the new ROMEX®Lead into brass-colored screw.Slide the white line under the Silver Line, and the bare wire slide into the 10/32 green ground screw on the threaded hole of the junction box.Tighten all three and fix them.
Push all the wires and sockets into the junction box.Screw the socket back to the junction box and screw the plate back to the socket.
Route new Roma®Enter the junction box of the new switch or socket as needed.
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